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  1. So a few years back (through mortal kombat, none the less) I heard about a style called Ziranmen which is meant to be a sort of internal martial art derived from Liu He (at least in part). I've tried to find a place where I can actually get a feel for the style in real life out of nothing more than general curiosity and found a seminar is happening in Germany next year. I found this trailer for the event and wondered if any of the chinese artists can share their opinions on the content of the video and training that is shown.

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  3. Dammit sorry I posted in the wrong place :(
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    Don't worry about it. It's just that article section is reserved for full length feature articles. It's rarely used.
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    From what I know/have seen of ziranmen, I like it.

    If you're interested in reading more about it, look up a book called "warrior guards the mountain" by Alex Kozma. The are sections in the book repeated from his earlier, limited run book called "ziranmen and the daoist fighting arts".
    Alex learned Ziranmen from Serge Augier of Paris, a lineage holder in the daxuan school.
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  6. I emailed the instructor and got an interesting answer from him.

    'In the past there were a number of Ziranmen styles, it's just a Daoist term. We are nothing like the Liu He associated style used by Wan Laisheng. To understand Ziranmen is to understand Chinese culture, and the idea that the big way is the simple one. I could tell you more but it would make you focus on specifics and that would waste time.'

    I wasnt aware there were numerous Ziranmen styles so that's interesting.
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    Ziran means natural, so he may be alluding to the concept of wu wei or similar..
    Otherwise what he said - you would be hard pressed to find better in Europe than Serge.

    Those books will offer further insights.
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    Bit of news for you and anyone with an interest in high quality knowledge of this stuff..
    There is a new source available in the form of a book, it's called Daoist Boxing, written by Serge

    Ordered mine last night!
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  9. Let me know how it is :) I would be tempted to pick up more chinese style information to further understand the influence on my own style.

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