Tescao anyone?

Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by totto, Feb 10, 2008.

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    I am looking to join a new school and get back into the swing of martial arts. I have some experience in tae kwan do, capoiera and a little bit of kung fu. Anyone know much about this art? I tried using the search function but it does not seem to work for me, otherwise sorry if there is a thread already posted about this style. Anyone currently learning this art? I know it's pretty rare but it sounds cool and not as traditional as others. Let me know what you all think!
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    I thought at first you were talking about the supermarket! :)

    Until I found this. Looks like a pretty good martial art for self defense. You should go check it out.

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  4. IMAS

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    In UK it is tetsudo the way of Tetsura.


    In China, Tebetian martial arts are Lion's Roar, Lama Pai, Tibetan White Crane, and Hop Gar. They are also in the UK
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    If it seems like a good system,fine.As to the historic authenticity I'm rather skeptical about supposed Tibetan systems. The fact that a non-Tibetan,"Yuri N. Monkhoev is the only living legacy of the Tescao system in the world. " doesn't inspire confidence in the historical claims.

    It's quite speculative whether there was any actual descent from Tibetan sources in these systems. At any rate,they're not considered anything other than Chinese systems nowadays. They're certainly never referred to as Tibetan MAs in the CMA community.Unless maybe some individual is trying to tap into the current popularity of all thing$ Tibetan.

    For some reason the Atlanta link didn't work.

    Seriously though,folks.Tibet was taken by China in the 1950s.Ever wonder why there was virtually NO mention of Tibetan MAs (not counting the supposed historical origins of the systems IMAS mentioned) until the later 1980s and after-after Tibetan Theraveda Buddhism and the Dalai Llama became very,very popular in the West?

    Don't get me started on the supposed Tibetan T'ai Chi,which seems just another slo-mo something-or-other and a blatant ca$h in on TC's popularity. Like there isn't enough crap TC around as it is.
  6. Nojon

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    Interesting. Found a few vids. At first glance, the strength video seemed like Russian type exercises with Bright shiny Tibetan colors.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TelMvfMhOZc"]Tescao explosive strength and power training for martial arts - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FA2IwvYPkM"]Tescao - Martial Art Weapon Training - YouTube[/ame]
  7. Hannibal

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    Ok so we can safely state that the weaponry defence sucks.

    Loose mechanics and terrible form (esepcially teh godawful sowrd at the beginning), overly flowery and potentially lethally failing defences against compliant uke and wet lettuce attacks and no engagement or pressure eithr in the application or teh mechanics

    A shame becuase the workout stuff looked pretty good
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  9. IMAS

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    The Tibetan White Crane became very well known in 1954 with the fight in Macau between Tai Chi Quan Grandmaster Ng and Crane Boxing Grandmaster Chan. One can look up the video clip in Youtube.
  10. IMAS

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    More information on Lama (martial art) is available in wikipedia. It is quite unique compare to Chinese Martial Arts, even it has been in China for a long time.
  11. Hannibal

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    Well known for what an absolute embarrassment that fight was - it was pathetic
  12. Ben Gash CLF

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    Apparently Chan Hak Fu completely restructured his training after the fight and started doing more San Da like stuff.
    The thing that shocks me with that fight is that neither man appears to have any defence!
  13. Nojon

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    Is that the b&w video with both men doing the "falling trees" at each other?
  14. Hannibal

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    Yip - disgracefully poor and one reason many of the tales of past masters can be considered unreliable at best
  15. IMAS

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    You are right, what is the point of having lineage to past masters. Once I thought Bruce Lee had some lineage to Ng or Wu style Taijiquan with his idea of formless, like water, etc. But I was wrong in any case. I did ask around and no body confirm from whom his father learnt Wu style Taijiquan. However I was told that his father did learnt from a master of Yiquan, may be this where the idea of formless like water came from.
  16. Dan93

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    Why are they using a Japanese Katana! Saw some workable stuff but the majority of the weapon defences were plain wrong IMO. Sacrifice roll with a knife weilding assailant, no thanks, attempting to kick away a stick strike at that range is also begging for a smashed ankle.

    Fitness vid looked fun through, no sure I would roll with a kettle bell through, gonna hurt if it slips.


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  17. IMAS

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    Lama Kung Fu came to China in the middle of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). They condition their nails, fingers and knuckles for fighting and for fighting, and they practice a lot of joint striking. If you are interested you can look up hop gar training by Sifu Chris Heintzman in youtube, he sort of showing different ways to condition the limbs. So, it is kind of interesting to compare with other Tibetan Martial Arts.
  18. IMAS

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    Hop Gar at a Hong Kong Wushu Competition:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDMUX07cSF4"]第三å屆全港公開國術群英會-俠家å°ç¾…æ¼¢ - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8btyiuEN3s"]第三å屆全港å¬é–‹åœ‹è¡“群英會-ä¿ å®¶æ£ - YouTube[/ame]
  19. Ben Gash CLF

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    What other Tibetan martial arts? Lama Pai, Hop Gar and Pak Hok are different schools of the same system. AFAIK Lion's roar is not extant and is anyway the root art of Lama.
  20. Waldgeist

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    From a juggling/fire twirling point of view, a lot of that stick work is pretty cool. I'm definitely going to try to be trying some of those spins out tomorrow. Not so sure about the combat effectiveness though, but it might just be a dexterity drill of some kind.

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