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Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Mangosteen, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Mangosteen

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    So I've found some decent stuff online (The old FILA/UWW/Olympic Wrestling body's free coaching course videos and KOLAT wrestling programs).

    Can we start collecting and organizing wrestling techniques e.g. post a video with an explanation of said technique as well as variations in set up or reactions.

    I'll start!

    We all know the head outside double leg but are you familiar with the kneeling body lock:

    You shoot a high head outside double leg as a feint (or if your double leg is rubbish like mine you have this worked into your chain), let them to step back and shift their weight onto you (sprawl) and then you cut a corner. As you are their balance point, and suddenly youve disappeared, they fall on their face.
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    Kolat is my go to guy for internets resource...

    Here is a move thats effective but I could (personally) not able to pull off in comps for some reason.
    So what I do is that by the time I got the first leg up into my armpit (like a wizzer), the counter tends to be the person tries to stand and pull the leg out.
    I anticipate that by having already posting a foot and driving thru into a single leg. Otherwise I would just try and finish the move.

    This is a Freestyle Wrestling point specific move. (You get 2 points for rolling someone across the floor)
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    Yes! Great idea for a thread. The Kolat vids are great.

    My goal is to be competing again by this time next year - I start training again in September, 3 times a week! Get ready for lots of questions coming your way everyone!
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