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  1. Goju

    Goju Yellow Belt

    Karate tournaments... Some things you like about them. Things you dont. Experiences from tournaments, placing in tournaments. Anything about them really.

    The only tournament I've ever entered (only been training 1 1/2 to 2 yrs) wasn't that great. I disliked point sparring. I placed first, but found it doesnt require much technique.

    ANyone know of an all ontario tournament, or a big one in ontario????

    Anyone been in one with full contact free sparring???
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  2. wayofthedragon

    wayofthedragon The Defender

    Hmmm...never been to a tournament before...would like to go though. I like watching them on tv:D
    I like to watch and tell my self they suck and I could do a whole lot better:D
  3. booj

    booj New Member

    What sort of comment is that? egit
  4. Goju

    Goju Yellow Belt

    What u mean what sort of comment???

    I didn't like point sparring because the contestants don't need a whole lot of skill, just speed. I got first in the event anyway.
  5. booj

    booj New Member

    Thats rubbish, and the comment of an uneducated fool....

    And if you came first ,kidda, the standard must have been pretty bad...
  6. Afro

    Afro New Member

    i would have to agree with d_rza
    i have enterd compotitions and i have found that it is a cace of a violent boxing match
    very few kicks are used and punches are the only methord used
    this could be redimded by a extended time period tho
    i will say more later
  7. Goju

    Goju Yellow Belt

    Im not looking to waste my time arguing over the internet, apparently some would, thats my opinion of point sparring, didn't think it would offend anyone.

    You know what I mean Afro, its a competion of flailing your arms and legs at high speeds, I prefer free sparring.
  8. Furikuchan

    Furikuchan New Member

    The only thing I dislike about point sparring is the referees. They can't see some techniques that your opponent can feel. Also, there are too many regulations about what surfaces you can and can't strike in point sparring. I recently sparred against a guy who trained for point sparring. I kept giving him my back, and he wouldn't strike it. Conversely, I kept snapping hook kicks into his kidneys and he couldn't stop it.
    Point sparring has its merits. Training for point sparring puts you in a combat-oriented frame of mind. You are ready to fight someone, and you can see the practical applications of your techniques in a fight. However, the nessecary regulations of point sparring limit your technique for the safety of your partner.
    Free sparring is a nice training tool, as well, that allows the full range of techniques, however, much care must be taken, as there is a much higher risk of injury.
  9. Rhineville

    Rhineville Valued Member

    First, sparring...
    Even though I'm only a green belt, I've been to a lot of tournaments, including the Nationals. In my experience, three things come into play: Stance, speed and balance. that's all you really need - A stance that supports mobility and leaves few openings, enough speed to deliver a technique(no matter how unrefined it is) and steady balance. If you lose your balance while sparring, a good fighter will see it and take advantage of it like that (snaps fingers).

    Now, tournaments...
    Sudbury School of Martial Arts is having one in March or April at Cambrian College. It's the biggest local tournament that I know of and competition is always pretty stiff.

    There's a Dahn Moo Do tournament (which allows karateka to enter) in April in the Sault that's a regional qualifier for...

    The Nationals! You have to place 4th or higher in the previous tournament in any event to qualify and the competition is... well... the best in the country.
  10. Goju

    Goju Yellow Belt

    But it goes by belt lvl right?? Im green belt also, but that might be higher or lower rank in my dojo than it is yours. WHeres the sault ??? isnt it sault ste.marie?
  11. Rhineville

    Rhineville Valued Member

    If you're in Goju (which, becasue of the fist, I think you are) your green belt should mean pretty much the same thing as everyone else's.

    And yes, Sault St. Marie.
  12. Goju

    Goju Yellow Belt

    oh, thanks but I can't remember how far away that is... I used to go there when I was younger.
  13. Capt Ann

    Capt Ann Valued Member

    I've been in comps with point sparring, and it takes a lot of stamina. Also, since I do TKD, most of the scores are kicking, not punching. I visited another training hall that practiced fuill-contact sparring (with shin guards only, and almost no rules about what you could and couldn't hit). It was BRUTAL.

    Depends on why you train. I enjoy the competition, and started for my health. I don't think it will improve my health to get my face pummeled.....just my opinion, though ;) Anyway, for those reasons, I don't mind the point sparring, and my experience has been very good, re: refs seeing things and scoring appropriately. If you want something more 'street oriented', or want to train with more physical contact, you might find something more suited to your art and to your 'druthers. There are several threads that list competitions open to 'outsiders' (those from other styles and schools), if you're interested.
  14. Paul Herbert

    Paul Herbert New Member

    I think the standard of the competition you placed first in d_rza must have given you a very low opinion of points sparring. This combined with your very short period of 2 years training. I can assure you that it requires the highest level of skill and more importantly technique. I'm talking from my experience of national, European and international championships. We don't wear any pads only a gum shield and fight `shobu-ippon' rules ie; 2 wazari or 1 ippon. As the level of your competitions increase so will the skill factor involved.... Enjoy!
  15. ketong71

    ketong71 Valued Member


    To add to Paul's comment, it all depends on the standard of the tournament you are joining. WKF-style tournaments on the National and International level (Like the JKF and USA-NKF) are pretty much high level. Although the contestants where fist guards, their techniques are by no means soft, just a flick of the leg or arm and "score". Plus, you can you a variety of techniques and targets to score, not just gyaku-zuki to the chest. Attacks to the back are scored, the ridge-hand (haito) are scored. Takedowns with a follow-up punch or strike is awarded with a Sanbon (3pts).

    The AAU tournaments in the US are pretty solid, too. A lot of fighters in the USA-NKF also compete in the AAU.

    The Shoto Cup is another good example of a point tournament (Shobu Ippon) where solid techniques are shown.

    Which tournament did you join, d_rza? Was it a regular club tournament, regional or national? Was there any divisions based on experience (juniors, seniors, beginners, intermediate, advanced, etc.)?


  16. Goju

    Goju Yellow Belt

    It included a few clubs in my general area. Like paul said, I had only been training for 1 year and a 1/2 when I competed. I was orange belt and the other schools didnt put up much competition. I placed 1st in sparring, 2nd in kata, and 2nd in self defenses. Im looking for a more large scale tournament thats within a 1 hour drive of my town. THere are some that are listed in the dojo, but they are annual and in the summer.
  17. ketong71

    ketong71 Valued Member

    Hi d_zra,

    I'm assuming your style is Goju-ryu, because of the graphic or avatar that you use. You may want to contact the Goju-kai headquarters in Canada to check out the tournaments they participate in:

    Is your dojo a member of the Canadian Goju-kai?

    You may also want to check out the National Karate Association of Canada ( for any regional and/or national tournaments that are coming up.


  18. ketong71

    ketong71 Valued Member

    Hi d_rza,

    Since you are in Ontario, try checking out this:

    They've got one coming up in February and another in June. Check it out.


  19. Goju

    Goju Yellow Belt

    aww cool....thanx a lot guys, never heard of these sites! :D

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