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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by hewho, Oct 29, 2016.

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    As I posted on the facebook page, I'd like to get a bit of a fitness challenge thing going on here! the idea is I'll post a challenge (please feel free to suggest your own via PM) and you lovely people post your scores, with video proof if you have it! Now, while I will provide pointers to form, and I am a qualified personal trainer, this is still the internet, and we don't know each other, so please, be careful, look to other sources for advice on form, and don't injure yourself. If in doubt, seek help with a qualified professional in your area. :) I will try and get a variety of challenges to keep it interesting!

    My first challenge to you is reps to failure on 'Iron Cross'. (I'll post a video in the week, away this weekend) Use a weight appropriate for you, IE, a weight you could comfortably manage ten front raises with.

    Take a dumbell in each hand (I used 4kg) squat down with the dumbells between your legs, and stand back up, bringing your arms up and out to the sides to form a cross shape. Then repeat.

    My score was 13 reps, but I will retry for the video, without using pre workout, or having just done a workout!

    some easier alternatives:
    don't worry about the squat, just time how long you can hold the weight to the side.
    Lateral dumbell raises
    dumbell squat to overhead press

    Good luck, and stay safe!
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    After discussing it more on the Facebook page I'd like to add a charity aspect to it, without it being too big a deal. So no minimum donation, just give what you can to a cause you feel is worthwhile. So, for this month (which I'll probably carry on to the end of November due to the late start date) I'd like to pledge £5 to HemiHelp.
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    [ame=""]MAP October/November challenge, The Iron Cross! - YouTube[/ame]

    There's my uploaded attempt, I'm calling no rep on the last one, due to a lack of control on the way down, so I've counted 15. Anybody up for going next?

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