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Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by Jang Bong, Aug 3, 2004.

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    You could try Iain Abernethy's book Bunkia Jutsu. It has applications for Kong Sang Koon(not the whole form) as well as the Pyung Ahns, Naihanchi, Bassia etc. There is also a video that covers Kong Sang Koon(Kushanku / Kanku-Dai). The applications he teaches seem very practical and translate well to the korean style of the forms.

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    4th dan
    American Tang Soo Do
    Started 1978
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    Thanks. I already have read his book, has anyone seen the video Mr. Abernethy has done on this form?
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    Another Tang Soo Do-ist checking in

    From the wilds of New Hampshire/Vermont.
  5. monk-ki

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    Oldshadow, TSDLibrarian, welcome!!

    TSD, you don't have any info on your profile. Introduce yourself!!

    TANG SOO!!!
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    Ive not seen the Kong Sang Koon video but I have the Bassai/Naihanchi one and its really good.
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    Hi my name is James Slavin, and I have been studing TSD for about 3 years now. I am 16 and I am a 2nd degree purple belt, and i am in the advanced class (due to my hard work and dedication). I know all forms up to Ro-hi, and train very hard. The test for either my green or red belt is on Jan 8, and is three hours long, instead of the usual 1 hour test (since i'm in the advanced class.

    I am just looking for any helpful advice of how to prepare. I asked my sensei, and he says my forms and sparring are both looking great, but i cant help wondering if i can still improve more before the test. I have a brother and a friend I spar with (Brother = 18 yrs old, friend = 17 yrs old) and they both refuse to let me kick, but i still get hits in. If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

    ~Tang Soo~
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    Welcome aboard James - I've just said my 'Hello's in the Intros section.

    Looks like it is time for me to pull the 'overall list' back together again - Oh well, a job for the weekend :)
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    yeah sorry about that, kinda got carried away with my post. I was really treating this thread like the "Tang Soo Do" sub-forum. I thought that was what this was
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    I think it is being used as one. Probably part of the campaign to get a TSD forum :rolleyes: ;)
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    Forget the Ooops - this was directed at ME.

    OK smart-alec - I meant that I had responded to his own personal Intro. *picky - picky* :D

    Are you suggesting that we are going to get together here in the Foyer of MAP and make pests of ourselves just because you don't have a room labelled "Tang Soo Do"? The very thought of it... We are far too polite and well mannered for that. :D :Angel: :D
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    I say, we gather in the square, and tip something over!!! :bang:

    But in all seriousness, why dont we have our own forum?
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    KM - I think its because the Admins/Globies dont think there is enough people interested to warrent a new forum, or summat daft like that.
  14. Jang Bong

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    ... also we are flexible, adaptable, and open minded - so we can fit in anywhere. :)

    I started this thread to get a feel for how many of us are about, and it has proved a useful 'reference' when people need to get to members 'in the know' about Tang Soo Do.

    We know who we are (and getting bigger and stronger all the time). :p
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    Well, they should make one. Hey Jang Bong, when you get the time can you update the list?
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    Members of the MAP Tang Soo Do community - in no ranked order except their arrival on this thread. All start dates assume ISH on the end (i.e. 2002ish)

    Jang Bong - Newcastle/Gateshead - England - started 2002 - last ranking 4th Gup (since graded at weapons for black belt)

    monk-ki - Reno, NV - USA - started 1981 - 3rd dan black belt

    ahkyte - Benfleet - England - - green tag

    Homer J Simpson - London - England - started 2003

    Yossarian75 - Moray - Scotland - started 1999

    Mu Ryuk - Monterey, CA - USA - 8+ years - 7th gup, but check that experience :)

    Tang Sou Tim - England

    ATF - Malden, MA - USA - started 2000 - 1st gup

    gakami - - before 1985 - minimum 1st dan black belt

    FlatFoot - Colorado - USA - started 2001 - 1st dan black belt

    Andy Cap - New Hampshire - USA - started 1977 - 4th Dan

    tswolfman - Ohio - USA - mixed arts including Tang Soo Do

    tang_sou_dao - England - temporarily out of training

    hoppy - Essex - England - interested convert from other arts (let us know if you find a school)

    oldshadow - Virginia - USA - started 1978 - 4th Dan - wicked sense of humour :D:D:D

    TSDLibrarian - New Hampshire / Vermont - USA

    Karate_Man_1288 - Shelton - USA - started 2001 - 4th Gup :confused:

    We are growing, learning, and sharing - it is a pleasure to know you all.

    TANG SOO!! *bows*
  17. Karate_Man_1288

    Karate_Man_1288 New Member

    Well in my classes My sensei (or teacher as I have been informed sensei is not for Korean MAs) uses these following belts (in order) white, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, red, brown, black (apprentice) , 1st (and up) degree black belt.

    I don't know what gup means. I only know what I have been taught. Get ready, long story:

    My sensei is Chris Trozuk. He learned under Cheezic (sp) (i think he's a Headmaster) My sensei's sensei also trained with Chuck Norris in Korea, or so I'm told. My teacher is a good one. He takes pride in what he does. But unfortunately, since this is a KidSafe program (i'll explain later) he says he cannot train us in traditional Korean ways (or at least as brutally as he was)

    Each belt puts you higher up, and you can have up to 10 degrees (stripes) for each belt, showing your expertise within that belt. Most kids in the program advance like this: white, 1st or 2nd degree white, yellow, some degree of yellow, orange, some degree of orange, so on and so forth until they achieve a black belt, and then a degree.

    i've gone white, fourth degree white, 3rd degree yellow, 3rd degree orange, 2nd degree purple (darn Form 5, couldn't get it down in time for higher promotion) each time you go up to a new belt, you learn a new kata(s). For my green belt, (going for it Jan 8th, as I said earlier) I need only know Form 7. I have been taught by my sensei's right hand man up to Form 10, (I in no way show off, or brag) he's a friend from school.

    If this is different, it is probably because I am taught this style through the company KidSafe. This limits what he teaches us (no finger jabs) and also our sparring to just above belt, no back, only focuses to the face, etc. (I have been searching for a different location where they do full contact. Plan to take JKD in summer)

    I hope that helped

    (we end our classes in the following way (note spelling isn't right, i just spelt how it sounds) sensei and helpers say: "Come up soui da" Class reponds "Choun bon dao")

    *Bows Back*
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  18. Jang Bong

    Jang Bong Speak softly....big stick

    First the GUP - this general method seems to follow for a number of different MA's from various countries (I here karate people talking about Kup levels). We go from 10th Gup, backwards to 1st Gup - gaining a different belt progression as we approach Black Belt. Then with the Black Belt we progress from 1st Dan through to 10th (?) Which basically means the we (you and I) are trainees at a certain point of progression. :)

    Your colour sequence is interesting, as it seems to be a mixed pattern from the TSD classes I train at and the Shotokan Karate class I visit. Our sequence is:

    White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Black - advancing from 10th to 8th Gup with the award of the Yellow belt (etc), which is where I got my estimate of you at 4th Gup (you've totally spoilt that now :D:D)

    I'm also interested in your 'stripes' idea - it sounds like an evaluation of how well you achieved your advancement on a given day. As we are taught this as an art of continual improvement, we are expected to be far better Orange belts by the time we are a Blue belt, so that 'fixing' of ability in time becomes meaningless. What we did get (stripe wise) is a stripe of the next full coloured belt to represent the 'odd numbered' Gup grades - White with yellow stripe = 9th Gup : but our teacher has now decided that we need to learn and advance to the next full colour sash each time.

    Since I started this thread I've been awarded my Blue 2nd Gup sash, but will not carry out the grading that 'confirms' it until sometime next year. Our teacher as a 4th Dan awards progression as he sees fit - but the grading day gives us a chance to show to ourselves that we deserve what he has awarded.

    We'll see if the rest of the guys follow either of these pathways, or if there are far more ways of moving from White to Black that we don't know about yet.
  19. Topher

    Topher allo!

    Orange w/ Green Tag (Me)
    Green w/ Blue Tag
    Blue w/ Brown Tag
    Senior Brown (Brown w/ white stripe)
    Black (Midnight Blue)

    1st Dan (w/ white stripe)
    2nd Dan (w/ yellow stripe)
    3rd Dan (w/ green stripe)
    4th Dan and beyond (w/ red stripe)

    When you get to the dan belts the colourd stripes signify that your starting over again.
  20. Karate_Man_1288

    Karate_Man_1288 New Member

    our stripes are all black. Unless your a black belt in which they are white

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