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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by KickChick, Jun 27, 2003.

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    Mom Dies After Entering Toughman Boxing Contest for Fun

    For those of you who aren't familiar with this (and neither was I until I saw the news report on this woman this morning) ... these amatuer boxing "contests" allow untrained boxers who pay an entry fee to compete for cash prizes and trophies. Winners then can move on from these local comps (like this one in Florida) to national competitions. Participants also sign a waiver releasing Toughman from any liability. And there have been 4 deaths in 9 months!)

    "Boxing is an inherently dangerous sport. Toughman has long been known to be the safest form of fighting event."
    huh?? what??? are you as confused as I am here??? if boxing is dangerous is it less or more dangerous when untrained individuals enter the ring??

    Check out the story and post your comments!
  2. johndoch

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    I remember watching toughman over here.

    I think it can be dangerous as the fighters have no real history in which they can be matched up against another fighter of comparable skill.

    From what I seen there were to many mismatches which in my opinion is dangerous!!!

    Also this is NOT amauter boxing its more like unlicensed boxing that you get here in the UK.

    Condolences to the family
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    Several things struck me about this:

    Er hello, B-O-X-I-N-G not knitting!

    - The weight categories seem a little loose to say the least

    - If she sustained the injury right at the beginning and was then knowcked down repeatedly why was the fight allowed to continue?

    The empahsis here being on the UNTRAINED

    No s@it!

    Er hello back to my original point B-O-X-I-N-G!!! I take it this woman could read and has heard of the sport before?

    All tragedy aside this is plain stupid!!! What next loaded shotgun swallowing...

    4 deaths in 9 months says it all really doesn't it.

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