To all the skinny runts out there - how to really punch with power

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Gyaku, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    I honnestly feel so stupid after reading this thread.

    Are noobs attracted to this thread or something?
  2. Jesh

    Jesh Dutch Side Of The Force

    Apparently, yes...

  3. Kay-G

    Kay-G New Member

    Aww lay off the poor guy, Gyaku tried his best...i think he's probably got the point that it wasnt such a good thread by now...
  4. nightcrawlerEX

    nightcrawlerEX Valued Member

    Its true you dont need speed to deliver a powerfull punch.
    BUT the same punch going twice as fast IS more powerfull.
    Speed also makes you able to land multiple punches faster.
  5. Another Muay Thai Guy

    Another Muay Thai Guy Valued member

    This is great - good lazy Sunday entertainment after a nice roast dinner.

    *Pats his stomach and chuckles*

    Do continue. :D
  6. CKava

    CKava Just one more thing... Supporter

    LOL... this is one of the best posts I've ever read. This thread is great!

    P.S. I wonder what this guy hits with, I mean your head is pretty useful so are your feet and your not gonna get very far without knees or elbows. I guess your shoulder but thats kinda useful too, a hip maybe... hmmm. Maybe its his small toe I mean thats not really useful right? or the appendix??? Nah now its getting silly. Wait maybe he uses those parts of the body but doesnt 'smash' with them... hmmm... whats he do then? Maybe infuses them with chi and then just lightly touches? or maybe he grows his nails really long and just sort of pokes people? OR maybe he ONLY uses locks... ah the possibilities are endless :).
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  7. Jesh

    Jesh Dutch Side Of The Force

    Oh no, not another chi ball firing n00b...

  8. Martial Alex

    Martial Alex Valued Member

  9. Combatant

    Combatant Monsiour Fitness himself.

  10. Skrom

    Skrom Banned Banned

  11. Combatant

    Combatant Monsiour Fitness himself.

    LMAO! :p Now that is good. :D
  12. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    My only task in life now is to jump each and everyone of the chi noobs. Maybe they will understand how stupid they are when their face is caved in even after they chi blasted me. :Angel:
  13. pinuptosafety

    pinuptosafety New Member

    What type of heavy bag to use

    I weigh a lot for my size. I look smaller than my weight. I want to buy a standing heavy bag, but don't know what type or size, weight bag to buy. Any real advice from someone who may know the answer to this question? I am very strong and powerful for a female artist and will knock over the lighter heavy bags average females use.
  14. pinuptosafety

    pinuptosafety New Member

    I know, I think because I'm a woman artist, one of my other posts was removed. Oh brother. I'm very skilled and can rip apart an averaged sized male. I'm soooooo intimidated my post was removed. I could care less. I'll keep writing.
  15. CKava

    CKava Just one more thing... Supporter

    This sounds like the start of a riddle. As for advice on a standing heavy bag considering we don't know your size (your description is very vague), what style your practicing or what weight of bag you've tried and 'knocked over' its a bit difficult to advise. I'd suggest if your simply too strong for standing heavy bags getting a hanging heavy bag would be the sensible option.

    P.S. Your posts so far are making you come across as a maniac with ego problems who attacks people with chairs is this really the image you want to project?
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  16. CosmicFish

    CosmicFish Aleprechaunist

    Extremely unlikely. The two most active admins on this site are female. ;)
  17. Skrom

    Skrom Banned Banned

    *coughpenisenvycough* :D
  18. Martial Alex

    Martial Alex Valued Member

    are you trying to intimidate us ?
  19. Jesh

    Jesh Dutch Side Of The Force

    Be sure to videotape it...

  20. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    This thread just keeps getting better. All it needs now is a shoe :D

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