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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by franksv, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. franksv

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    The other student(theres only 2 of us)that I learn tc with swears by Terrence Dunns tc dvds.As we are learning the yang style short form and this is what is covered in one of his dvds,its sounds like a good match.This would be a home guide between classes,only.I am leary of buying any kind of ima instructional dvd but I do admit it would be nice to have a good home reference.Anybody have this dvds?And if so,would you recommend them,as a at home aid?

  2. TaiChiFox

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    If it's done well and honestly iT's a good beginner aid in learning the form.

    Of course you said short form, so I don't think you'll really need it for that. But he may point out some important beginer points for your lasses which is good to hear over and over again.

    My point: if there was a honest DVD of my style I'd buy it, simply to see a master do the form. :)
  3. tccstudent

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    From what I have seen of him (on FitTV), Terrence Dunn teaches for health only. No power development, not much internal. I hear he had a good teacher, but what he produces and shows is mainly the fluffy stuff. But, don't take my word on it, see for yourself.
  4. TaiChiFox

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    I don't think you could show anything else on fit TV, only leightweight stuff. And I saw a tape with him of 108 form so it can't be that bad... maybe :)
  5. El Medico

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    His teacher was Abraham Liu,CMC's student.I've seen a couple of Terry's older tapes,if this dvd is the same,I would just be careful in his warmups,as he didn't explain how to open your hip joint and I felt some of the positions could eventually strain your knees.Hopefully this may be taken care of in this dvd.If you just want it for a reference to aid you 'til you memorize the form,long or short,they should be ok.Just realize he may look a little different in performance than the way you're teacher does even if you're learning CMC form.
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  6. franksv

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    I went ahead and bought the yang short form dvd.I find it a very good and easy to use at home reference between classes.I only get together with my tc teacher once or twice a month so this is a valuable resource for me.So far every posture is exactly how I have been shown by my teacher.As a novice,I would recommend this dvd as an aid.You still need a teacher though,to make corrections on your movements/postures and show you the martial applications,if that is also an interest.

  7. EmptyHandGuy

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    I have the DVD as well for reference. Although the form that I am learning has suttle differences, it does help with remembering the general flow of the 37 step form. I've given a copy of it to a work friend who is interested in tai chi purely for health and I think that it is perfect for that type of person.
  8. franksv

    franksv Valued Member

    You are right,I have started to knowtice suttle differences myself but it is very close to what I am learning.Its still a decent at home aid though.

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