Tachi/Ne-waza ratio in your dojo

Discussion in 'Judo' started by jonsku, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. jonsku

    jonsku New Member

    Well, as the subject states, what's the ratio in your dojo?
    In our dojo, we have 90 minute classes, and we do the warming up about 10 minutes, 20 minutes of uchi-komi and for randori we have 60 minutes. ( 5 minutes per randori). And now comes the question.We have 20 minutes of basic tachi-waza randori, ie. if you get thrown, you get up and the match continues.
    Then we have 20 minutes of "hybrid" randori, where after succesful throw, we move into katame-waza until tap-out or pin.
    Then we get up and the randori continues. The last 20 minutes are for ne-waza randori. So I want to know how it goes in your dojo?

  2. Furikuchan

    Furikuchan New Member

    The ratio varies from class to class, but Bushido definitely has a greater amount of ne waza than any major competition dojo in North Carolina. We don't really focus on one over the other, but we keep the amounts balanced.
  3. zumtream

    zumtream Valued Member

    Well i only practise an hour a week now because my life is so busy. But in my class we have a 10-15 minute warm up. Then we ussally do uchi-komi or Ne-Waza for another 15 minutes. The rest of the class is spend doing randoris and then a 5 minute "game" at the end (Climbing/swinging ropes, jumping over large crash mats, bulldog).
    However i help out as a sempi on saterday mornings to teach younger people Judo whcih is helping me with coaching.
  4. redbull

    redbull New Member

    Well where i practise it varies from day to day but we dont typically do alot of randory on a day to day basis unless we are preparing for a tournament. we ussually do about 15 minute warm up, 15 minute newaza, 30 minutes uchikomi and 15 minutes stageico which is sort of like a hybrid randori with each person taking a turn throwing sometimes with no resistance and sometime with resistance depending on what the instructor call out. This way helps us keep the injuries to a minimum. Oh yeah and a 15 minute warm down which is more like a killer warm up.
  5. saikyou

    saikyou New Member

    ne waza consumes 1/3 of our class time.(warming-up, cooling-down, and stretches not included)
  6. lwicks

    lwicks New Member

    Okay the following message is designed to inflame, it is a thought provoker, not actually what I think okay!

    You should do NO ne-waza!!

    At least if you are a competitive player.
    The IJF rule changes have pretty much told us all that ne-waza is out.

    So... if you are a player aiming for competition success you should not be wasting time on the floor. Get up and do tachi-waza!!

    (awaiting the flames!)
  7. lwicks

    lwicks New Member

    Hi Again,

    couldn't just leave that last message there, sorry. I want to expand on it a bit to clarify what I mean.

    Ne-Waza has been pretty much ruled out of modern competition, so the thought I was trying to display in my last message was that doing ne-waza training is therefore a waste of time.
    And I stick by that, if you are training for competition don't waste time doing ne-waza. Yes you need to ensure you have a good defence but the odds of you winning your fights using ne-waza are slim to say the least, so don't waste your valuable training time.

    That said, I disagree with the death of ne-waza in shiai. So I plead with you all to do more ne-waza.
    Also, if you are not interested in becoming one of that top 5%, then definately do ne-waza and enjoy the slow thoughtful battle that is groundwork.
    Best of all you can be good at it when you are not 25 years old and training everyday. In fact old age and cunning pretty much sums up all the best ne-waza players I've met.

    So ne-waza is important to promote to ensure that Judoka of more mature years can enjoy a good fight when their years may prevent them competing evenly with the younger ones standing.

    Finally, with all the MMA hype out there with grappling & ground fighting all the rage we would be silly to discard an area where Judo has such a advantage over the rest. After all we really know what we are doing down there. Much more so than the "Secret ground fighting techniques of TKD". (I am not joking I say an article on this in a magazine a couple of years back!

    So long live the cunning old folk on the ground embarrassing the young upstarts!


  8. Furikuchan

    Furikuchan New Member

    Okay, yes the IJF is being jerks about forcing their referees to stand competitors up after only 5-10 seconds of ne waza. I cannot say the only word that defines these rules without it getting edited.
    We're working hard over here, especially in NC, to get more ne waza in our competition. First off, removing ne waza takes some of the fun out of competition. (i.e. former wrestlers walking in with white belts and suddenly pulling out armbars that are unexpected.)
    Worse, though, is the fact that these rules are crippling the art of judo as a whole to try and limit an entire aspect of the art.
  9. Captain_Coward

    Captain_Coward Ne-Waza Worm

    At our Club we run classes on tues and thurs night, where we always do some Ne-Waza. However we also run a class on a Friday night only for an hour as opposed to the usual two hours we all we do is Ne-Waza, it is a really good idea cause it means if you are not to interested in Ne-Waza as some Judoka are then you can miss it but not miss the classes but if you enjoy Ne-Waza it means you just have another night to train, best of both worlds.

  10. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    My bad, I missed the ne-waza class tonight :(

    It was either that or be late for dinner at my girlfriends!!!

  11. Captain_Coward

    Captain_Coward Ne-Waza Worm

    Yeah i always scive it, i am just not designed for Ne-Waza, or maybe you just put me off it Freeform, how can i compete against 105kg. ;-)

    Think i might start going tho, have you found out about that Saturday class at the Uni yet.

  12. zumtream

    zumtream Valued Member

    I'm not a fan of Ne-waza. However i do think that the rules of judo are getting changed so Ne-waza is hardly used anymore is a little stupid. Judo was designed for standing and ground work and people should keep this in mind.
    On the plus side thougth. If you practise a lot of Ne-waza and your oppoent doesn't then you can suprise him big time in competitive fight :D
  13. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    104!!! :D

    I do really like ne-waza which is why I did a stint at Rick Youngs learning BJJ. It definately improved my ground skills.

  14. Adam

    Adam New Member

    About 60-70% of my class consists of newaza or newaza instruction. I like it that way.
  15. lwicks

    lwicks New Member

    I am a fan of Ne-Waza, but not especially good at it.

    Was priveledged to train at a club back home in NZ where the ne-waza was very strong, wish I could remember half of what I have forgotten from there!

    Interestingly, they used a ne-waza kata (not the Katame-No kata) from Japan extensively. It definately worked well as they were/are renown for their abilities on the floor.

    Also they have been competing and winning BJJ competitions, which is an idication I suppose that their Ne-Waza is strong both from a Judo perspective and from a Rick Young/Gracie/MMA point of view.


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