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Discussion in 'Western Martial Arts' started by Kakita Aiguchi, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Kakita Aiguchi

    Kakita Aiguchi New Member

    I saw only another thread about fencing in this forum and the discussion was mostly about fencing related to martial arts, which isn't really what I'd like to talk about.
    This should be an active thread for anyone who practices (or would like to start) any of the three fencing weapons, sharing comments, experiences, results and suggestions about equipment or similar matters.
    I apologize in advance for my messy English, but I think that everything will be pretty much understandable.
    I just came back from a two weeks long international epee "meeting" in Wisla (Poland), which was attented by many Czech, Polish and Italian fencers, mainly top-rankers from the Cadets age category. We were sorted in groups based on ranking, gender and age: 2 groups (A and B) for males, 2 groups (C1 and C2) for women and group D for those less than 13 years old. This was a great chance for someone still inexperienced like me to fence against a lot of capable opponents (we fenced for hours everyday and organized a lot of little tournaments). I improved a lot this summer because of that, since I started to solve with my teacher many of my weak points (below average footwork coordination, fitness and overall physical shape), while working on my best qualities (a good sense of measure and a great time choice). On the 28th of October there should be the first Junior category tournament, so I'm planning to bring a digital video camera and make some cool videos to share with this message board.
  2. Mike71

    Mike71 Valued Member

    I used to fence in college, mainly standard(dry) foil in those days. I really loved it but got out of practice and hadn't gotten back into it until last week. I just started a beginning foil class. Seems like it will be fun and it'll be interesting to see how much 12 years of aging handicaps me!

  3. Wynnston

    Wynnston Member

    Great idea for a thread - you star :D

    I've fenced on and off for years in foil and epee, mainly off in the last 5 years. This season I've just started on the UK open competition circuit again.
    I think rationally examining your strengths and weaknesses is the way to go and getting video of your fencing is definitely a good idea.

    One of the things I'm interested in is how people are adapting to the new timings in foil and sabre. Personally I think the new timings suite my style quite well although I miss being able to land lots of flicks on the shoulders of left handers :D. The downside is that foil bouts can be easily won by epeeists sticking their arms out into attacks and getting single lights.
  4. CrimsonDemon

    CrimsonDemon Valued Member

    I've never had that much practice in fencing besides just swinging around my rapier. And I'm a left hander you fruit nut :woo:

    But really, I do consider myself of some skill. I know how to lunge, rotate, toe, and crescent swing pretty good. Fear me and my average speaking tongue for I do not know the correct names!

    Also I never really understood "saber" work unless you're talking about cutlass type sabers? That always confused me.
  5. Wynnston

    Wynnston Member

    Who is a fruit nut and why?

    Olympic fencing sabres (Sabers for you lot across the pond) involve hitting the body above the waist, apart from the sword hand, with the edge or the point of the weapon.
  6. CrimsonDemon

    CrimsonDemon Valued Member

    Wynnston for picking on lefties. I happen to think lefties have a certain advantage over right handers, in circumstances of course. I mean, gotta think, they train you to fight against people of your same calibur, imagine what happens when another person comes along that's like looking in a mirror.

    Why I ask about sabers if because I'm not certain which type of sabers you're talking about. So many people have convinced me on weapon names that I pick up here and there on only a select few now when I hear "saber"s I think cut and slash pirate swords; especially so many people calling so many parts of a sword different names than what I was originally taught so you have to give me credit on taking everything they say with a grain of salt.

    Also namely why I freelance and self-train; not to mention I excel in any weapon put in my hand. I look at a weapon and can see many of it's potentials, especially the interaction between tool and wielder.

    And to keep track with the thread, the most I've fought with rapiers is the Renaissance festival, and I won two out of four there. On other conditions I found people here and there that were interested in a quick swing or two but I quickly found out they were not up to my class yet. Also why I asked on a length before(can't remember when or where, but I know it was on these forums) if anyone has a list of events martial arts related around or near where I am. Think I can find any place that might suit me as potential for some organized sporting event?
  7. Xoxi

    Xoxi Valued Member

    Ive done 5 years of fencing, specialised in foil but a bit of epee and sabre too. I havent fenced for 3-4 years now so havent tried with the new timing.. I guess it would suit me if I went back cos I no longer have the wrist strength for flicking.

    On the subject of lefties - its damn funny sometimes watching two lefties fight each other.

    On the subject of sabres - Crimsondemon, they are not for swinging. Youre thinking of axes.
  8. Wynnston

    Wynnston Member

    Get yourself down to your local FIE governed sport fencing club and try out the weapons there. All will become clear as to what olympic style fencers mean by sabre.

    Based on what you've posted, you might be more interested in one of the historical style fencing clubs which tend to be more martial than sport oriented. Search for posts by cudgel, Chris Umbs and stolenbjorn to find out more about that sort of stuff.

    Picking on lefties? Nah, just making it clear that not all us righties quake in fear at the prospect of fighting a lefthander.
  9. CrimsonDemon

    CrimsonDemon Valued Member

    Where'd you get axes from in my post? I said cutlass and pirate hack and slash swords. I do have an axe though, great crescent axe, 19 inch blade and 42 inch redwood handle with brass rivets and coil wrap.

    Also, touche Wynnston, touche. I had one competent righty when I faced off that actually didn't look like her mind was racing wondering how she'd pin me. And indeed, that was the one I got struck by.

    But mostly on the sabers, I was just wondering if they were the curved, single handed and single edged slashing type swords that I thought them as. No flames here plz.

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