The difference between biscuits and cookies!?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Sam, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Sam

    Sam Absent-ish member

    Bear with me I'm a random mood.

    I have spent this afternoon making peanut butter biscuits (yes they are lovely thank you for asking). My first batch of peanut butter fail biscuits didn't go so well. They had a distinctly unbiscuit like texture but were, what I would class as a cookie since cookies don't crumble but biscuits do, my sister however disagrees and claims cookies and biscuits are one and the same.

    I know I know. Its a preposterous claim that bears no root in truth I hear you cry.

    So Mappers I put this to you, in the hope that you will help me disprove such harsh untruths - Is there a difference between cookies and biscuits or are they one and the same?

    (If you side with me I will give you one of my peanut butter fail biscuits)
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  2. tom pain

    tom pain I want Chewbacc for good

    Have you not seen 'Bruce Almighty'?

    "And that's the way the cookie crumbles..."
  3. Sam

    Sam Absent-ish member

    No. No, NO!

    Cookies do NOT crumble. Cookies are mooshy. Biscuits crumble.
  4. callsignfuzzy

    callsignfuzzy Is not a number!

    I'm sorry... random mood?

    Moods only last a short time, m'dear.

    And I vote "one and the same".
  5. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    An advertising agency
  6. Sam

    Sam Absent-ish member

    Less of it - I only ask important questions that will benefit society as a whole. If we can clearly define what makes a biscuit a biscuit then I beleive the world will be better off for our efforts and future generations shall thank us.

    Also you're wrong. Accept it.

    I'm worried that if I keep replying everyone will realise I'm a little insane.
  7. Fish Of Doom

    Fish Of Doom Will : Mind : Motion Supporter

    yes they're different, but i find myself completely unable to express said difference in words.

    thus they are both by definition ineffable snacks. i have spoken.

    btw, considering the spanish terms for both, i'd say that biscuits, for example, can be non-sweet, while cookies are always sweet, although it could be said that a cookie is a typre of biscuit.
  8. CosmicFish

    CosmicFish Aleprechaunist

    Cookies are American, biscuits are English.

    Anyone who disagrees with me gets smacked over the head with a loaf of dwarf bread.
  9. Spinmaster

    Spinmaster Valued Member

  10. Sam

    Sam Absent-ish member


    GSHAMBROOKE Thats Tarm Sarm

    Hey i just love those moon shaped greek ones with the iceing sugar all over them can you make them.
  12. Sam

    Sam Absent-ish member

    Well my second batch of peanut butter biscuits came out slightly blackened, so I'm going to go with no. No I can't.

  13. Spinmaster

    Spinmaster Valued Member

    Bah! You UKers don't know a biscuit when you see one! ;) Proper biscuits are nice and fluffy, and heavenly when they come with a bowl of my mom's sausage gravy! :D (funny true story, several years ago a couple of my dad's lady co-workers who came from the south brought biscuits and gravy to work, so mum cooked some up for him to take and they refused to believe she wasn't from the south [she was born in OH] 'cause she can cook better sausage gravy then they could!! :D)
  14. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    The question of biscuits and cookies is a very simple, yet complex subject to talk about. But as anything, cookies and biscuits can be whittled down to fighting and its different forms.

    Simply put, cookies and biscuits are very, very much like hard and soft styles of fighting. Do they both deal with combat? Yes. Are they the same ways of dealing with combat? No. So, like hard and soft styles of combat, biscuits and cookies deal within the same realm, but yet are very different. Do both move towards the same goal and are technically the same thing? Yes. Are they both very different in the way they approach the goal that they are designed for? Yes.

    So yes and no are your answers. They are, and are not of the same.
  15. Southpaw535

    Southpaw535 Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    peanut butter cookies!? I havn't had those since I was 7. Why did I lose the recipe...:bang:
    So Sam was correct. well done :cool:
  16. Chimpcheng

    Chimpcheng Yup... Giant cow head... Supporter

    I think in the old days there was a big difference in the martial applications of cookies and biscuits (of course this gave rise to "splinter groups" such as the infamous Garabaldi's), but I think nowadays it is more complex and more to do with religious belief rather than fighting skill.

    Biscuits take the word of the bible as canon and also believe that the baby Jesus was given a "Farley's Rusk" by a fourth wise man (the deity of worship to the offshoot Biscuitfarians sect).

    Of course throughout the ages, Cookies have sought to bury this story through their religious doctrines and ideology, and steadfastly believe that Mary and Joseph sort refuge in the Bethlehem branch of "Millies".

    The differences between biscuit and cookie are vast in number, although their religion tend to blend more with one another in the New Testament. Both believe that at the feeding of the 5,000 there was no loaves of bread, instead there was a mixing bowl with the following ingredients:

    1/2 cup of peanut butter
    1/2 cup of granulated sugar
    1/2 cup of brown sugar
    1/2 cup of butter
    1 egg
    1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
    1 1/4 cup of flour
    1/4 teaspoon of salt
    3/4 teaspoon of baking soda

    Though they then diverge again over the end result - biscuit or cookie...

    Complex it is...
  17. Sam

    Sam Absent-ish member

    This brings me on to another point. How large is half a cup? I have many cups in my house all of a different size. So how do you know how large the cup is of the person making the recipe?

    Honestly people need to be more clearer....
  18. Fish Of Doom

    Fish Of Doom Will : Mind : Motion Supporter

    well, assuming a roughly spherical cup...
  19. Spinmaster

    Spinmaster Valued Member

    Interesting quote from wikipedia comparing scones vs. USA biscuits.

    Also interesting:

  20. Spinmaster

    Spinmaster Valued Member

    btw, Sam, go to the store and tell the clerk you need "measuring cups". I think you'll find various size cups marked "1/2 cup, 1 cup, etc. etc." These are what most people find correspond best to such measurements in recipe books. ;)

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