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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by Viking, Jun 19, 2005.

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    you were right
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    First of all Im not a high ranking official in MuayThai ...Second- the thing about the sandwiches is a joke...was it a bad joke? i thought it was funny.

    Anyway...too bad the new thread i posted was deleted Im afaid Im forced to post it here...

    You posted in another thread and I quote...

    "If you still want to take issue, I suggest you start another thread and I will join you there. We can discuss the following:
    1. More details of the Tadefa-Zapata fight
    2. List of other kickboxers who have defeated Zapata in the ring
    3. How an Indonesian Pencak-Silat player defeated Zapata
    4. The not so spotless record of Zapata in Muay Thai
    And as a bonus, I could even tell you the titillating story of why the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) agents arrested the 70-year old YawYan founder, Nap Fernandez, based on the complaints on a young boy he brought home from Baguio City. There are more stories, but unless you are really ready to face the truth, I STRONGLY suggest you desist from pursuing this discussion. I still admire the art of YawYan as an efficient form of combat. But we do not need to re-invent the truth.
    5. You als posted that Zapata was defeated by fighters from the Danny Diaz gym in CEBU"

    Id like to know the ff...

    1.I humbly ask you Sir to talk to me in person at the SEA Games re the Zapata-Tadefa fight...I wont even say a word, will just let you give your version of the fight...and coffee and sandwiches are on me.

    2.Id appreciate it very much if you can POST THE NAMES OF FIGHTERS WHO DEFEATED ZAPATA IN THE RING

    3.Re the silat fighter who defeated Zapata...was it a Silat fight under Silat rules... or was it Mixed Martial arts or Silat vs YawYan...


    5.Did you know that Zapata was a retired fighter already when he fought in the WMTC(WMC) but had to come out of retirement only to help our MuayThai group which was not an NSA then...

    6. My post re the Zapata-Tadefa fight was an honest mistake...Do you believe me? I honestly believe that that mistake does not deserve your posts re Yaw-Yan specially that NBI issue you are bragging about...

    7Im not surprized that Rolly Tadefa doesnt remember my name, IM a "NOBODY" in YawYan or MuayThai...but Ill tell you one more time that Tadefa himself nominated me as the Secretary of our ex footboxing federation....I assure you that if Master Tadefa talks to me,the minute I tell him the events we where together, he will remember me. Again, I am who I say I am...Im not famous but I am who I say I am...please dont make it look like Im pretending to be a close friend of Mr Tadefa for I am not. We were together in numerous events and thats it...

    6. You showed your loyalty and respect for Master Tadefa as his former student...and I admire you for that...but I have to say that you show disrespect to Yaw-Yan as a former student by posting the NBI issue about Master Nap...thats way below the belt Sir. MAP is a martial arts forum not Chika Minute :)

    7. i DONT UNDERSTAND WHY YOU CANT pm YOUR MOBILE NUMBER...but if you say you really cant give it then again I respect that. All I want is to speak to you ASAP so that I dont have to go online with my inquiries...

    My friends and foes following the thread...this is not an issue about Zapata and Tadefa anymore...A loss is a loss...Pareng Zapata lost...but the fact remains that he was never granted the rematch that he wanted...

    RedBagani did the right thing to correct my post about the result of that fight...again it was an honest mistake...and again I apologize...But now its my turn to ask RedBagani to please answer my inquiries above...

    RedBagani posted my name complete name ...I tought thats not allowed. My nick is Wanlu and my peers in YawYan and MuayThai know me as Wanlu...Im not hiding behind an Alias...but do you really have to post my complete name?

    RedBagani Said..."If you want to be friends, momentarily forget about Wanlu the high official of Philippine Muay Thai. Forget about Wanlu the ever-loyal Yaw Yan disciple. Just be Wanlu the Real Man Who Doesn't Hide Behind Keyboards. Then come down from your official's chair and meet me up among the masses in sincere friendship and humility. We will talk not as ideologues or partisans but as soul brothers. It is easy to recognize me. I will be the best-looking guy munching doughnuts. (I don't like sandwiches much) I will of course have my own drink, and you will have to provide your own food and beverage.

    Who knows? We may learn a lot from each other, stripped down to our very essence and humanity. I can teach you to have a better sex life, for example. There is no need to believe that violence should be kept in the bedroom, as you posted earlier. No wonder you have to buy your wife a gold ring just to get laid. Also, please do not look down on faggots. You may unwittingly be insulting somebody dear to you. You said it: "God is good all the time."

    Exactly why I want to talk to you cause I dont hide behind keyboards...I have no doubts that I have much to learn from you for my sex life,Im doing just great Sir. the gold ring for the wife was a joke...maybe a bad joke again or youre just not into jokes...

    I dont know how to approach you at the SEA games sir...but in advance I will tell you that IT WOULD BE AN HONOR FOR ME TO SIT DOWN WITH YOU OVER A CUP OF COFFEE the meantime Sir, PLEASE ANSWER MY INQUIRIES ABOVE...

    My sincerest gratitude

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  3. wanlu99

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    Diego Vega

    Diego Vega Said...Refusing a rematch never takes away anything from any fighter. In the martial arts world, -- as opposed the the professional prizefighting world whre large amounts of money is involved, rematches don't often occur. Usually because they're not asked for. Fighters fight to prove the merit of their art and their ability as a fighter. In this case, it seems that both combatants did both of these things. To insist on a rematch would be nothing but an excercise in ego.

    If a fight result is too close or questionable...the only best thing to have is a rematch specially if one of the involved fighters is asking for one...If Tadefa did accept the challenge from Zapata for a rematch...we wont be having this discussion If Tadefa wins in the rematch, I would have been one of his loyal students like RedBagani...

    In Boxing, Manny Pacquiao fought another Champion in a Unification bout I think its Sanchez......fight ended as a technical draw with a lot of dirty shots from Sanchez...both fighters retained their crowns...Manny asked a rematch against that guy but was not entertained...I have reasons to believe that Sanchez knows he cant defeat Pacquiao thus refused a rematch...Sanchez would have lost the fight if he didnt resrt to headbuts and elbow strikes and a lot of dirty tricks...

    then Pacquiao lost to Morales but was given the rematch scheduled early next year..I think Morales said yes because Morales thinks he can defeat Pacquiao AGAIN...if Manny defeats Morales next year(I certainly hope so)...I have no doubt that Morales will ask for a rematch since its 1-1 ...and I will certainly think ill of Manny if he doesnt give Morales a rematch...yes theres money involved but its not always the money that makes these fighters legendary...

    Trust me, RedBagani is old enough to have been there in person as an adult. In fact, I suspect he may have watched Flash Elorde and even Pancho Villa fight in person as well.

    In that respects to RedBagani...He was at the fight and he has his own perception of the post re cheating was directly from Sir Zapata...we have 2 points of from RedBagani as a spectator who says that Tadefa won convincingly... and two from Zapata himself as one of the fighters...who said his strikes were all over Tadefa...and that he was cheated and repeatedly asked a rematch but was never given to him.

    Homosexuals are everywhere, as if they're the only ones who hide behide keyboards. They're with the Philippine military, the PNP, and just about every martial art - probably including yaw yan. Heck, I have suspicions about some of my guys. But then again, its the 21st century, so it just doesn't matter.

    Nothing against them...MuayThai had a great Fag champ...I wont dare go up in the ring against him or her...

    I'll defer to Crucible's eloquent post above about pictures being a snapshot of a moment in time. But, the one where Mr. Tadefa's hand is being raised in victory seems to carry more weight.

    Have you seen Pictures of Manny Pacquiao with his hand raised together with the hand of Mexican fighter Marquez who was floored by Manny three times in the first round...If theres a photo of that decision then the picture would say the fight was a Draw...but if you asked Manny and he said it on the Mexicans face that he believes he won that fight...and we Pinoys believe Manny won that fight...the decision of the judges does not all the time show what really hapened fact one judge did admit after the decison was announced that he comitted an error and that Manny should have won the fight...

    And this is why we have judges. More often than not, they're in the best position to decide the winner. So, I don't have to take anybody's side, I'll just believe the judges as to who won.

    Sometimes judges see what they want to see...remember Onyok Velasco at the Olympics who had to settle for a Silver...if you saw that fight...then youre maybe one of the Millions of Pinoys who had a lot to say about those judges...

    Im not a fight expert Sir Diego Vega..just a good friend to Zapata and a YawYan brother and a MuayThai nobody...if Im not the fight timer...Im the water boy...

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    I for one can't think of a single new thing that can be said on this.

    this thread is dead
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