The first black president has died! (RIP Blowfly)

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    No, not Obama, that imposter, the true first black president, Blowfly!

    Clarence Reid/Blowfly sadly passed away today at the age of 76. Probably unknown to most on MAP, but the guy was a soul legend. Reid also performed as his alter ego,Blowfly, doing very sexually explicit and hilarious material of his own and covers of soul, pop and R&B hits.

    I was fortunate to see him live a couple of years back; a fantastic, weird and disturbing performance. He even dedicated a song, The Booty Bus, to the "fat girl at the back", which had to be my girlfriend as she was the only fat girl at the back! :)

    Not going to get away with posting any of Blowfly's filthy songs (First Black President is great) on MAP but here's Reid.

    [ame=""]Clarence Reid - Masterpiece - YouTube[/ame]

    The hilarious Blowfly.

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