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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Mangosteen, Feb 12, 2015.

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    yeah the problem is that jumping straight to teaching folks techniques in a holistic ad autonomous way has the same issue as many of the internal arts - students dont see all the applications and often have a hard time putting all the steps together necessary for the basic technique.

    i find it difficult to learn and i feel that the gi/kurtka is something i dont understand (and im totally not interested in)

    Good News: my uchi mata set up has got pretty good!

    Bad News: I'll be quitting sambo. I'm getting injured once a week.

    in just a three weeks ive had my cornea scratched, my knee hyper extended (someone doing hip-throws with a leg block) and last friday i have obtained what seems to be a fracture of the metatarsal head from a scissor/crab throw.

    It seems the high impact nature of the sport has caused an injury rate i did not experience from BJJ or wrestling. I think when it heals i need to have a good long think about what i want out of training because this hobby is having a detrimental effect on my health.
  2. HarryF

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    Is your eye ok?

    That sounds like quite a high price to pay; is it worth it, or can you get similar training stimulus elsewhere? I guess that's what you're going to work out...
  3. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    my eye healed in a few days (i was blind for a bit and missed a day of work)
    the knee made certain activities in my personal life a little painful
    and the fractured foot is in constant pain and is really hard to walk around with

    the price seems to high. they put me out of work and out of training more.

    I can go to the local BJJ club (i dont enjoy the social atmosphere of it, its almost like training alone) or i can go back to lifting (which i would prefer of the 2 options).

    Or i could talk to my coach and ask him if i can sit out of sparring because i keep getting injured from it (not sure how he'll take it but its worth a shot).

    im hoping to move eventually back to scotland and maybe train with my friends from my uni club or in kali with my girlfriend.
  4. HarryF

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    Yeah that doesn't seem like an acceptable injury rate (to me anyway!) Especially the eye one...

    I'd be tempted to talk to the coach and see if there's a way of sparring/rolling/drilling more smoothly with a little more compliance (as you can in BJJ and wrestling) just to reduce your injury rate.

    Is it that it's beginners v beginners when the injuries happen, or does it seem to be with any level of student? Do you ever spar/roll/drill with the coach? Is that any different?

    I had a quick look for kali near you and the closest I could find is the Reading academy of Wing Chun who appear to do kali on the side, although I have no idea of the quality...

    There did seem to be a couple of BJJ/mma places near you, are they any good? Have you thought about a striking class?

    If it's the case that you'll be moving soon, then there must be a way of keeping/polishing some skills you want to retain while you're in HW without the debilitating injuries! Maybe lifting and solo ground mobility drills is the way to go...

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