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Discussion in 'Judo' started by PsiCop, Oct 11, 2003.

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    I'm a 1st dan in tang soo do, and i have to learn 2v1 sparring for my next test in 1 year. ive done it a couple times and needless to say- I suck! I am a good 1v1 sparrer, and i understand the concepts of keeping one opponent away from you while you fight the other, but there is one other difference in our 2v1 sparring. We allow takedowns. Basically if you get thrown, taken down, or knocked down youre out for the match and have to remain seated for the rest of it. I have very good striking skills and i understand the basics of throwing, but i havent had much practice as we dont allow it until dan level. I need to learn how to "neutralize" both of my opponents in about 20 seconds, without getting taken down myself.

    This is where you judo guys come in. ive seen your style and its emphasis on throwing, joint locking, etc. I was hoping you could give me some tips on how to throw larger opponents quickly in a sparring situation and give some tips for not getting thrown myself as easily. Maybe you could teach me some drills or give some main points i should emphasize. I have time to practice as i dont need to test on it for another year or so, so this is the perfect time to learn and perfect my techniques so i can be truly prepared for the test. articles can would work too. thanx for any help.
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    THE main point when it comes to throwing is balance, both your own and your opponent's. Your own balance is something that you should easily be able to manage by now, which leaves the opponent's balance. Generally speaking in a striking situation your opponent is putting some weight behind the strike, which gives you something to use immediately. If he doesn't, there are other methods to break the opponent's balance, the most effective of which is the pain method. Essentially you grab or shove somewhere unpleasant and your opponent moves to lesse the pain. What you do with him then is your own business.

    However, under sparring rules you may not be able to do this effectively. Could you give us a brief outline of what you can and can't do in this spar?
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    correct. learn to break your opponents balance as quick as possible.
    if your in a 2v1 situation, go for fast throws so you can switch from one opponent to the other as quickly as possible. leg sweeps and reaps are good.

    yup. please give us an outline.
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    well, we allow moderate contact striking to anywhere on the head except the face and also to the body. no below the belt contact and no hitting to the back. We also can't hold for more than 2-3 seconds, or do takedowns. Those are our normal Gup and tournament rules.

    The additional ones for 2v1 include takedowns are allowed using any means (reasonable of course). We can still do all the striking techniques, except now we can hold and grab kicks, etc. to take down your opponent. A takedown is getting taken off your feet for whatever reason-including slipping. Once taken down, you have to stay down until the end of the match, as you're "done" if it was a real fight. we don't emphasize ground fighting as much. Anyways, the objective is to neutralize both opponents by taking them down in a reasonably short amount of time (15-30 secs), without getting taken off your feet yourself.

    Those are the rules. are there any balance or grappling exercises i should practice to get a feel of it? thanx again guys
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    just remember this. in some of the throws that you might learn when you try to throw your opponent you will put him/her in the same position to throw you, so always be sure of your moves and make them quick and crisp and do not hesitate! because that split second could end it for you.

    Double Leg takedowns would be good for the purpose you want, and they are great for fighting, especially if you get quick at executing them. I like double leg takedowns mostly for the fact that you can also turn them into a slam if you are smart about it. If you ever want to practice getting low for takedowns try this drill:

    Have a person get on the ground and get into pushup position. Then have them move their legs in so that their **** is pointed in the air. After you have them in position practice shooting underneath them for about 15 mins each time you do this.
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    Ummm, Psicop... Shouldn't they be teaching you how to do it so that you will pass the test? If we explain to you ways we do it then you won't be learning those areas of your style (sorry, don't know much about TSD).
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    Maybe you could start going to a Judo class and train it, better than trying to learn it from a computer screen! ;)

    Judo is, after all, the most popular MA in the world! :D
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    They teach the basics of takedowns, throwing and break falling, and that's basically what everybody uses. I just want to have that extra edge and use some techniques theyve never seen before. It would just be a great help to learn these extra throws.

    BTW, yes they do allow leg grabbing, but the risk of getting kicked in the face on accident would be pretty high, wouldn't it? Also, there are no judo schools in houston. it sounds crazy, but ive already checked. I do thank you guys for the links.
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    Best advise is to learn

    The grips and to become strong and solid in a clinch situation.

    You need familiarity and confidence within a grapple situation and you also will be so much better of if you put a few solid strikes in on the person first forcing them to cover up.

    Close straight in the a reap or simple sweep will see him on his tosh!

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