"talent" in specific punches?

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Combat Sports, Feb 17, 2014.

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    I started taking Muay Thai recently and started helping my kids with some basic punches. I watch a lot of TUF, and read a lot about boxing as well. People tend to say "So and So has a great overhand right..." or "So and so has an excellent left jab."

    It seems that trainers find that certain fighters have some punches that they have a talent for and some that they do not. I noticed with my daughter for example that her left jab seems kind of awkward. (She still has more to learn so I am sure she will improve) but her right cross and her overhand right are so powerful it feels like an adult hit the focus mitts. (She is 8, weighs 79 lbs.) Her left cross is ok.

    So is there a "talent" for each punch that people will tend to have over other punches? Fighters tend to be famous for one of their punches or another. And even coming from the same trainers there will still be these differences.
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    It was the same with my kids - each one of 'em had something different - more in some areas, less in others. Ironically, the one with the hardest, most accurate punch had less aggression than his younger, wilder brother and found it harder to bring his talents to bear when needed.

    We all have a different feel for our body mechanics - which makes accurately reproducing another fighter's technique very difficult.

    BTW, not all fighters are famous for punches - some are gifted with footwork, some with endurance (the ability to withstand everything another fighter has will benefit even a mediocre puncher) and that is still within standard boxing - a "puncher's" sport.

    MMA, K-1, etc., will of course, have other skills in addition.
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    Was probably more relaxed, that's why. Which in turn has it's own advantages, especially regarding control.
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    It depends on who you are asking. Dela Hoya was famous for his left hook for instance because he got a lot of KO's with it. Cotto is famous for his left hook to the body because again... he's had more KO's with it.

    Other people look at the total body mechanics of the punch from said boxer. For instance, if you are watching someone throw a jab (most important punch IMO)... he/she should be throwing the punch with a slight step forward(I forgot to add with a slight twist in the hips, but if you step a bit you will get that turn... at least I do), but keeping the chin down and tucked behind the shoulder at the same time... but then again this is how I was taught and there are likely multiple different opinions on just this punch.

    Think to yourself when throwing the punch... how would someone get around this? How would this possibly be countered? Watch yourself in the mirror, a video of yourself and get others who know what they are doing to look for holes. Someone who truly has put all of this time into their work will have a "good jab" or whatever other punch is their best.
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    This is a good point and my biggest problem.. I am ALWAYS having a hard time relaxing, but any boxing coach, video ... or probably any MA will tell you it's better to always be relaxed.

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