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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by Viking, Jun 19, 2005.

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  1. Kiai Carita

    Kiai Carita Banned Banned

    I can nearly definitely say that the referee in the photograph is my Priest because of the blue jeans he is wearing, the shade of his skin, his hight, and the fact that he is standing with his body weight slightly more on his left leg while he is lifting his right arm. My High School Priest would also stand like this when he lifted his right arm.

    Whoever he is this man is very tall, at least a head higher than my tall silat trainer Pepen Sabur in the trousers. In Indonesia very rarely are are people this tall, over 6 feet. This is how I instantly recognise the referee as my Priest. However I can't explain how why when and what he is doing there in the ring. Hope Red Bagani can explain this, and hey, Red, we know the same people!


    Kiai Carita.
  2. soulguru

    soulguru New Member

    why dont we all 'right click' on the photo, download it in the ol' PC,then when its on your desktop, check it out and enlarge it... you can then decide if its fake or not...

    =)...ehehe...i thnk i saw this foto somewhere- just cant remember; but i can see the "ZAPATA" name embroidered on the short pants, plus their dress is circa 70s. the 70s kick fighters wear pants- long at that. i wonder why YAwyan tried to 'create' a fashion statement with skimpy shorts. then again, its their decision to carry-on with that...
  3. Viking

    Viking Valued Member

    It is an excellent mail from Redbagani.
    hi Bayani is Yaw-Yan Ardigma an antigrappling style or a grappling style?
    Thank You
  4. burungkol

    burungkol Team Yaw-Yan

    Hi Viking,
    ardigma is created to update the yawyan arsenal mainly because of the current trend the martial arts community is going into. it still keeps the yawyan blend in.... but this time focusing more on strength training and heavy conditioning (at least that's the info we've got). ardigma was created to counter different styles in the mma world expecially the ground/grappling type.
    unfortunately, training is done privately in bulacan, even us in pasay, does not know what specific training they are doing.
    when we celebrated our new pasay gym's opening, master nap brought along his ardigma fighters. it was then that he announced that the ardigma would be launched come 2007...we just hope that the fighters would not give up.
    they started at 40 and now there are just 20 guys remaining. fighters often gives up due to master nap's strict training.
  5. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    Hi Red,
    Do you happen to know what style of kung fu GM Go used in his Tatkuntou?
  6. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    Influenced is probably a better word than used.
  7. Bayani

    Bayani Valued Member

    Thanks Burunkol. Thugh I know much of Yaw Yan because of family and friends who train in the system it's better coming from a Yaw Yanista. Keep us updated of their training. We await to see new blood continue the legacy of Yaw Yan of old!
  8. Artice

    Artice New Member

    Being a filipino in Australia, i hoped to do Yaw Yan, but unfortunately no one teaches it, as for now im doing Muay Thai. I eagerly await when Yaw Yan is recognised around the world as one of "The Deadliest Arts".

    One question: Does Yaw Yan use elbows?
  9. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

  10. burungkol

    burungkol Team Yaw-Yan

    will do.. :D Thanks Bayani!
  11. RedBagani

    RedBagani Valued Member

    Best Answer

    Hello everyone,
    I was just wondering why most of you naughty people couldn't give a straight answer to my survey. The best, most accurate and most compelling answer regarding the photo I posted was given by burungkol. To him I award the "Best Answer" award. burungkol has the makings of a good NBI investigator.

    The next award "Most Creative Interpretation" goes to Kiai Carita. She will do well joining her country's Kopassus force.

    To batongbuhay, brunstick, kiai carita, soulguru and the others who were too shy to post their opinions, I will give you another chance to redeem yourselves. I am asking all of you to help me what to do next. I want to rectify the misinformation that Tadefa of Tatkuntou lost that fight 21 years ago.

    If you were in my place, what would you guys do with the photo I posted?
    a) Send it to YawYan officials and ask them to include it in their website's photo gallery.
    b) Download it and make it the official wallpaper of the office, friends, family and relatives, etc.
    c) Paste picture of your face and substitute for the man of your choice (Tadefa, Zapata, the referee) and claim that you were once with the finest fighters in the Philippines.
    d) All of the above
  12. RedBagani

    RedBagani Valued Member

    Grandmaster Joe Go's Kung Fu

    Much of what I know about Joe Go's background came from Dr. Ned Nepangue, an FMA researcher. When Joe Go was young, he was sent back to mainland China to learn his clan's Fukienese pugilistic art. He learned a twin dagger routine from a lady expert. In the Philippines, he studied from different Kok Sut masters. Officially, Joe Go claimed it was Ngo Cho (Five Ancestors) Kung Fu, or Kuntou (as it was better known) combined with Balintawak Eskrima that formed the bulk of his Tat Kun Tou.
    Some students, however, told me that Joe Go didn't really reach the highest level of Ngo Cho, leading credence to the idea that Balintawak Eskrima was the greater influence in his art.
  13. RedBagani

    RedBagani Valued Member

    What else do you want to know about Yaw Yan?

    Hello Viking,
    I see that you haven't exhausted all your inquiries about Yaw Yan. I hope the other guys are providing you with adequate answers. Before I share the other stuff I know about the other empty hand arts like TRACMA, pangamut, etc., let's complete our exploration of YawYan. It is really a fascinating art. What else do you want to know about YawYan? Most of the discussions have focused on YawYan's strengths. There are many. Would you like to know how to beat a Yaw Yan stylist?
  14. Viking

    Viking Valued Member

    hi Redbgani,
    i defenitely wants to know about the other empty handed martial arts of philippines as well.But before would u please give the information about the yaw-yan versus muaythai and ofcourse the weakness of YawYan and so on.
    And i have found a strange thing from another website ( think they are teaching some sikaran and i was wondered seeing the list of their kicks.(it is said in the website that all these kicks belongs to Sikaran)

    A. Front kicks (Sipa)

    1. Snap
    2. thrust
    3. Snap thrust
    4. Heel snap
    5. Downward thrust
    6. Outside scooping
    7. Inside scooping
    8. Forward scooping
    9. Outward slash
    10. Inside slash
    11. Upward slash
    12. Downward chop
    13. Forward chop
    14. Vertical chop
    15. Horizontal
    16. Roundhouse heel
    17. Roundhouse shin
    18. Roundhouse snap thrust
    19. Side snap
    20. Inside leg scooping
    21. Outside leg scooping
    22. Forward roundhouse

    B. Side Kicks
    1. Side Snap
    2. Side thrust
    3. Side stomping
    4. Ridge
    5. Ridge snap
    6. Side ridge
    7. Leg scoop
    8. Ridge instep
    9. Ridge ball
    10. Outside slash
    11. Inside slash
    12. Roundhouse heel
    13. Roundhouse snap
    14. Roundhouse snap-thrust
    15. Sadang roundhouse instep
    16. Sadang roundhouse ball
    17. Sadang roundhouse heel
    18. Sadang roundhouse slash

    C. Back Kicks
    1. Back snap kick
    2. Back thrust kick
    3. Back kick chop
    4. Tadyak-Sakong shin
    5. Tadyak-Sakong ball
    6. Tadyak-Sakong heel
    7. Tadyak-Sakong slash

    8. Dakot (scoop)
    9. Dakot, (scoop) chop
    10. Circular
    11. Straight back kick
    12. Rear upward chop
    13. Rear snap
    14. Rear downward slash
    15. Back chop

    I think the word 'Tadyak-Sakong ' is used instead of the famous Mountain Storm kick and 'Sadang' for the reversed kicks and dakat for the scorpion kicks(I'm not at all sure in this ,itz just a guess).If it is like that ,there is only few differant kicks ie Yaw-Yan doesnt have side side-snap kick,instead it has hooking side kick.
    can u guys say something on this
    thank you
  15. Brunstick

    Brunstick (^_^) I need a girlfriend

    if i was in your place red, i'd do all of the above. misleading people into thinking someone is undefeated is just wrong. misleading people into thinking someone beat someone else is appalling and disgusts me. (please don't beat me up though! it's just my opinion! :p)

    i'd like to put my avatar (the picture with shaving cream on my face) on the picture as the referee, i think that would be funny. :p

  16. Brunstick

    Brunstick (^_^) I need a girlfriend

    One quick question red,

    what's TRACMA?

  17. Kiai Carita

    Kiai Carita Banned Banned

    Dear Red Bagani, thank you for the award. I will try and frame it so that I can put it on my wall. Just for the record, I am still dangling my malehood between my legs to this day and have no plans for sex-change surgery, so technically I am a he not a she.

    As for joining Kopassus that would be the last thing I would want to do. You must know that these special forces have done alot to repress the people of Indonesia, since the Communist massacres in 1965-66, the Timor Leste annexation in 1975, and also they were involved in kidnapping and dissapearing of activists in the $uharto era. I am a poet and have little time for violence and repression or militarism. A friend, poet of mine, Wiji Thukul from Solo, dissapeared in 1997 and has not been found dead or alive to this day. Direct democracy and not military action is IMO the way forward for the world but that would be a completely different thread.

    As for your question about what you should do to correct the claims of A being unbeatable, I honestly don't know what to do. It is bad that a school lie about losing and winning. But it is their choise to lie.

    Kiai Carita.
  18. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    truvador ramos consolidated martial arts.

    created by truvador ramos, who, legend has it, beat bruce lee in a fight (or was that sparring?). he also served as a bodyguard for the iglecia ni cristo's founder, manalo (who reportedly recruits some of the best martial artists as part of his protective detail). it's a form of kickboxing self defense.
  19. Brunstick

    Brunstick (^_^) I need a girlfriend

    post 100! yay!

    first time i've heard of tracma. do you know any websites that have info on them?

  20. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    click here ;) ;) ;)
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