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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by Fudo-shin, Mar 31, 2012.

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    PM'd you.

    Which techniques?
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    Answered in PM ;)
  3. Brian R. VanCis

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    Just as it is no secret just for everyone else that is Noguchi Sensei.
  4. Brian R. VanCis

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    As Reality Please mentioned before it is pretty easy to see who has the inside track and who you need to be following in the Bujinkan. It is not rocket science! The order is pretty much as follows with a few exceptions: Hatsumi Sensei, Japanese Shihan, long time Japanese residents and world wide Shihan who train regularly in Japan with the Japanese. Followed by those who train with a Shihan or Shidoshi who trains with the Japanese and then well everyone else. That is the pecking order as I see it. If you want the goods you need to be learning from someone who has close ties to Japan and trained and learned the fundamentals from the Japanese. Pretty simple, really!

    I had a little time today so I looked through this thread at all of the videos and while I am not going to comment on all of them but I wanted to comment on some on the ones I liked.

    However, before I do that let me say that there is some thing annoying in the Bujinkan about almost always ripping on anyone not a Japanese Shihan and or Hatsumi Sensei that I personally do not like. But hey it is not just a Bujinkan thing as you find the exact same thing going on in other systems like Silat and the Filipino Martial Arts which I am very familiar with. The best videos from the Bujinkan obviously come from Hatsumi Sensei and clearly then followed by video footage from the Japanese Shihan but there are other people out there who have some good video footage. Is it perfect? No, but then you can always find some flaw with anyone if enough video footage is shot. For instance there is some great footage out there of Rhonda Rousey doing her thing. (she has spectacular judo) but there is also some footage where she is not performing that great. This is pretty natural! Every one of us has flaws both in life and in our martial technique. This includes everyone....

    Now off my soap box and onto the videos I like in this thread:

    Personally I like Duncan Stewart's work and no surprise then it is followed by Kaceem Zoughari's video work. (the only question I have on Kaceem is his iai I just want to see more and in person) The bigger question after stating that, is why would I pick out their videos first? Well besides their technique which is really good they are both athletic men. Okay, I am athletic and I like watching movement by athletic people. I hate watching footage of young men moving like old men. So that has a lot to do with why I like their movement and their videos!

    Similarly if I were to go outside the Bujinkan to the Jinenkan I like Adam Mitchel's video work. Once again he has good technique but is athletic.

    In the Genbukan I like Coleman's video footage. Once again because he is athletic with decent technique.

    This is some of my own personal bias.

    Off this thread I like video footage that I have of Doron Navon and Mark O'Brien. Not able to post them or I would but anytime someone is in Vegas you are welcome to come and watch them.

    I also of course like everything by Hatsumi Sensei and the Japanese Shihan. I especially like the Densho series shot at various classes. (just straight up teaching) Personally I like the private video footage I have of some of the Japanese Shihan especially Noguchi Shihan, Nagato Shihan and Shiraishi Sensei. Once again I would post them but that would be a breach of trust but your welcome to watch them here in Vegas.

    Densho video promo example: [ame=""]Hatsumi Bujinkan Dojo Teachings - YouTube[/ame]

    I think it is very easy to get caught up slagging on someone and let's try to keep this very good video thread moving forward on what is good out there and keep the bad videos in the bad video thread! If someone posts a video let's try to find the positives in it!
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    Ok now looking at it my impression of the up and down has changed a bit. The up and down I was talking about, with regards to level changes, is not what this guy is doing. He seams to be breaking his own kamae. Level changing should be used for a reason, not as a transitional movement. You screw up your own power generation. It looks as if he has a ITF back ground as they do that kind of Sine wave movement.

    OK from 1.05 to about 1.11 I liked the counter he executed. Unlike many things he does, it appeared to not be overly complicated. Which seams to be a pattern with bad Taijutsu videos. Crap that cant be pulled off due to way to much movement and over complication.

    I noticed he bends over a lot. I don't like that.

    There is no intent, or hell even a hint of power or anything in his Ukes movements. If im asked to punch my instructor I Punch him, not move my hand out in his general direction slowly...

    I like 2.08-2.10, I can see that happening. It looks like a viable displacement. I have seen something vague similar in mma sparring. Get him to through a cross, parry and explode in, get the whizzer and take down. Now he isn't using a whizzer, but gripping aside I see it as viable. He also screwed around at the end, which I don't like, he could and should have just kicked his leg out instead of leading him around like a dog on a leash.

    2.22 -2.26 I don't see, uke isn't doing anything. Wouldn't take much to shut that down. Hard to describe how id do it, but it would involve some circle stepping and a left hook to clinch and possible hip toss.

    248- 252 Now he is doing this on the wrong attack, but this is not bad. I can see this working on a haymaker. As I have practiced takedowns from the rear after ducking haymakers. He needs to add some kind of attack to the leg from back there, or some thing. He is doing nothing to affect balance other then grabbing the chin.

    I am beginning to think this belonged in the bad video thread..
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    in the video, there is another japanese teaching AFTER noguchi. this might be the one hannibal is referring to.
  7. Brian R. VanCis

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    That would be Shiraishi Sensei.
  8. Please reality

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    [ame=""]Bujinkan Wales Manchster Israel Groups1987 - YouTube[/ame]

    Some good, some bad(oni kudaki for example). Even a great teacher can have not so great students. For 87, lot of information.
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  9. gapjumper

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    There's some odd vids in the "recommended" list.

    Topless push-ups in jeans anyone?
  10. Dunc

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    This is some good footage [ame=""]YouTube[/ame]

    Nice to see the shihan teaching
  11. Pretty In Pink

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    This looks like kali (from the 4:00 mark) just done a lot slower.
  12. Pretty In Pink

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    Cheers Simon.
  13. raaeoh

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    I see the Similarities, as well. Is kali just the philapene version of ninjutsu? it kind of makes sense that they would be similar based on the the oppressive regimes that they both grew from. I now have a new found interest in the ninja. Thanks Chadderz. I already have enough on my plate. ;)
  14. Please reality

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    [ame=""]Bujinkan Ninjutsu from the 1970s - YouTube[/ame]

    Old school with cool 70s music and sound effects.
  15. JibranK

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    Why do so many people add music to otherwise decent videos? For instance, the hard rock that plays through the Kacem clips that get posted here (which take away from the movement and make it hard to hear what he's saying) or equally bad the mood music that plays during his interview clips.
  16. Pretty In Pink

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    Personal expression. They think "oh that's so bad-ass!" And decide to stick it in their videos. You could always watch with the sound off, although I imagine that's harder wen watching interviews :p
  17. FunnyBadger

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    Then you get to play be silly subtitles game :)
  18. Hannibal

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    Not technique video as such, but some interesting footage of a VERY young Hatsumi doing a TV Spot on Kuji Kiri

  19. Please reality

    Please reality Back to basics

    [ame=""]SÅke and Doron Navon Sensei - YouTube[/ame]

    Good food for thought, and also helps dispel some misconceptions about what is and isn't in the curriculum. If only Danny and Doron had beaten Hayes to the punch, things would've turned out a lot different. Even now, the evolution of the arts in Israel(though they have their own unique issues as well) is much more realistic and applicable than what is seen in other countries. Wonder why?

    [ame=""]Ninjutsu-Akademie Hamburg Interview Dani Waxman Part 1 - YouTube[/ame]
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    Ok. I found a video. I like it because it APPEARS to be a bit more free form. Now the video is labeled sparring, but its not really. More of freestyle feeding from the uke. However It looked a bit more applicable, more like what I imagine it would look like under the microscope of pressure.(however small that pressure was)

    I like how you could see the prinicpals of what he was doing in the kata, and how it came out, in the more free form drill. Sure it was uglier in the free feeding drill, but lets face it, most usages of martial arts in a real fight will look ugly.

    [ame=""]Bujinkan: From Kata to Sparring Applications - YouTube[/ame]

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