The Next Mayweather?

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by slipthejab, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Sandninjer

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    Oh my god I share the same dilemma as you, word for word verbatim. I started thinking about it that when he finally began giving in to ODST for the at-the-time-potential fight with Floyd, his power just disappeared. Originally I thought it was just because with him being a born-again Christian not wanting to really hurt people too badly in the ring, but then I realized that he doesn't have that power even when he needs it some times. So it sounds fishy for sure.

    And as for Floyd, yeah he uses something to numb his hands. He has been for many years and it hasn't been a secret. I think that may be the TRT that Blood mentioned.
  2. Ero-Sennin

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    Reading the bolded made me do a double take and say "lol what." Really, I said 'lol.' Very 'out of left field' :p
  3. Saved_in_Blood

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    Yes, he uses xylocaine, but as far as I know in NV it's not banned.. though in some states it is.
  4. Sandninjer

    Sandninjer Valued Member

    Well ya know, he did say it himself several times about wanting to be a good Christian and that he doesn't believe you should have to kill someone in the ring in order to win. I think the first time he really started saying this was after his fight with Margarito.
  5. Sandninjer

    Sandninjer Valued Member

    Well that's something, no wonder 99% of his fights are in NV... smdh.
  6. Saved_in_Blood

    Saved_in_Blood Valued Member

    Yep, that and that's where the money is ;-)
  7. Ero-Sennin

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    I'm not doubting the possible legitimacy of what you're saying, it's just not something I would ever even think about searching in Google. I would think if your mindset is like that, it might be time to hang the gloves up honestly.
  8. Sandninjer

    Sandninjer Valued Member

    Haha yeah, I mean I could be wrong but he did mention quite a few times during post-fight interviews that he believes there's a limit to how much you should hurt someone in the ring and that he feels there's a Christian duty to him to uphold that ... philosophy?

    I do agree with you though, I think he definitely needs to quit boxing with that mentality, especially since he couldn't KO Bradley and then got KO'd by JMM right after that.
  9. Ero-Sennin

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    The guy I'm supposed to fight next Sat. is from a gym named Cross 4 Christ. I tried like heck to search it on the internet but only came up with coaches of the gym on some random website. So I did the "images" route to see if I could find a Facebook or something but all that came up under "Cross 4 Christ Boxing" was Jesus on a cross, and Pacquiao :eek:
  10. Saved_in_Blood

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    That's because people think that manny is god. I don't know if you get on any all boxing forums, but his fans are absolutely crazy. Then they were hoping Donaire would take his place until Rigo made him look like an amateur. I do like Donaire though. Seems like a stand up guy.
  11. slipthejab

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    If you've been following boxing for any amount of time.. then you'll know the importance of separating blind nationalistic fervor from real boxing afficianados. You can't even count how many boxing only forums are plagued by know-nothings other than that Pacman is Filipino or Mayweather is black. They absolutely post tons of drivel and personal attacks but none of them boxing history deeper than 5 years back. Absolutely useless lot they are. Absolutely useless. Not boxing fans at all in my opinion but rather tepid racists and lukewarm xenophobes that froth at the keyboard.
  12. Saved_in_Blood

    Saved_in_Blood Valued Member

    I am very good friends with a filipino guy, his mother goes there all of the time, and much of his family lives there. He will tell you right off the bat that they are some of the most racist people out there and use the n word quite a bit when it comes to Floyd.

    People do forget it's a sport and want only to support their fighter which is ok, but give credit where it's due.

    At the same time, other people believe manny isn't nearly as good as he has been made out to be. I agree with that because again... his choices of opponents, catchweights, fighting old fighters, fighting guys like margacheato 4 lbs under the JMW limit and then having the nerve to call himself an 8 weight champion? Come on man, give me a break with that stuff. Ducking testing for YEARS and then just coming out now that he will have random testing against Rios ... of all guys. He should be able to beat Rios with or without a PED. Rios has no talent, he's wild punches and a pretty good chin and puncher. That's it.

    I don't agree with all of Floyd's opponent choices, but at the same time... people can't admire the true natural talent he has? I mean I consider myself someone who likes to watch a good boxer. People think that all fighters are boxers and they aren't. Floyd, Ali, Sweet pea, SRR, SRL, Wilfred Benitez, Joe Louis, Winky Wright, etc. All of them masters of the art of hit and not getting hit. That is a TRUE boxer. Has anyone watched Wright vs. Trinidad in a while? lol I LOVE that fight.

    Guys like Frazier, Foreman, Marciano... they are fighters. That's ok too. Some guys like one style, some another. I think it's better to learn more to not get hit. Anyone can punch, but working on a flawless defense is what I really enjoy.

    That is what makes a boxer vs. a fighter such an interesting match-up.
  13. Sandninjer

    Sandninjer Valued Member

    Cross 4 Christ? Interesting, he's gotta be either Hispanic or Filipino. Can't say I ever heard of it either. Definitely not in VA unless it's way south. That's this coming Saturday right (next always confuses me)? Have you found anything out about the guy?
  14. Sandninjer

    Sandninjer Valued Member

    To be honest, I completely disagree with this part completely. My sister was my [other] country's world pageant a few years ago and throughout the course of that career, she toured the world. The Philippines was one of those places. All she had to say was that by far, they were the kindest people on the whole planet. One of my friends I grew up with is Filipino as well and all their extended family and friends I met were just the same. Granted, I could be wrong, but I don't think that labelling them all as racist for calling Mayweather the n-word is accurate. If I had to guess, it'd be more along the lines of him practically being their most revered countryman's arch nemesis, that and/or the fact that the same language can have different meanings across the world. Where my extended family reside across the world, when they say the, uh, 4-lettered "s-word", it's the same as saying "darnit" here in the U.S. Perhaps they don't even know the real meaning behind what they're saying when they say the n-word?

    Just adding a different perspective.
  15. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    It's based in Baltimore supposedly. Couldn't find any info on it though.

    The guy is 187lbs. I'm sitting around 220lbs. They asked if I wanted to try and drop the weight (I found out last Friday, meaning I had 8 days to do it) and I said I would try. I went from 220 to 210 from Friday night to Sat. Night (water weight) and there is no way in hell I"m going to be able to drop 10 more from that and be able to fight. The fights start 3 hours after weigh-in, totally inadequate amount of time to re-hydrate and re-fuel.

    Hopefully they find a guy in my weight class. I would feel comfortable dropping weight for 1 weight class in that amount of time for same day weigh-in/fight, but not two :p
  16. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter


    That's very completely.
  17. donb

    donb restless spirit

  18. Sandninjer

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    Wow they're trying really hard to give the other guy an edge, assuming he actually knows how to use the lighter weight to his advantage in speed. Sounds like a cheap deal to me. I probably wouldn't have taken it but do let us know how it goes. Have any of your fights been recorded on cam?

    LOL I didn't even realize that
  19. puma

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    I had this conversation the other day with someone. I have to be honest, I don't know the actual definite meaning of the "n" word. I certainly don't get why in rap tunes and stuff like that they call each other it as a term of endearment, but if a white guy mentions it, whooooooooo! And I don't get why some words that are shortened, ie, the word "Brit" for British is fine, but you use a shortened word for "Pakistani" and see where it gets you! I am in no way racist, but, maybe it is my age, I don't understand a lot of it. I think it is the way you say something, the intent, not just the word itself. Anyway, this is a boxing forum, so....

    I agree with the comment earlier that Pacquiao has been made out to be better than he is, as I have mentioned in the past. I think his fights with Marquez prove this. I never got people who said that Pacquiao would have beaten Mayweather when they could see that Marquez's skills were giving him fits, so godness knows what Mayweather would have done. But having said that, I always enjoy Pacquiao fights and he has been brilliant for boxing.
  20. Saved_in_Blood

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    The reasoning? Because it ends with an A and not a R... that's it. It's a pathetic excuse to use the word at all IMO.

    BTW, I am not trying to insinuate from my own opinion that the Filipino people are all these horrible racist people, so I just want to make that clear. I am going strictly by what my friend who is full filipino has told me. He himself is a very generous and very good guy. I think that most of them are. It's a poor country so naturally like any country who supports their fighter, they are not going to like the guy that they feel might, could, would,, whatever beat him. Donaire was exposed by Rigo, but that doesn't mean Donaire is not a great fighter. Rigo has had over 400 amateur fights and had the experience, speed, etc to win the fight. Donaire's best bet was going to be to time him, he couldn't get it done, but that's nothing to be ashamed of.

    Back on topic, Broner is definitely NOT the next Floyd, he tries to be, but watch his fight against a 5'4 Gavin Rees, he gets hit more in that fight than Floyd has in 4 or 5 of his. Broner got the win, but he also was lucky to get a decision against Ponce De Leon, who Abner Mares just stopped.

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