The Cobra Kai of the FMAs, Pekiti Tirsia (Good or Bad?)

Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by IgitDako, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    When a certain Pekiti-Tirsia practitioner challenged a Modern Arnis Datu for disrespecting GT Gaje. And this Pekiti-Tirsia practitioner gave his name, address and a place to tango, this was an open challenge. Disrespect is a good reason, very old school.

    All the poor Datu did was hit the ignore button, like an ostrich sticking his head in the sand and saying "there's no place like home, there's no place like home". But the damage was done, everyone saw the call out and the cowering. The word cower definitely applies here.

    When somebody calls you out, and you're a head of a system with everyone looking at you, you go yourself or you send your number 1 who matches that challenger's skill and level.

    That's how it's done in the Philippines. Today, they still do it :cool:.
  2. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    to cower

    From the dictionary:

  3. LabanB

    LabanB Valued Member

    Yep, I wasn't having problems with the definition of the word (!!!:) ) it was the context. You said - the fact that everyone cowers when said challenge is announced - and later gave an example of one person avoiding the challenge. Thats what I was disagreeing with.
    Hey, I've been challenged, and then had problems getting the other guy to agree a time and place! In the end he decided it wasn't worth the effort! So I know what Gaje is going through...;-)

  4. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    Putting sub par FMA masters in Check

    I bolded the "shrinking away" part, since I think what that Datu did specifically and what many GMs are doing in general by "shrinking away" from GT Gaje's challenge is cowering. No?

    No one ever mentions it. The yearly open challenge to all GMs and Masters is like the huge elephant in the room, nobody ever talks about it, but everyone knows about, so "shrinking away", seems an appropriate word here.

    Another reason why challenges are good and healthy is this:

    In the Philippines, when you assume the title of GM or start teaching, you get challenged. Although, on an individual level a lot of it can be attributed to ego, establishing the pecking order. The bigger benefit to the wider community is that less instructors will 'spring up' and those who do will be of a better caliber, because of challenges.

    Every GM and Master should assume this responsibility and I commend :cool: you for answering your challenge. Your opponent cowered, now he won't be able to respectfully show his face as an FMA master, because you've put him in check.
  5. tim_stl

    tim_stl Valued Member

    yeah, the only time it ever gets talked about is when ptk-go gets a new student who wants to convince himself that ptk is the best. dig a little deeper into the 'challenge,' ask around in private, and eventually you may understand. there are a multitude of reasons why it would 'never have been answered.' tuhon gaje being the greatest of all times, and everyone being scared of him may be the one you'd like to believe, but that doesn't make it the truth.

    hell, i'm undefeated in blade-fighting challenge matches.

  6. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    Show up OR Shud up

    Excuses are like belly buttons :whistle: , everyone's got one. As for the rest, I won't even dignify it with a response.

    But if you can go toe to toe with PTK's "light sparring", watch video here :cool: :


    then what's keeping you (as in everyone) from doing so? Everyone like to whisper and talk about PTK, but when it comes to show time, crickets chirping everywhere :zzz: . Why?
  7. oosh

    oosh Valued Member

    A couple of guys over at fmaforum turned up for the "test of skill" issued by GT Gaje a few years ago; when they got there it wasn't on, and Mel Tortal didn't know anything about it (said he was a nice guy though, and invited them to join in with their day's training).
  8. tim_stl

    tim_stl Valued Member

    you're right about one thing, igitdako - when it comes to show time, crickets chirping everywhere.

  9. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    Maybe they showed up at the wrong time?
  10. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    Still talking Smack

    Like I said, it's easier to ridicule and poke fun of a great man and his art, but if you're not willing to match action with words, then those words don't really mean anything.

    You're taking one rumored story, and converting it to some sort of testimonial for your inaction.

    If anything, and if there were two who showed up (still not corroborated), I'm sure after sometime with Mel Tortal or Tim Waid, they became converts to the Pekiti-Tirsia system of combat. :Aegis:
  11. tim_stl

    tim_stl Valued Member

    no ridicule of gaje or pekiti tirsia on my part. in fact, i specifically chose my wording to avoid it, since there's no need. he's not the one jumping up and down in this forum proclaiming pekiti the best, or that everyone else is scared of him. instead, i'm ridiculing your lack of intellectual honesty.

    not at all. there are other discussions of this 'challenge' that have taken place that i haven't brought up because i'm not seeking to prop anyone up or drag anyone down. as for my 'inaction,' i'm more than willing to test my skill against any practitioner, from grandmaster to novice. my identity, contact information, and location where i train are at the bottom of every post i make. so, my 'inaction' is more of an inability to afford a trip to the philippines. you willing to donate?

    of course you are. why not ask the men themselves? oosh even told you where to find them.

  12. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    I noticed when most people ridicule Pekiti Tirsia and GT Gaje, they do so with very chosen words. Why is that? That speaks a lot about the fear and cowering of others, IMHO.

    A trip to the Philippines only costs 1,500 and that includes air fare and accommodations for 1 to 2 weeks, depending how you want to spend. Many people in FMA make this trip yearly, not very difficult.

    I checked the forums, and I didn't see who theye were. Anonymity. Don't you think Pekiti Tirsia practitioners would speak of these brave two, when speaking of the Open Challenge yearly invitation.
  13. tim_stl

    tim_stl Valued Member

    since you missed it the first time, i'll repeat myself. i'm ridiculing you, not pekiti or gaje. my words were chosen carefully so that you wouldn't misunderstand them, but apparently it wasn't enough. at this point, if you still insist that i am, it can only be willful.

    since it's not very difficult, i'll pm you my address, and you can mail me a cashier's check for it. deal?

    i'll make it easy for you.

  14. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    Were you not ridiculing the Open Challenge and the fact that no one showed? Your comments are of course veiled but we know what you mean. Ridiculing GT Gaje is a pass time among those who can't (trust me, I know of these circles). As for me, I am not saying anything specific about me, all I am talking of is Pekiti Tirsia and they're positive effects in the FMA community. That's all.

    Why not hit up all the McDojo masters who like to talk crap about GT Gaje behind his back, I see you're close with them. Since they are not interested in answering the challenge specifically pointed at them, I'm sure they'd welcome a champion.

    But this time, if you're going to answer the challenge, call ahead so they can accommodate you. Don't just show up un-announced like those brave souls. Because Pekiti Tirsia practitioners are always busy.
  15. tim_stl

    tim_stl Valued Member

    don't worry, i think you've said just about all anyone needs to know about you.

  16. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    I'm just saying...

    Go ahead ridicule it, because that's a direct quote from GT Gaje himself, inviting you:

  17. LabanB

    LabanB Valued Member

    For someone who is "a new student of Kali" you seem to have made up your mind very quickly as to who is the real deal based on a challenge no one has accepted!

  18. Simon

    Simon Moved on Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    Time to stick my nose in here,but before I go on I agree with Bill, maybe because we have the same GM.

    What a load of rubbish most challenges are.

    Why do you fight?

    Lets say you beat me every day of the week in the gym and in the street. One day you break into my house and threaten my wife and kids. Now we have a totally different scenario, I now don't care if I die trying, but I will fight for all I have and there is no way you will win. So, why do you fight.

    In this or any challenge what is at stake, is it pride, are you fighting till one person gives up or until one dies. If you say the later you have maybe been reading too many history books.

    Do I have to fight with a stick because all the FMA I know incorporates other arts. When I close the range can I bite, eye gauge, when you go down can I stamp on joints and crush them?

    Challenge matches - do me a favour. All a bunch of BS.

    Get good at what you do and you have no fear of anyone else.

    If he turns up at my gym I will shake his hand, ask what I can learn from him, show him what I have and gain a mutal respect, even if the art is not to my choice.
  19. Janno

    Janno Valued Member

    Sorry IgitDako - i've got to stop you there man - a lot of the stuff you are saying is pure speculation, and i honestly don't think you're in a position to cast judgement on anyone. I have a lot of love for PTK, and that's based on the warm reception and sound education given to me when i visited Simon. It had nothing to do with the whole elite LE/Mil thing, or the seemingly very one-sided "challenge," or this Cobra-Kai b*llocks that you reckon exists. In all honesty, i find your attitude to be rather naive, and if it were not for the fact that you've already stated your lack of experience in FMA, it would risk undermining a lot of the positive work done by decent representatives of PTK.

    You speak with a lot of authority about people you've never met and things you've never done. Have you ever had the pleasure of hammering one of these "pretenders" yourself? If not, then maybe you should let the real fighters do the smack-talking. If you intend to start making examples of the fakes, then maybe you should get on and do it instead of prattling away on your keyboard.

    As has been said, a good question is "why do you fight?" - indeed, if it's to see who is the better player, we have tournaments for that. If it's to test your abilities with minimal protection, then we have all kinds of gatherings available (Black Eagle Society is one that springs to mind). If it's to gamble with your personal safety in a real-life environment, then there are all kinds of sh*tholes you can visit to look for trouble. Personally, i only fight if i have to, and i only get nasty with people i don't like. If you reckon an individual's abilities are lacking, then go find them and take a swing. Who knows - they might be total cack. But then, they might not. There is only one true way to find out, and here's a clue: It's got nothing to do with your chief instructor and his standing invitation.

    From what i remember of the Karate Kid movies, one of the most striking things about the Cobra-Kai was that although their instructor was hard as nails, and they had a few good fighters, the ones who always barked the loudest were the snivelling little gimps who would stir up trouble, wear the T-shirt, roll with the crew, but weren't actually much use when push came to shove...

    Go figure! :rolleyes:
  20. IgitDako

    IgitDako Banned Banned

    Well Mayweather doesn't want to fight Pacquiao. It's pretty easy to make up my mind very quickly to who is the real deal there.

    When Pacquiao will announce 'who else wants to fight me?' (an open challenge) plenty will answer I'm sure. If no one answers then I may well feel sorry for all the boxers out there. And I, along with everyone else, will complain about the state of boxing, just like many PTK practitioners are complaining about the state of FMA today, hence the open challenge offered by GT Gaje and Pekiti Tirsia.
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