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    Found a user on youtube with lots of great clips. Forgive me if some have been posted before :D Sorted through them and pulled out some taiji stuff I liked... Video of a number of old masters from the 5 major branches, some pretty famous in the taiji world :)

    Chen Manching, student of Yang Chengfu who went on to develop his own version of Yang style: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USJPmCZ6Efc"]Chen Manching's Yang Form - YouTube[/ame]

    Fu Zhongwen, one of Yang Chengfu’s top students: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_ddaNpHOGo"]Fu Zhongwen (1903- 1994) [1of2] - YouTube[/ame]

    Dong Yingjie, a student of Yang Chengfu and founder of what some now call “Dong family Taiji”: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8ydIbWD_sQ"]Tung Yingchieh (1898-1961) - YouTube[/ame]

    Nui Chnming, a student of Yang Jianhou who latter became one of Yang Chengfu’s disciples: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnxokIPLzJM"]Niu Chunming (1881-1961) - YouTube[/ame]

    Sun Peng, Sun Lu Tang’s grandson: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22BwmDM9Xmg"]Sun Peng - YouTube[/ame]

    Sun Jianyun, daughter of Sun Lu Tang: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pu4Wic-YJ4"]Sun Jiayun (1913-2003) - YouTube[/ame]

    Wu (Wu Jian Quan)
    Wu Yinghua: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjiBFLobNt4"]YouTube[/ame]

    Wu (Wu Yu Xiang, aka Hao style)
    Hao Shaoru, direct Hao family descendant: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc8urlr8RM0"]YouTube[/ame]

    Chen Zhaokui: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrAczAE66w0"]Chen Zhaokui (1928-1981) - YouTube[/ame]

    Tian Xuchen, student of Chen Fake: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAx1xHpJpW0"]Tian Xuchen (2of2) - YouTube[/ame]

    Lei Muni, another Chen Fake student: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrWdC-TiTUQ"]Lei MuNi - YouTube[/ame]

    Du Yu Ze, student of Chen Fake’s father, Chen Yanxi: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X06JcEbgNx4"]Du Yu Ze - YouTube[/ame]
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    Wow - thanks for that - everything in one place!
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    Yea this is very nice to compare my forms against. Thankyou Taijiman.
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    Ha! how old were you when you started martial arts sickdevildog? I have studied martial arts longer than you have been alive. Ha!
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    I though people might be interested in this 6 minute documentary on Chen Zhonghua's style which is from Chen Fake student Hong Junsheng. (Chen Zhonghua has also studied with Feng Zhiqiang). Although Chen Fake made many subsequent changes to his style (to make xin jia - new frame), Hong kept it pretty much as he'd learned it, I believe. Anyway, it discusses the "Basic Rules" of Chen Fake's Taijiquan.

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    OK oldtimer ;)

    I only got to train CMA at my Kwoon for 1 year, but I still train on my own daily.

    Trained in MCMAP for a couple of months before I was discharged (never got to test for a belt), and did some Kickboxing in my teens back in Germany.
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    I just got to lookin at your profile thought dang! not picking on you nor do i really know if your profile is true just found it funy looking at what all you have said. Good luck in keeping up the training sickdevildog.
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    Thank you Sir.

    I try to do the best I can in remembering all the principles I've been taught. Its pretty hard though I've learned alot of things in those 12 months and now I dont have anyone to teach me and correct my form.

    I got a job lined up for the end od january, then I'll finaly have the money to get back to training. I can't wait man, the Kwoon is so friggin awsome, and theres still so much to learn. :D

    I got a couple of months before I reenlist, I want to have atleast the basics down so that I can train while deployed and not have to worry about compounding bad habits.

    Tai Chi and Shuai Chiao are my favorites. When I get back to training I'll focus on those 2 and not worry about Shaolin anymore, I'll see if I can get the SL forms I know now corrected and leave it that.

    My ultimate goal is to learn Xing Yi but students don't get to learn that 'till 4 or so years into training.

    Sifu taught me part of an awsome Form, I dont know the name so I call it coiling set, I hope he'll teach me the rest of it.

    Sifu also got me added to the Lineage tree, I dont want to disappoint. I've been slacking on Wu-De alot since I've stopped training at the Kwoon. :eek:

    How long did you train in all those styles you know, and do you practice meridian healing?
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    I had one instructor for 12 years he did teach me Meridian Therapy that just means Acupuncture. Meridian therapy is the actual name of Acupuncture.
    He taught me Hsing Yi, Bagua, Taiji Yang i knew Chen - somone else from that school taught me that owe say about 8 year under an instructor. I studied for about 4 to 6 years Wu under this old lady it is Shoa Jar, actually it has the oddest set of move in it to me. Jujitsu from the other instructor that taught me Hsing Yi, Taiji, Bagua he also had weekend classes but i waited until i had the others to where i wanted them then studied jujitsu 6 years, tryiing to remember the name have not been able to maintain it need randorie opponent. Wing Chung 3 year under an instructor it was the easiest system to learn it is Lung Ting's approach. Karate meet him threw the school he had 3 rd degree in ****o ryu hiyashi ha karate under Inouie Sensie did this system for 3 years about. Guju Ryu 3 year about as well threw somone that knew that instructor. Yea i studied alot of system some of the time just doing it to enjoy an not trying to learn to much but did it.

    Yes, i still do them but i started in boxing when i was 9 years old. I still do some of that as well. The thing is to meet ppl like i have, you usually have been in it all your life an they usually draw others of like training an mind set so that is what happened. I would say that it took me longer than those that probly had a specific plan which in my eyes is true. I learned how Qi Gong works how to develop it to my needs. I should not make it sound that involved it is not once you get it, well that is it you then get it.

    Shuai Jia is developed in Taiji at least it seemed in chen an yang. To keep up on all of a system after a certain amount of time when the learning is not coming at you so hard you are past the tension, start developing actual realistic practices, example with a wooden dummy or bag dummy.

    The medicine is based on the pulse mainly for me, an the function of certain intakes we have but i do not practice it on other, only on myself cause i am not a doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine. Meridian Therapy is how to maintian the even an balanced flow of self awarness(energy).

    The work out you do sickdevildog you do this 5x5 workout that is talked about once you get to where you want in physical development do you just maintian the same weight or is there a method they use for that so yo do not develop be yond the size of muscle you want?

    Oh yea, the most important thing is developing your hand correctly so when you become a teacher you can show them how to feel an create the needed forward energy an the needed spine control. In Taiji you need to take there center both by force(heavyness) and by leading the incoming
    force(lightness). This relates to how your hand can feel at certain levels of your training i devloped these on the dummies cause most ppl just dont have need or time to do this with you.
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    Awsome, thanks for the info and pointers.

    I got a heavybag and makiwara outside, but I didnt use them in a long time. When I did train on them only did palmstrikes and ellbows for reps, I tried to get atleast 500 each in, need to start doing that again.

    I do 5x3 for maximal strength on Max Effort sessions, the rest is conditioning and strength endurance. I try to add weight to the bar every strength session, I keep a sheet with work loads in excel.
    I messed up my knee yesterday and cant bend or put alot of weight on it so I'll be doing alot of upper body excercises till it heals up.

    Here's a link to the true 5x5 program, you work up to a certain percentage of your 1RM I think, havent looked into it that much and then ramp up the weight. Bill Star knows his stuff.

    Are you thinking about starting strength training Wudang? If so I'd say start with the program called starting strength, It's similar to Bill Stars 5x5 but uses a 3x5 scheme, Mark Ripptoe was trained by Bill star so the programs share some similarities.

    This is what I do for ME every 4 days (I'm on a 3on1 off to stay in synch with crossfit WODs)

    ME A
    Front Squat
    Push Press
    Weighted Pullups

    ME B
    OH Squat
    Mil Press
    Sumo DL Highpull
    Snatch DL
    Weighted Pullups

    Iknow what you mean with the hands feeling different, when doing Chi Kung my hands feel heavy and full, and during the Solo Form they seem to float most the time, weird feeling. During Chi Kung and Solo form/drills my hands and for arms start tingling and feeling full, didnt get to the point where upper arms and shoulders get that feeling. Greorge, one of the Senior Students at the Kwoon said that eventually the feeling will spread and spill over the upper torso, that's when the upper body is connected, I'm trying not to force it though. No idea how it works with the lower body and how the two connectto each other.

    One awsome thing Sifu used to do was haveus do some conditioning drills (hard chikung I think) like Rhino looks at the moon, mini horse stances with ahnds infront, etc. And my heart would start pumping like mad only thing was my chest wouldt thump, the throbbing would go into my stomache, was funny and weird at the same time. I still get the stomache throbbing, even when resting during sprints and other physical activities. I think it comes from breathing into the stomache for over 2 years now, did you have a similar experience?
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    I know you'll want to throw a rock at me for saying this (so I'll go again quickly if you don't pick up on it), but the chest thumping is your heart, the throbbing in the stomach is probably an awareness of your blood pulsing through your veins and arteries. Also, you can't breathe into your stomach, you breathe into your lungs. Your stomach is where food goes.

    I think we have to be selective in what we believe about Chinese Martial training. There is no reason we can't update erroneous old theories. I think plenty of Chinese people are quite happy to adopt a more anatomical view of the body, so it's silly to become bastions of outdated ideas. To do so is to become the equivalent of a "flat-earther". Confucius (Kongfuzi) said "without the truth we can get nothing done."

    We can visualise breathing into the stomach area if we like, but we know that really the diaphragm is dropping and the lungs are filling right down to the base.

    I used to get all the sensations you describe going cross-country running when I was at school, but I'd never heard of qigong / ch'i kung back then.
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    WHAT!!! BLASPHEMY!!!!!@!@!

    *sticks fingers in ears* lalallalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaa


    Nah really, thanks for the explanation.

    I always thought you could actually suck air into the abdomen (kinda like drinking water).

    First time the stomache throbbing happened my chest was completly still though and it seemed as if my heart had dropped into my stomache if that makes any sense.
    I know it isnt really possible and maybe my mid was playing with me, but I know for a fact that my chest was completely still because I laid one hand on my stomach and one on my chest to make sure I was "breathing into the abdomen".

    I know what you mean with the selective thinking, people sure like to self sabotage and practcie make belief.
    Since I grew up in the west it's hard for me to grasp the meaning of chi, I try my best to keep an open mind and not fall into any dogmatic traps. Your post made me wanna read up on this some more.

    Do you have any links that explain the breathing process of breathing deep (abdomen/diaphragm) from a physiological/anatomical POV?
    I have a couple of books on meditation (chan and taoism) and Chikung that explain the eastern view of it, I'd like to find out mroe about the western view on this.

    Thanks for sparking my curiosity. :)
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    Thanks Jk.
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    Hello again, wow - that was a big delay. OK - I checked out a claim made by those last two links I posted (which I wanted to go back and delete, so no one can be misled, but couldn't edit it for some reason.)

    I have recently seen claims regarding the lungs being a major or even primary pump for the lymphatic system. The function of the lymphatic system is to balance fluids within the body, transport lipids from the digestive tract and, perhaps most important of all, your immune system relies on lymphatic flow in order to function.

    Having checked out the claims at a lymphoedema clinic, I can report that the lungs are not the major pump for the lymphatic system. While deep abdominal breathing does involve deep muscle use, it is nonetheless the muscular activity itself which serves as the pump for the lymphatic system. So the best advice is simply to get plenty of exercise. The best way to keep your lymphatics functioning is to keep moving your muscles!
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    ooh nice mate, i have been thinking about hands lately. just ideas though.

    things like a slow hand, "i want a lover with a eazy touch" :D

    I also like the idea of massage therapy, iz nice. but really ..
    As the full moon wanes all sensibility will turn back the clock. lord of the lolly said he.....said what?

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    yea i'm sure for real, just don't forget to breathe.. eazy does it now. breathe it all in and breathe it all out. How easy is that! :)

    go and don't stop.
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    ^This one particularly caught my eye, for the wave hands he does with a rear cross step at about 2.35 mins. It's how i do the second set of wave hands in our schools form though the sequence is not quite the same. Always nice to recognise bits .
    Very nice clip!

    This is one of my personal faves. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Bb1sflLuSQ"]YouTube[/ame]

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    Glad to see lots of people still viewing my thread! Cool addition cloudhandz. Do you know the background of that style?

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