TKD Books/Magazines to read?

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    The best Taekwondo books out there are going to come from the authority on Taekwondo.

    I recommend the following;

    1. Kukkiwon Taekwondo Textbook + DVD (latest version)
    2. Taekwondo Kyobon, Korea Taekwondo Association 1972
    3. Any book by Kyong Myung Lee
    4. Any book by Kyo Yoon Lee
    5. Any book by Ik Pil Kang
    6. WTF Poomsae Judges Textbook (latest version)
    7. A Contemporary (Modern) History of Taekwondo, KANG Won Sik & LEE Kyong Myung

    I personally feel that most books on martial arts are written by folks who don't really have much to teach us. Maybe they are looking for 15 minutes of fame? I'd rather learn in person, then have the book for reference.
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    I was scrolling thru and was thinking "what no Jhoon Rhee books?" I have his first three, that cover basics and the first 5 original forms(pre Sine-wave) Great stuff!
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