The basics of knife "defense"

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    Knife defence:

    1) stay alert
    2) practise running
    3) scream to get attention
    4) use your enviroment - ie. rocks and sticks....i wonder what's more dangerous, knife or me pitching rocks at my attacker at 70mph+
    5) use your words and fight dirty -eg. "please dont hurt me!!!" then proceed to kick his crotch when he's off guard....
    6) know your attacker :D - a homeless man started fighting with a friend of mine, they were in the pushing & shoving stage when my buddy decided that he did not want to fight a homeless man - armed with a squeegie. LOL
    So what does my friend do?? offers the man a beer ... and things go smoothly from there on.
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  3. Hannibal

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    Err..the knife.

    Fairly obvious really
  4. orcslayer

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    If somebody pulls out a knife shoot him with a gun. If you cant do that throw something at him and then run!
  5. shootodog

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    if you have the distance to shoot. any good knifer worth his salt can breech 12 ft on a pistol and knife the shooter. we've proven this time and time again (once against a police speedshooter using a paintball marker and the knifer using a felt tipped permanent marker). if you're going to have to shoot the knifer, make sure you're out of the effective knife attack distance (to be safe, get outside of 14 ft.) when we teach shooters to fire on a knifer, we teach them to run away 1st to get the distance then shoot.

    you could try that, but it depends on the knifer's recovery time. at best it gives you half a second to a second lead time. i don't know if that's enough to run away and not be knifed at the back.

    some people carry pepper powder or chili powder that they deploy on to the face of the attacker. these irritants will give you up to 30 to 40 seconds lead time to run.
  6. tolchocker

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    my immature response to this topic is to wink at your assailant as you tap your stab-vest and pull your machete out of your belt. :woo:
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    how's this?
  8. Fishbone.

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    Krav maga owns for that sort of thing, but admittedly nothing is going to make you dodge bullets if it was a firearm.
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  9. shootodog

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    km eh? have you ever tried km? [ame=]senshido seminar for krav maga finland[/ame]
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  10. Adrian22

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    For me, that can be too technical. When the adrenaline is flowing, or if you have alcohol in your blood, or if you are not proficient, then there is too much to go wrong. Simple techniques like kicks to the knees that give you that second to get away and get help are always good techniques. My 7th dan grandmaster tends to say "kick them in the balls and run away."

    What i'm trying to say is that whatever works for you is good self defence. However, if you are not supremely confident of your abilities and willing to take the risk of injury then it's better to hand over your wallet and walk away. Better your money than your life.
  11. oosh

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    Nice clip Shooto, I like Dimitri's approach.
  12. shootodog

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    [ame=]knife tapping[/ame]
  13. Smitfire

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    After trying to avoid, escape, capitulate and/or pre-emptively strike (the first options in ANY physical encounter) I've condensed my approach to physically defending against a knife into a handy acronym...

    C.U.T.S. (as that's what you're gonna get no matter what)

    C stands for "Capture and Control". Get a hold of that weapon bearing limb and control it. Every second you DON'T control it is another five chances that you'll get killed. Controlling asap seems logical to me. Doesn't matter what technique or grip you use as long as it diminishes the ability to stab you multiple times. Chances are you won't be able to decide that anyway. Get what you can.

    U Stands for "Unload and Unbalance". Once you've controlled the limb unload on the guy. Put him into a prey mindset. Put him on the back foot. Needless to say use all your aggression and ferocity. Pay particular attention to breaking his balance (either through a stunning head shot or low line kicks) to set up the next stage. Anything goes here, bites, eye gouge anything.

    T stand for "Takedown and Take him out". Build upon stage two to a finish. Stop this guy being a threat. A hefty takedown or major KO shot. However you do it put this mofo down.

    S stands for "Stomp, Scarper and Seek medical help". Stamp on this dude. A stamp to the hands/arms will effect his knife holding. A stamp to the leg joints will effect his ability to get up again. A stamp to the chest/neck or head could be majorly debilitating or even fatal. Then run away. Not in a blind panic but in a controlled retreat. Then check yourself over for cuts, probably take a trip to casualty (ER) and report the attack to the police (anonymously if you think you've REALLY hurt the guy or in person if not).

    That sums it up for me.
  14. shootodog

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    [ame=]senshido zombie training[/ame]. just to keep it on topic, there's a knife defense segment at the end.
  15. oosh

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    Nice, I've just ordered The Shredder - I've heard good things from quite a few FMAists about Dimitri.
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    Hello... sorry if I sound like a novice here (I am, though).

    But, my basic instinct with a knife fight is to look for an object (bin, log, pipe, spanner, hammer, etc) and apply directly to either the attackers chest or forehead with a full bodied throwing action.

    If no object is around, I would preform a behind the knee kick and then stomp the attacker's stomach area with my heel.

    Or, try a neck break on the guy... but that's risky.
  17. shootodog

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    welcome to the madhouse.

    good instinct. arming yourself could deter the attack further.

    good choice of target area. though people react better the closer it is to eye level. i tend to keep mine below the chin or at a belly thrust. the delay in detection could mean a delay in reaction.

    not good. if you miss, it opens you up to major couynter attack. bad call here.

    ??? then you assume that you can get around the knife. kicking against a knife means exposing your femoral artery to the possibility of being sliced open. this is a bleed out waiting to happen. sorry. too risky.

    that would assume that you've bridged the gap without getting stabbed and slashed and that you've taken the knife out of the equation. if you have nullified the knife, why the need to kill the attacker?
  18. RandomTriangle

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    The reason i like Krav Maga's defense against knife attacks is because they are they are the same as KM's punch defenses. KM assumes you will NEVER see the knife (in attacks, not knife threats).

    They train to try to use a simultaneous counter attack with the defense so you’re not waiting for your opportunity to cause damage. It assumes you're slower than your attacker. So if your attacker tries faking you out you're NOT chasing the knife hand. You're punching at their jaw as you attempt the first block, even if they move their arm in a second direction. Your direct attack should get there before their indirect attack gets to you.

    Training knife attacks where the attacker has headgear, mouth guard, boxing glove on one hand, a metal (dull) knife with red lipstick on it, and the defender has full fight gear COMPLETELY changes everything.

    It helps create the "even if i F' up the defense i'm STILL going to punch" mentality. What's REALLY great is if you can create an "exit," an area across the room that represents safety if you can reach it.
  19. NamSagoon

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    Just remember never to take a knife lightly. just because you have been practicing with a rubber knife that does not mean you are ready for the real thing. Getting sliced is no small matter.
  20. RandomTriangle

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    i think the whole "Comply if you can... be aware of your surroundings... use an improvised weapon... run if you can...etc" goes without saying.

    As i previously said MY issue is that i don't believe i'd ever see the knife. I treat EVERY PUNCH like it's a knife attack.

    It's easy to say "i'd use an improvised weapon against a knife," but if the attacker is using a push dagger (which would make it look like he is punching, NOT stabbing at you) you probably would try to fight "fair."

    How many of you would use an improvised weapon against a "punch?"

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