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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by belltoller, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. InkyTommy

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    This is a good routine! I might mean..."borrow" it from you.

    I also skipped rope today by not doing it.:D
  2. belltoller

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    Not mine to loan. Half is StrongLifts, the other half goes to Harry and Mat.

    Skip the skipped skip-rope today jokes, please ;)
  3. belltoller

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    Spent half the session un-stiffifying myself with palms to floor/back between feet stretches - very difficult to do as I get older but nothing seems to limber me as such.
    1/2 mile jog.
    A few, slow walking, alternating lunges, deltoid, pectoral stretches alternating with several yogaish poses done slowly as well as laterals and squats going into single legs (used to pull these off without thinking)
    I'd not had much time going into my session and the warm-ups pretty well did me in to about 10 minutes.
    We has what we has.
    No time to wraps hands, so donned the bag gloves for two 3min 30 second rest "burn outs" which started out on the 70lb canvas but soon switched to the 150lb MT - as the heavier bag doesn't move as I have it stationary and offers a more satisfying target for such.
    After the last 30 second rest, I went immediately to the 10 lb slam ball - I was very, very winded and unable to breath well after the 6 minute hard speed drill on the bag and tried not to think too hard about how I was going to hold together through the next 20 minutes of planned masochistic activity.
    My original script was to do 10 reps with a high-jump after each ball-slam - but I had to abandon the jump for lack of O2.
    30 second rest (do we cheat by bending over a little slower to pick up the slam ball?)
    30 lb Slam Ball

    10 reps with high jump
    I must have cheated on the 10lb slam - not quite as winded going into the 30lb - enough to force a jump, of sorts after the slam - I never cheat on pile driving the pliable rubber ball into the mats - always go 100% but the jumps ... meh... glad I warn't filming this for posterity.

    Whoa, I'm outta shape...

  4. belltoller

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    A bit of dynamic stretching: 8 - 10 reps each routine. Warm up consisted of going outside and cutting back wildly overgrown hedgerows and in the near 100 F heat and vampid humidity, it didn't take long to warm up.
    rotating laterally left to right
    forwards and sideways flexion
    Arm Swings

    Hip Rotation

    Done similarly as back squats (sans barbell) except the squats are done quite slowly with the idea of controlled breathing and elongation of muscle
    One of my favourites. Again, slowly with focus on breathing and elongation of movement.
    Double and Single Leg Bounces
    Something I've had a mind to work on for some time since the doctor had found some oddities with my ankle reflexes - and a bit of a LNMD scare.
    Leg Swings
    Cross body flexion
    Forwards, backwards

    A bit of a bore, actually. I need to revamp the whole thing - I know there's better routines out there. Just a matter of sparring the time to go hunt 'em down.

    Bodyweight Routines​
    Push Ups (15, 11, 10) Couldv'e done quite a bit more here but my pull-ups are weak and I'd wanted to conserve for them - can't say as to the merits of this approach

    Situps (20, 15, 10) I do support the lower spine via clasping my hands behind the tailbone

    Pullups (3 + 2 slow negatives + 1 negative for last set)
    Negatives are essentially the let-down ( droll ) portion of the pullup done via using a ladder to reach the bar ( my dead hang bar is mounted on ceiling joists which are 10 feet high ) holding on for as a slow and controlled descent as possible until arms are fully extended and body is fully lowered...legs dangling in the air.

    I'd thought for a moment to climb up onto the gym rings but thought better of it as I was fairly well taxed by the pullups as it went.

    Obligations had me to curtail my efforts a bit early but at least I was able to get in three sets of those routines that I did manage to get to.

  5. belltoller

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    of treacherous trail running in the insufferable southern US heat and humidity with Lazy Sod.


    Lunges 10 reps per side
    This time with a twist - literally [​IMG]

    Fly pushups 10 reps each arm
    tougher than they look [​IMG]
    Kitty push
    Just seeing if you were paying attention

    Knees to chest (approximately 40 metre's worth)
    This is one my son's football team does

    Jump Squats 10 reps
    These can be considered a non stretching exercise in their own right. The difference is the slow, deliberate method and the time taken in between reps
    Scapular Wall Slides 2X10

    Squat (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 25kg, (1X5) 30kg (5X5) 32.5kg

    Bench Press (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 25kg, (1X5) 30kg(5X5) 32.5kg

    Dead Lift (1X8) 20kgm (1X5) 30kg (5X5) 35kg
    I skipped an additional 2.5kg increment and went with 5. I've also bypassed several 2.5kg increments with the other weights as when one factors in the constant plate changing its begining to eat up quite a bit of time.

    I must get a Squat Rack/power rack. The rack on my bench is of a good quality but it is adjustable only to a degree.

    Had to leave off the planned barbell row due to commitments and time constraints. As well as having to leave off the post-lift static-cling I'd planned.

    Here we go again :rolleyes:

  6. InkyTommy

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    Pretty fly for an old guy!

    Seriously...very impressive workout which I will steal.
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    Crikey Quazimodo, I just had a go at those. They're harder than they look for sure!

    I think I'll be doing these more often :)
  8. belltoller

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    Funny, I was thinking to scratch the sods off my chalboard altogether after that last session. No fun, they were.
  9. belltoller

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    Had an hour or so of basketball with Belltoller Jr #1 - otherwise, today was spent digging and leveling trenches, stone-work and putting in fences for the house.

    Here in the States, and in particular, the SE, the front-gardens often being near the dimensions of a small farm, it entails quite a bit of work in the abominable Southern heat.

    I was definitely more knackered than had I spent the equivalent time lifting.

    So, I suppose it qualies for a log.
  10. belltoller

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    Skip Rope 1min normal, 30 second sprint, 1min normal
    Dynamic Stretching: All one minute in duration. Focus on slow movement
    Squats with dowel
    Arm/shoulder rotations
    Lunges (with a twist)
    Goose Stepping
    You know ... [​IMG]... The trouble being Lazy Sod - the dog - thought it an invitation to play and would try to catch my foot in his mouth every step :rolleyes:
    Agility Heel Flicks

    Since Heraclius and Sloth derive much enjoyment at the spectacle of belltoller flogging hisselfs, I thought I would continue the self-flagellation theme for a bit longer.
    I'd planned to spend a good 30 - 40 minutes on the speedbag, double-end and heavy bags but ... life interferes ... had to cut it down to 3 minutes of


    MT 150lb Heavy Bag
    Burn Out (Rapid 1-2's as fast as possible with as much force as possible) 3 minutes

    Yeah baby, yeah. And I'll bet youse thought belltoller be like ...

  11. belltoller

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    ^^^^ yeah, visually, its a little busy, innit?


    I'm getting farther and farther behind on logging. Things have gotten busy.

    In the interest of time, I will omit the day's pre-workout static movements as well as omit the post-session static stretching.

    Squat (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 30kg, (5X5) 35kg

    Bench Press (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 30kg, (5X5) 35kg

    Dead Lift (1X8) 20kgm (1X5) 30kg (5X5) 40kg

    Barbell Row (1X8) 20kg, , (1X5) 25kg, (5X5) 30kg
  12. InkyTommy

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    Ach, laddie! Apparently in the time ah've been awey, you workoot's changed to fightin' goats and silly walks!

    Hoot man! Good show!
  13. belltoller

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    Cross-training, it be. Gotta mix up one's punches. ;)
  14. belltoller

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    Neck rotations

    Arm/shoulder Rotations
    Hip/Leg rotations
    Walking and Staircase Lunges
    Double/Single Leg Bounces
    Learnt those from watching Bethe Correia do her entrance - hoot! [​IMG]
    Bodyweight Routines

    Push Ups (15, 15, 10)

    Situps (20, 18, 11)

    Pullups (3 + 2 slow negatives + 1 negative for last set)

    10lb Slamball
    (10, 10, 10)
    30lb Slamball (with jump at end) (10, 5, 3)
    which is this plus this[​IMG][​IMG]
  15. belltoller

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    08.08.15 (marvelous, I'm only two weeks behind on logging now)

    Again, omitting pre-lifting dynamics and post-static stretches in the log but they eat up the majority of my actual time :(

    Squat (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 30kg, (5X5) 37.5kg

    Bench Press (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 30kg, (5X5) 37.5kg

    Dead Lift (1X8) 20kgm (1X5) 30kg (5X5) 42.5kg

    Barbell Row (1X8) 20kg, , (1X5) 30kg, (5X5) 32.5kg

    Overhead Press (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 30kg, (5X5) 35kg
  16. belltoller

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    Dynamic movements and static stretches omitted here for sake of time.

    2 X 3min rounds - good tempo and rhythm throughout
    Double End Bag

    3 X 3min rounds - not exhausting but this is one that taxes one's footwork and timing.
    150lb MT Bag
    2 2min rounds 30 sec rests

    70lb Canvas Bag
    3 3min rounds 30 sec rests

    Completely, utterly exhausted - more-so knackered than doing 15 rounds more intensely months ago - concerned the leaking atrial valve is beginning to worsen - I'd neglected to keep my last cardiologist appt - not really wanting to know, I suppose.
  17. belltoller

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    Squat (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 35kg, (5X5) 40kg

    Bench Press (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 35kg, (5X5) 40kg

    Dead Lift (1X8) 20kgm (1X5) 40kg (5X5) 45kg

    Barbell Row (1X8) 20kg, , (1X5) 30kg, (5X5) 35kg

    Overhead Press (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 35kg, (5X5) 37.5kg

    In a hurry again, will omit dynamics and statics - I promise to begin posting these again as soon as I'm caught up with the logging.

    So far, so good. Weights are still ridiculously low, so no problems - but I'm keen on going slow to acclimate my body before diving off the weight-cliff.
  18. InkyTommy

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    Just remember...she got knocked out in 19 seconds.

    Otherwise...that's a mighty fine workout you got going on there, feller.
  19. belltoller

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    Ah...I put that in for comedic effect. That little toddler-like skip/hop; whatever it was. How I feel on ungainly days.
  20. belltoller

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    Hamstring stretch

    Quad stretch
    Back of thigh stretch
    Shoulder stretchs

    Achilles stretch
    Back stretch (via rotating trunk, leveraging arm(s))
    Pectoral stretch

    Body Weight Routines/Cardios

    1 mile jog
    (nearly 100% humidity - horrid)

    Pull Ups (3, 2, 2)

    Push Ups (15, 15, 11)

    Situps (20, 20, 18)

    30lb Slamball (with jump at end of slam) (10, 10, 5)

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