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Discussion in 'Karate' started by D4T4, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. D4T4

    D4T4 New Member

    Hi, Just found out that Terry O'Neills Fighting Arts magazine is to make a comeback. This time new issues will be available in electronic pdf format, as well as an archive of all the orignal articles.

    It has a yearly subsciption or pay per issue, the site is at http://www.terryoneills-fai.com what do you think is it worth it? I didn't subscribe to the original mags were they any good?
  2. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    For the time I thought they were excellent.

    I'll be interested to see how they turn out.
  3. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    FAI was an excellent magazine - I have almost a complete collection from Vol 1 No.1 back in the early seventies.

    I also have a few of the magazines that Terry worked on prior to FA - Karate magazine 1969 etc.

    Yes - the Yodarchives are well stocked :p
  4. Scaramouch

    Scaramouch Lost Soul

    Yes, I agree FAI was a very good magazine.

    The only question I would have regards the cost. As it is planned to be a digital only version you don't get the chance to scan through it as you would a hardcopy mag in the shop. And at £5 a pop (or £12 for 4 issues per year) I'd like to be able to see what I'm getting.
  5. Pacificshore

    Pacificshore Hit n RUN!

    I agree with everyone. It was one of the better magazines out there. It would be worth the subscription if the new version was like the old :cool: .
  6. koyo

    koyo Passed away, but always remembered. RIP.

    I used to contribute to terry's magasine and have bound copies of every issue. In depth and unprejudiced articles. I am delighted to hear it is making a comeback.

    Great editor great karateka and all round great guy. I wish him all success..It's about time.

    regards koyo
  7. Dear Koyo,

    Apologies. Unfortunately, the info on the link I posted is quite old (I didn't think it would be a good idea to start a new one, so resurrected this one).
    I was wondering if anyone had heard any recent info on the plans to start the magazine up again (albeit in electronic format) and make past articles available in pdf format.

    I did noticed that you were a contributor from this link:
    There are so many well respected contributors listed here that it would be a real shame if the articles were unavailable. The website here appears to sell back copies, but without a list of contents, it's not particularly useful.
  8. koyo

    koyo Passed away, but always remembered. RIP.

    Honestly you can't go wrong with any of his issues ALL have serious articles on martial arts. If you get one of the later issues it has details of the content of previous issues.

    regards koyo
  9. ok, thanks koyo.
  10. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member

    I really hope FAI makes a comeback,It was a great mag at the time,anybody remember(actually how can we forget!) the editions that featured Gary Spiers? awesome!.:)
  11. koyo

    koyo Passed away, but always remembered. RIP.

    LOved those articles. tell it like it is stuff that had all the mystics up in arms.
    I raised a few eyebrows when as an aikidoka I agreed with his writings.

    regards koyo
  12. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member

    I bet it did Koyo!.

    There were also some good Aikido articles in FAI(well I enjoyed them but ive never done Aikido),Most if not all of the articles were well reserched and written in my opinion. :)
  13. koyo

    koyo Passed away, but always remembered. RIP.

    One of my articles for FAI involved a bloody knife fight in Glasgow streets. The magasine was always there at seminars. I got some weird looks that time.

    Those were the days.

    regards koyo
  14. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member

    I remember that article well Koyo,it had a mean looking pictures to,as I read it I remembered tales my good friend used to tell me of him carrying cut throat razors at 10 years of age in the then Gorbles area of Glasgow(He is 51 now so going back a bit).

    What other articles did you write sir?.:)
  15. koyo

    koyo Passed away, but always remembered. RIP.

    There was one. The complete aikido of William Coyle. When I was interviewed and visited by one of Terry's writers.

    Another called "I can live with that" about fighting when you HAD to.

    One called "Effective aikido bet your life on it" I think that includes the weapon story.

    I used to work in a number of "deprived " areas in Glasgow including the Gorbals.

    One dedicated to my friend and student the late and saddly missed Sensei George Girvan

    regards koyo
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  16. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member

    I remember the interviews sir,not so much the actual content as time is erasing my memory! however I do have some copies of FAI amongst my collection and shall dig them out to have a look.

    Please excuse my ignorance I dont usually read this forum but do you still practice/teach?.:)
  17. koyo

    koyo Passed away, but always remembered. RIP.

    Yes still training/teachimg at the Makotokai in Glasgow. Good bunch all crosstrainers with at least ten years experience behind them. Few months ago had my fiftyth anniverssary in martial arts and had all sorts of martial arts friends there. What a night.

    Great stories and much laughter.

    ALL at my expence.

    and PLEASE call me Bill

    regards koyo

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  18. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member

    Thats awesome Bill,insperational to me actually,I hope to be still on the mat for as long as possible,any tips for this young en?:)
  19. koyo

    koyo Passed away, but always remembered. RIP.

    Avoid ,politics ,personalities ,mystics and machos.

    works for me.

    regards koyo

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