The Pivot Blow in Olde Style Boxing

Discussion in 'Western Martial Arts' started by SoKKlab, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. SoKKlab

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    Can anybody tell/ show me what the Pivot Blow in Olde Style Boxing is/ was?

    I know that it is banned under the Modern Rules, but can somebody please point me to any URLs detailing it, alternatively post some Jpegs etc.

    I have a pretty good notion as to what it is, but would like clarification as to the mechanics of the blow and the sort of power that Olde style boxers could get into it.

    All Information greatly received, thanks.
  2. YODA

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    As far as I know it's another term for the "Rabbit punch" - a short chop to the back of the neck.
  3. SoKKlab

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    That's what I thought, that it was a slap round the back of the head on the pivot (obviously), but in the Modern Boxing rules, it makes a differentitaion between the 'Rabbit Punch' and the 'Pivot Blow'.

    I wondered whether there was a bit more to it, because the Pivot Blow is often cited in Old Boxing Write ups as possessing much power and being a Knock-out blow.

    Maybe the 'Pivot Blow' is a Super Rabbit Punch-a sort of 'Thumper Gets Heavy?'... :) (Lol that was bad..)

    The Plot thickens...
  4. Louie

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    The Pivot Blow

    There seems to be 2 versions, a ridge-hand/top two knuckle 'Rabbit Punch' to the nape of the kneck and a spinning backhand type....

    Taken from a small boxing manual printed in Sydney early 1900s:

    The La Blance or Pivot blow.

    "On August 27, 1889, the wonderful littleIrishman ,Jack Dempsey , after seven very busy years of boxing , sufferedhis first defeat . It was at the hands of Geo La Blanche ( George Blais ) ,a French Canadian . The contest took place at San Francisco, and ended unexpectedly in the 32nd round . At this stage La Blanche was well and truly beaten .Dempsey rushed forward to put the finishing touches , when La Blanche , in sheer desperation , turned ,and succeeded in swinging his right in back hand fashion , and, catching Dempsey on the jaw with his forearm , sent him down and out .The blow was thereafter called the La Blanche blow . Several other contests had been won in this fashion , and in every instance the bony part of the arm, or elbow , struck the defeated ones jaw .It was shortly decided to bar the blow ".

    Originally posted by craig gemeiner on the 'Classic Pugilism' site:

  5. SoKKlab

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    Aha! I see. Thanks all for the responses.
  6. Spaniard

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    Hello to all.

    It took 'til today to get signed up for the forum else I would have posted this sooner:

    (As is, it backs up Louie's reply, but the picture beats this out easy.)

    Basically, the "pivot blow" is noted as an illegal move and gives a brief description.

    Regards to all-

  7. kenpfrenger

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    Yes the pivot blow is the spinning backfist. Both Fitzsimmons and Donovan wrote about it in their manuals. Donovan in the 1880's and Fitz around the turn of the century. There was a variation that was illegal at the time termed the foul pivot where you would hit with a spinning back elbow claiming to have misjudged the distance:)

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