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Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by Jang Bong, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. Jang Bong

    Jang Bong Speak softly....big stick

    Thanks for all the kind words and sarcasm (in fairly equal measure :D). You are all welcome to call around any time you like.

    Following on from Homer's comment - I hate history, and I'm well confused, so I'm just going to study the art ;)

    I've done a check back, and our last new member (in here) is PsiCop with post#70. If everything from post #72 onwards could be split into another thread (possibly entitled "The run up to the TSD Forum"), then we would have a valid check-in thread left behind.

    Any new TSDers finding this note - please hang on from announcing yourself until we can see if this split can take place * contemplates chasing all over our new forum for our newest members - we can't afford to loose any :D *
  2. Anth

    Anth Daft. Supporter

    I think that is another good idea JB, and can see the Globies will end up nackered from helping you lot :p :D
  3. Jang Bong

    Jang Bong Speak softly....big stick

    Hey!!! The first few days in a new place always has the odd 'extra task' to deal with. At least I can predict the information needed (post numbers, etc) and offer a project plan, and spot potential problems, and put the warning cones in place - better than some 'customers' ;) :D :p
  4. BigChop

    BigChop New Member

    Tae Kwon Do or Tang Soo Do?


    Hope this is the right place to ask this question but as it seems to be specialised for Tang Soo Do it seemed the ideal place to find my target audience :)

    Having recently moved to Southend-On-Sea (Essex) I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on where I can go to continue my Tae Kwon Do?

    I am looking for local'ish classes that teach either Tae Kwon Do or Tang Soo Do? I am more of a Tae Kwon Do person really but would be willing to try the switch to Tang Soo Do if any place came with a 'good enough' recommendation.

    Any help would be much appreciated :D

  5. 1eo

    1eo Banned Banned

    wow, since when do we have a Tang Soo Do forum?? :D ... I was feeling left out!

    I started Tang Soo DO not too long ago under Master Samane guidance.

    I'm a green belt :D for now (6th Gup) and I'm also stduing Hapkido.

  6. Jang Bong

    Jang Bong Speak softly....big stick

    Since last week (or the previous page on this thread :D)

    Glad to have you aboard - they seem an interesting crowd here (and I feel very much a beginner - so you're in good company).

    I'll be interested to hear how your TSD and Hapkido fit together.

    Tang Soo!!
  7. TangSooRed

    TangSooRed New Member

    Hello all Tang Soo Do er's out here,
    I seem to have joined at some point in the past,probably to reply to a post someplace in Martial Planet, anyway, KickChick sent me an e-mail about this forum and I am back.

    My name is Bernard Redfield, I have been in Tang Soo Do for a few yrs, haha, I'm a 3rd Dan, a first dan in Hapkido, and know my way around a judo matt, hmmm, what else... Maybe you have seen me around the East Coast(USA) or have been to my site
    http://pages.cthome.net/redtsd I have a pretty good discussion board at my site. Hope to have some fun here.

    Tang Soo!
  8. 1eo

    1eo Banned Banned

    Well, when I was a kid, I studied Karate Do (proably 3 years or so)... So, when I started studing Tang Soo Do last year, I fitted right in place :D.

    However one of the things that really called my attention was that the school that I'm attending to, also teaches some hapkido at the end of some classes. (Just to make it clear) there is a clear distinction between Hapkido and Tang Soo Do... it's not like we are mixing both arts together and call it Tang Soo Do ;)

    Anyway, I find myself wantting to study more Hapkido all the time... I simply love it!!!

    Master Samane (6th dan in TSD and 8th dan in Hapkido) have very good relations with Grand Master Ji (Founder of Hapkido).... So, GM Ji do "Instructor level Hapkido seminars" at Samane's place once a month which I have been invited to attent :D .

    It's a huge honor for me to be able to practice with such a high figures in the Korean Martial Arts, I just can't describe it! :)

    Tang Soo!
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  9. PsiCop

    PsiCop Antonio gets the women...

    Good to see some more TSDers here. Welcome TangSooRed and 1eo. I hope to get to know you guys a little better. Also 1eo, it sounds like you're getting the chance to train with some great martial artists. It's always an honor to learn from some of the best.
  10. Andy Cap

    Andy Cap Valued Member

    Welcome aboard leo. I would have to agree that although TSD and Hapkido are both Korean, and share some significant similarities, they are different arts. TSD usually has very long techniques and is geared towards fighting from outside. Hapkido, in my experience is an inside fighting style, and is much more geared for that. In my TSD experience I have learned many Hapkido locks and throws, and I am sure Hapkido stylists will learn Tang Soo Do kicks and possibly strikes, but they are not easilly combined in a total format.
  11. 1eo

    1eo Banned Banned

    Yes, they two very different styles.... but at lease I keep my trainning Korean oriented :D

    As far I as I know, TSD it's a "hard martial art" compare to Hakido (soft MA). In TSD when you block a punch... the block it's almost a hit :) (you want to break the guys arm :D )

    While in hapkido the same block would have been more of a deflection... to later grab the opponent’s hand/ wrist and apply a painful lock :D

  12. TangSooRed

    TangSooRed New Member

    funny, It didn't seem to soft when I was getting my labrum torn a few yrs back, haha
  13. Andy Cap

    Andy Cap Valued Member

    Well this is true and it is not - in my estimation. TSD softens considerably as you move into the art. As a senior level black belt you may find you slip more than block. Meanwhile Hapkido gets harder rather than sortfer. This is the Um and Yang of the martial arts. Yes, i do agree though, that TSD starts out as a very hard style.
  14. NX01

    NX01 Valued Member

    I just joined a couple of days ago.
    I started Tang Soo Do in 1987, and am currently a 3rd Dan.
    I also train in WTF Taekwondo, and am a 3rd Dan there as well.
    I train in Hapkido at my TKD dojang, but do not hold any rank in it.
    I teach Tang Soo Do (With a little TKD thrown in) at a YMCA in Jacksonville, FL.
  15. PsiCop

    PsiCop Antonio gets the women...

    Nice to meet you. Welcome to the forums ;)
  16. TangSooRed

    TangSooRed New Member

    Howdy Florida,

    3rd Dan TSDMGK
    1st Dan WTHKDF
  17. TheHungryWolf

    TheHungryWolf New Member

    Training for a year and a half, and loving it. MKA state double-state champion, too, thanx to my training. TANG SOO!!
  18. Jang Bong

    Jang Bong Speak softly....big stick

    Hi there HungryWolf - glad to have you aboard :) You too NX01.

    I can see I'll have to get my act together and update the Tang Soo Do list again.

  19. Spikedude

    Spikedude Valued Member

    Hey, 10 years and proud of training Tang Soo DO! I train at World Karate Studio's in NJ.
  20. WKJ30

    WKJ30 New Member

    Hi my name is Keith Johnson i train at Sullivan's Martial Arts in Navasota Texas :woo: YEEEEHAAA LOL!!

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