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    Again ?
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    with more kime.
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    I'm busting into this conversation even though I only read last page of posts. :yeleyes:

    First, in regards to flinch movement in kata. The flinch movement should be hidden in kata. The very first movements that go with a flinch should not be an over reaction, but the minimum movements that protect you and allow you to assess the situation so that you can intuitively respond as needed. For example, with arm going around your neck, the kata would not show: drop the chin and lock the elbow (e.g. turtle), drop weight, protect yourself. But the kata could show all the rest from grabbing arm that is around the neck, elbow striking, maybe even throwing them forward over the top of you, etc. The "turtle to lock the elbow, protect the throat, etc." is not shown in the kata.

    As for the application for that double block movement over the head... what JWT said about an initial downward movement is in line for what I have been taught. Although I can see how that movement has been removed or made more hidden in modern times. For instance, the first movements in Kajukenbo Pinan #9 should look familar:

    [ame=""]Pinan 9 - YouTube[/ame]

    The school above actually is performing the form without the very first part with is a fist into hand strike in front of the groin before raising the hands up. I don't know if they changed the form to drop that movement or their lineage of Kajukenbo did not have that movement. Well in any case, the way I learned first was to drop the weight with a low fist into open palm strike and then move into the raising of the hands.

    An application I was taught was to parry a low attack and at the same time strike the limb of the attacker. Grab the limb and apply a break to it (the break of the limb is the double blocking motion done over the head).

    If there is any indication of a flinch response, it would be against a low attack as I was taught, not a high one for those movements.

    Interesting though, that here is an application for just the high attack, following the sequence like what was shown in the previous video above:

    [ame=""]Kajukenbo Palama # 9 with applications, Part 1 - YouTube[/ame]

    Go to technique #1 starting at 1:51 in the video. Note that the bent arm/shoulder lock application for technique #1 in the video, I have seen before but as taught to me it follows an elbow break done over the head. So the bent arm/shoulder lock in the video would actually come after the straight arm break as taught to me.
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    some nice new clips by didier lupo:

    [ame=""]tekki shodan technique 1 2eme prise le 4 mai 2012 - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=""]tekki shodan technique 1 le 4 mai 2012 - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=""]tekki shodan technique 3 2eme prise le 5 mai 2012 - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=""]tekki shodan technique 3 le 5 mai 2012 - YouTube[/ame]

    (he has a bunch more on his channel working some more t. shodan stuff, some nidan and sandan, as well as nijushiho and kanku dai)

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