The Cobra Kai of the FMAs, Pekiti Tirsia (Good or Bad?)

Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by IgitDako, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    Ad Hominem

    There can only be one way to interpret 'cool aid' innuendoes. Don't try to back pedal now. As to the 'newer practitioner' stab, that's why I haven't posted who I am. Again this is not about me, I am speaking in general. Usually when the people are right, others have ran out of arguments, that's when the ad hominems start coming out. Go figure. :cool:

    Like that M. Tim Waid quote, I posted, those techniques (w/out combat testing) will get people killed. That's why it's important to show at any test of skills events. Test it, test it. Why is everyone offended, when essentially all I am pushing is for testing and exposure of fakes.

    More ad hominems. No more gas, I take it. :bang:

    Visit? Advertise? Check if I have a link to a McDojo in my signature. I am merely trying to sell an idea here. The fact that so many have become so rabidly focused on me and not the ideas I'm trying to espouse, is very telling. The solution of showing to the test of skills events is more logical, than your solution of visiting every school out there--which is less realistic. Like I said, show or do not show. Simple. :woo:
  2. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    Greetings Raymund,

    Would you know if any others knew of your visit and more importantly the reason why you were there, other than M. Rommel Tortal? I was told there were plenty of visitors, many just wanted to learn, who were there. Were you able to 'hammer out' a solid plan eventually?

    Again, I commend, you and your mates showing to the Test of Skills event. It seems you were the only ones that showed thus far :rolleyes:. Thank you. :cool:
  3. BakbakanFighter

    BakbakanFighter Valued Member

    Then come and show me ur skill. Or are u "scared". Thanks for ur posts, you have kept me amused for days!
  4. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    and more Ad Hominem

    Why not use all this energy and fear to propel you to the Test of Skills event? You can amuse us there. :woo:
  5. Mananandata

    Mananandata Valued Member

    Is this your illustration of cowering?
  6. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    Will you show?:woo:
  7. Mananandata

    Mananandata Valued Member

    I was not invited.
  8. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    It's a yearly open invitation test of skills, Manny. People should definitely go and sweep away all their bias and politics towards Pekiti Tirsia and GT Gaje. Just go. It will be good for everyone.:cool:
  9. BakbakanFighter

    BakbakanFighter Valued Member

    Fear??? Lol u really are a fool of the highest order. Tell you what, why don't YOU use all your fear and energy to get yourself to me and I will amuse myself with you!

    But then I know u won't as you are just another troll who cowers behind their keyboard lol
  10. Ular Sawa

    Ular Sawa Valued Member

    OK, been reading this thread and also been amused for several days.

    Does IgitDako remind anyone of ptkalista who engaged in some similar nonsense back in 2007 and ultimately got banned? I recall ptkalista even referenced Red Bagani like IgitDako recently did. Or is it too many stick shots to the head that makes these guys write similarly? Hmmm.
  11. Peter Lewis

    Peter Lewis Matira Matibay

    Well spotted Ular Sawa. I remember that very well. This thread has the very same smell to it. Lots of hot air from a person with no name who should be totally ignored.
  12. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    As gay as that sounds, I won't even give that comment any credence. But usually people who run out of arguments resort in throwing challenge matches in the air. Especially since I've stated I am not here for any challenge, I am merely pointing out a trend in the FMAs which is causing quite a lot of instructors to spring up like wild flowers in Spring who are not tested and more importantly, will most likely get their students killed. Cognitive dissonance, look it up.

    :topic: It's a wonder why I'm suddenly at the brunt of these challenge matches, but when the real heavy weights of Pekiti Tirsia come into any forum to offer challenge matches, it's crickets chirping all night long and people are less as courageous. You might want to take a moment to consider that thought.

    Either way, I'm glad Challenge Matches are again in fashion and less taboo. I just hope you guys can encourage the folks in NY to embrace this concept.

  13. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    Ideas are Dangerous when they Cause your Mind to Change

    Yet more ad hominems. Show or do not Show. That's the choice you'll have to live with. If you guys don't like the Pekiti Tirsia venue, then test your might at Mr. Raymund Suba's venue for full contact fighting. Test it before you get students killed. :bang:
  14. Peter Lewis

    Peter Lewis Matira Matibay


    Why are you allowing this clown to advertise and hurl abuse at other members???

  15. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    Abuse? :rolleyes:

    Advertise? :saz:
  16. Simon

    Simon Moved on Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    I am with Peter, I don't know why you are allowed to go on.

    You should go learn before you get yourself killed.

    By the way, have you shown up at these challenge matches.
  17. Ular Sawa

    Ular Sawa Valued Member

    Since you are not denying you are the previously banned ptkalista, it would seem you're just pushing the same old stuff you did years ago. Your act is as tired now as it was then. You do get points for learning a couple of new words though. Very nice.
  18. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    First, you fellas are "amused" by my comments. Now, you want to ban :ban: me for no reason.

    Think why.

    Jesus Christ was crucified because he went against the Pharisees, the established societal order. Think why what I am saying is so offensive to you (because it's not to others). Think.
  19. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    Like I said, more ad hominems, a poor attempt at connecting me with a banned user, in an attempt to get me banned. Read my post above and think why.
  20. BakbakanFighter

    BakbakanFighter Valued Member

    You are rather amusing. You say that i have run out of arguements and resorted to throwing a challenge match in the air and in the next breath talk about PKT heavy weights coming into forums and doing the same. So have they too run out of arguements?

    You clearly are a fool, please message me your address and I will gladly meet you. Or if you are going to a PKT challenge match, maybe I can meet you there? That I would save up for and gladly pay the flight costs just to fight you!

    You are a VERY BAD ADVERTISMENT for PKT, and I were them, I would be ashamed of your actions and suggest you train elsewhere!

    That is of course if you train at all.

    DONT talk about challenge matches being good for the FMA when you are scared to rise to the challenge I give you! ESP as I am not a "heavyweight" as you put it....

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