The importance of being proficient in all ranges

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by Isaiah90, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Isaiah90

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    Unfortunately, many people in the self defense community specialize only in certain ranges be it weapons or hand to hand combat. The problem is you can't choose what range you engage your attacker in at the beginning of an attack. Whatever range you're attacked is the range you have to engage your attacker in. If you're in say a small and confined area, kicking is useless. If you're getting shot at from afar, your hand to hand combat skills are no good.

    There's a bunch of gun toting civilians who boast of their firearms being superior to hand to hand combat. They don't realize there's certain ranges where firearms doesn't work.

    I saw surveillance footage of a robbery in Bolivia. Robbers attacked a security guard from behind in a bank. He didn't expect them to be robbers because they were disguised as normal civilians. They were jumping him and one was pistol-whipping him. Drawing his gun at close range would've been a bad move as he would've been shot by the gunman. He tried to create distance, but they were chasing and grabbing him. They tore his bulletproof vest off and shot him. They drew their guns and fired shots at the cops as they stole the money then fled the bank. Had the guard learned hand to hand combat, the attack would've had a different outcome.
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    So , do you think some form of grappling training would have been useful for the guard ?
  3. Isaiah90

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    Grappling, trapping, weapons, kicking, striking, and more skills would've been useful.
  4. bassai

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    Yet in an earlier thread you stated that you felt grappling was pretty much useless , especially when weapons are involved.
  5. Isaiah90

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    Reread what i wrote. I said most grappling arts are useless when weapons are involved. I didn't say all grappling.
  6. bassai

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    What you said


    You seem to be mixing your messages as someone seemingly promoting themselves as something of an authority on self defence , would you care to give us some training history/experience in this field ?
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  7. Isaiah90

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    I've trained several martial artists in self defense. I sparred with people and demonstrated my skills.
  8. Mitch

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    Perhaps you could detail your training methodology, and how you arrived at it?
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    That’s rather vague , a little more info would be useful
    You claim to have trained several martial artists in self defence , was that a specific style , or your own made up teachings .
    What actual martial arts experience do you have ?
    Under what context/rule sets have you sparred with people , what was their experience and how often ?
  10. aaradia

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    This statement is based on??????

    How many people and how do you know? What styles and levels of instructors do you know for a fact do this?

    Please be specific.

    Frankly, I doubt this claim. I have yet to meet anyone - online or in real life - in martial arts that does not recognize the importance of training in all ranges for self defense.
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  11. Xue Sheng

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    But what if someone attacks you with a grenade launcher....or the USS Missouri


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  13. Mitch

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    I think the common defence against a 16" naval gun is to be somewhere else, or to distribute oneself over a large area...
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