The Magic Seeds

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    There once was this farmer who was working on his land. He became very discouraged because he didn't have the yield he would have liked to of had.

    One day he decided to do something about it and go to town and buy some fertilizer to help his land. When he was there he saw this old master walking threw the town. He looked very dirty and tired.

    He asked the master,"Are you O.K.?"The Master replied," I am just very tired and weak from my travels, however, I will be O.K."

    The farmer asked him,"Will you please stay with me and my family?"We have lots of food and space?"

    The Master said,"Thank-you. I will take you up on the offer, just long enough to be refreshed again."

    The master did this and the farmer one morning saw the master walking his fields and thought that he was taking his morning walk.

    The master finally decided it was time to leave. He thanked everyone and walked toward the door. When he got to the door he stopped.

    He turned around and looked at the farmer and said,"I have a gift for you!"

    The farmer looked in the bag the master held out. Inside he saw seeds. The master replied, "These are magic seeds."Plant them in your field over there and you will have ten times the yield you have ever had."

    The farmer said,"No offense master, but that land has never produced for over 12 years."I know it well."

    The master asked, "Please."

    The farmer promised he would.

    After a while the farmer had 20 times his normal yield. He was overjoyed. The farmer invited him over 5 years in a row and everytime the same thing happened. He made the farmer very rich.

    One day the farmer was walking threw the town and saw the master. He just had to speak to him.

    He asked, " Master, where did you get those magic seeds?"

    The Master said," Why, from you." I walked your fields every morning and found the biggest and best seeds I could find, and gave them back to you.

    The moral of this story is,"You already have the seeds(skills) to train in the martial arts." All you need is someone to bring them out of you." Never let anyone tell you you can't do anything. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

    This story was told to the peoples of the middle east to awaken there minds to the reality of all they could be. I hope you enjoyed it.

    Country Ninja,
    Tracy Crocker
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    Inspiring - Thanks!
  3. Greyghost

    Greyghost Alllll rrigghty then!

    excellent......keep em coming.:)
  4. big e

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    did this master have a name?
  5. chi-hawk

    chi-hawk New Member


    Thank you for sharing that story I like d it very much most inspiring!:D
  6. KenpoDavid

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    I think his name was Al Egory. :p
  7. FullContactKid

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    That story was truly off the hook man
  8. surgingshark

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    Beautiful! Outstanding! Excellent! Nobel Prize For Literature!
  9. Shade

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    Isn't he related to Al Edgedly?
  10. jroe52

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    i'm pretty sure it was herby hancock
  11. bcullen

    bcullen They are all perfect.

    Yeah, but he's closer to his first cousin Al Most :p
    He has an uncle, Hy Perbole, but I don't trust a damn thing he says. :D
  12. Guerilla Fists

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    Just being cynical and poopy today.
    So the farmer had no produce but enough food and space to house the master?
    And if he yielded five times more than he had well mathematically speaking five times of nothing is still nothing.
    When put in this light, your story discourages me. JK< I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  13. Mika

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    8-fold, LOL...

    Tracy, that's a good story. I think I was told that when I was a little kid, so the story must have travelled around quite a bit, and no wonder, it is a good one :)

    This story could be applied in many areas of life (dieting, school, martial arts, etc.) and it just about always holds water. Positiveness :)


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