Systema Christian roots? MA's effects on the soul?

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    There is a big difference between warriors in groups dubbed as Holy, and Monks who do some MA training.

    The Crusaders mostly weren't monks in any meaningful sense of the word, but they were people who were professional soldiers, or were under the command of professional soldiers.

    Monks spend most of their time in prayer and devotional duties, or duties to sustain themselves. They weren't some group of skilled fighters who led the charge. Battle hardened men with experience of warfare did that.
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    Serge A. Zenkovsky
    Medieval Russia's epics, chronicles and tales.
    Sofony of Riazan: Zadonshchina page 193

    And then a boyar of Briansk, Monk Peresvet, was ordered to the place where he was fated to meet death. And Monk Peresvet said to Prince Dmitry Ivanovich: "It is better that we fall in battle than become the slaves of these infidels." And Peresvet, galloping on his horse, filled the air with his battle cry and his armor gleamed as he called to his younger brother, Osliabia: "Well brother, it is time for those who are old to feel young and for the young to win glory by trying the arms of brave warriors." And the brother, Monk Osliabia, answered: "Brother Peresvet, I already see that there will be heavy wounds on your body and that your head will lie on the feathergrass. I can see that my son, Jacob, will also lie in the green grass on the field of Kulikovo and for the defense of the Christian faith and revenge of the offenses done to Great Prince Dmitry Ivanovich"
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    As I mentioned earlier, Japan had a tradition of powerful warrior monks. It is a stereotype and a mistake to assume that all monks were bald guys who sat in a monastery and prayed all day.
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    I wasn't saying that there have never been warrior monks, but chivalric military orders, such as the Knights Templar, and Shaolin monks don't tell us anything about the Eastern Orthodox church. The Knights Templar were knights first and foremost, and only really nominally monks.

    I'm finding it hard to find any examples of Eastern Orthodox, or more specifically Russian Orthodox, military orders of monks, so if you have any more sources on that, particularly for the time between the 14th Century and now, I would appreciate it.

    Best I've found so far is a list of Eastern Orthodox priests who have fought in wars and guerrilla actions, but I'm pretty much drawing a blank with monks: Armed priests - Wikipedia
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    First published 1963; hardly a "primary" source.
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    The translation was published in 1963 by Zenkovsky, the Zadonschina itself is a primary source. The Zadonschina cited was written in the 14th century.
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    Good for you! Both for citing the source and providing more information about it. The Library worker in me approves! :)

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