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  1. wayofthedragon

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    Wing Chun
    Northern Praying Mantis
    Southern Praying Mantis
    Choy Li Fut
    Tai-Chi Chuan (Wu Family Style)
    Bak-Hoo Pai (White Crane)
    Bak-Fu Pai (White Tiger)
    Eagle Claw
    Ng Ga Kuen (Five Family System)
    Ny Ying Ga (Five Animal System)
    Bak Mei Pai (White Eyebrow)
    Northern Shaolin
    Southern Shaolin
    Bok Pai
    Law Horn Kuen
    Chin Na
    Monkey Style
    Drunken Style
    Western Fencing (Foil)
    Western Boxing
    Western Wrestling
    Filipino Sikaran
    Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

    :eek:I didn't know all of that made up Bruce Lee's Jeet kune do:eek:
  2. YODA

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    Cool - now tell me what he took from each :D
  3. wayofthedragon

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    Now that I can't tell you without some more research and searching:D Help anyone???
  4. YODA

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    Here's another one for you ----- does it matter what HE took from where?

    Surely JKD is more about what YOU can do and what YOU can use from any art that you have access to?
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    Hi people!

    My name is John, i'm an instructor for Morne Swanepoel's JKDU High Performance Street fighting.

    jkdu = Jeet Kune Do Unlimited

    I attented one of Sifu Burton Richardson's seminars a while back and in the seminar one of his topics of discussion was that he often refer to the "u" in "jkdu" as "you" and not "unlimited"
    What he meant with that is exactly what yoda said: the style is 100% about you and how you can grow with it.

    Great comment Yoda!!

  6. wayofthedragon

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    True......Thanx Yoda:D I understood that though, though I really wasn't thinking of all that at the time....;) I was just wanted to bring up the original format that Bruce used, and although those are what was listed, I'm sure he probally incorparated much more into it. For, if it was just stop at those 27 different styles, then we would not be finding our own way, only copying Bruce Lee. That is not as JKD should be....With JKD, it is all about being yourself....being original....being unique. Excellent points. I agree..... I just wanted to bring up the topic, and see how we all would discuss it. I think it is very interesting.
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  7. YODA

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    Yes -I agree. The mix of elemst sis interesting. Do you think there is/was an even split between those elements or could there be maybe 80% made up from only a few with the rest making up only 20%

    What do you think?
  8. wayofthedragon

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    I have no idea how Bruce did it, or what he took from each, or anything like that. I think He's the only guy who'd know that if I'm not mistaken. I'd have to do more research to find all that out. But as has been brought out earlier......

    It really doesn't matter....My JKD, does not contain all of these elements, and I'm sure no ones JKD contains the same element as another, because all of us are different individuals and with different approaches. With different ways of fighting.....

    But to just try and answer the question anyway, I'm sure it was not an even split at all. It couldn't have been, because Bruce didn't master all of those styles. Though he may have had a good deal of knowledge from each (I really don't know) Yet even so, he was still growing and learning new things still...

    Just as we must do....There will always be things to improve up on...

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