Tameshigiri (Test Cutting) video guide

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Czlowiekfala, Feb 9, 2019.

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    Thank you! :)
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    Birth of a master. Another great video of something I've rarely seen done well on YouTube. You know what's funny is that there are a lot of silly, crazy weapon demos online like the one here with the ax swinger, and a lot guys with swords but your video is actually interesting and though provoking, probably because you are actually carrying on neat, if archaic tradition. I view this on the same level as tea ceremony practice....totally unnecessary and antique but at the same time priceless and awe-inspiring. Salud!
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    Thank you! :)
    Thank you for kind words! I really appreciate it!

    As for the videos I really enjoy creating them and through them I am trying to share my passion for Kenjutsu. In modern times swordsmanship is not practical art in terms of self defence, however physical and mental benefits are beyond measure.
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    Thank goodness somebody who actually trains with a katana said it. There is some crazy stuff out there..

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    Well...this is interesting ;)
  6. Grond

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    In a way. It was once noted on the "theworstthingsforsale.com". Street Sword: Carry A Big Ass Sword Everywhere ยป The Worst Things For Sale. It goes for almost $100 on Amazon. I think it's consider a sort of gag collector's item. Consider this 5 star Amazon review:

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    I received this book after i was trying to find a way to conceal carry my Gladius. This book not only taught me how to wear it so that it appears as nothing but a scarf, it also taught me how to use it to the greatest effect. I now call myself Sksen Maximus. It is my adopted name as I roam the streets of Salt Lake City Utah. I have stopped no less than a quarter of an attack with my Gladius and I am willing to bet that if that man had stayed around and not run away while dialing 911 he would have thanked me for rushing in and pommel punching that Catholic priest in the heart of Mormon country. Why was a Catholic priest there? Suspicious! I learned to trust my instincts and size up my opponent just like this book tells you to do. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to carry a sword. "
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    I remember quite a few people that actually practice legitimate Japanese sword arts having a lot of fun with that guy and his book when it originally came out. :D

    You are becoming more connected with your center, that's excellent! However, you still need to slow down after your last cut and evaluate where you are. If you do, you'll see that you are off-center and dipping your left shoulder a bit too much.

    Great job as usual on the video! Keep up the good work!

    P.S. For those that don't practice Toyama ryu, these are very small and high level adjustments. :)
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    According to well known tameshigiri legend a well sharpen sword should cut through seven bodies. Regardless of sword sharpness without a proper technique cuttting through many targets will not be possible.

    Yokonarabi combination puts cutting angles to the test. In the case of technique being too horizontal your sword will stop after the first mat.

    Video features cutting through three and five mats.

    I am looking forawrd to your comments! :)

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