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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by pinoy, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. pinoy

    pinoy Valued Member

    whew :cry: survived the recently held ARPI torney selection for SEAG. Just been in FMA for 6m,onths, & an opportunity comes in for a great baptism, swooshh, swattt :woo: , a head strike :eek: , ekk i cannot move, been hit, 5 times 1st round, me 1pt, the head gear was not strapped properly, swooshh flew high when i was hit in the neck, until now its swollen :cry: , :D . 2nd round, again my opponent got 5 point from me, & me got 1 pt :eek: ..

    the after the game, my team mate told me i did fine for a newbie, coz, i fought a veteran & a former world champion :cry: , I think Ybanez is the name, phil team member.

    but its a great experience, I'll really cherish it, got a poster of the tourney & will frame it in my room. will tell my future son, well son, i was there, my opponent beat the hell out of me :D :D :D lol.

    kidding aside, the experience gives me more the drive to train hard & maybe could compete at the their level. Wil also try "creative anyo", the reggie sanchez guy is great. :cool:

    for the guys who gave me moral support, tips like sir pat, sir diego_vega & other guys, thanks... "I lost, but I survive!!" lol. :D :D :D
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  2. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    There are no losers Pinoy.

    You had a great time and learned something - sounds like a winning combination to me :D
  3. pinoy

    pinoy Valued Member

    yes sir :p , just kinda enjoying remebering the experience & sharing a laugh w/ the guys & gals. :D
  4. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    Sound like you had a great time Pinoy, well done. 1 point per round is far better than no points:D and if I am right in recollecting the name of the guy you fought. he is no novice shall we say. I remember a guy by this name (Ybanez) from my previous visits to the PI, and he is goooooood, very gooooood. So you done well my friend.

    I will be at the ARPI worlds with my family and some students in December so maybe we will see you their.

    Again well done. Keep it up and one day you will be one of the top players. All it takes is hard work and training.

    Best regards

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  5. Diego_Vega

    Diego_Vega Frustrated pacifist

    Hey Pinoy,


    I hear Bakbakan might be holding a similar tourney in October. Now that you're an esperienced guy, it should be even more fun.

    Ingat ka bro (literally "be careful", but more accurately "be safe.") and all the best to GM Sanchez.
  6. pinoy

    pinoy Valued Member

    thanks sir pat, & see you december, me as an spectator only :D
  7. pinoy

    pinoy Valued Member

    thanks sir diego_vega!

    me experienced after that? :eek: , nah :D , it was just my welcoming band. Guess will try to train harder, so i really can compete at the level where these guys are.

    FYI too sir, there will be a NARAPHIL tourney this coming May & will be held in Marikina (livestick). PM me if you're interested for details, sir moderator might move the thread :D , if you'll ask me, I'd rather train first, but if GM Vic needed a guy, am not the one :cry: lol, maybe only, to complete the welcoming band. Just have to be very careful not to include in the welcoming band the stitches,& broken bones :cry:

  8. Scotty Dog

    Scotty Dog

    When you get the full details why not Post them in the events area :D
  9. littlebadboy

    littlebadboy Valued Member

    hey pinoy! i watched the whole afternoon event yesterday (sunday)! which one was you? those tacurong and umak teams are tough! i was planning to just take a peep, but i just couldn't leave and finished all the fights. its myfirst time to see an arnis tourney, what can i say?... whoah...

    i envy you man... who do you train with?
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  10. pinoy

    pinoy Valued Member

    will do sir, am just afraid to ask GM re the info & leaflets, he might ask me to join again :cry:

    :D :D :D lol
  11. pinoy

    pinoy Valued Member

    all of the guys there are great, selection of the best, except for me :D lol.

    if am not mistaken, tacurong team was the over all champion for the 2nd consecutive year, dunno.

    good you, 1st time to watch, me first time to compete :cry: bashed many times, lol :D , but it was great really.

    have you seen the guy that, how can i re-phrase this, almost flew his fingernails out? bloody fight :eek: , i forgot w/c team he was, but if im not mistaken, his opponent is from the pnp, strong bashing ability.

    and the guy who wore a necklace, forgot to remove it & was hit in the chest, a bloody cut again :bang:

    whew :p
  12. littlebadboy

    littlebadboy Valued Member

    i saw a poor lady broke her hand in a fight. she was crying and grimacing in pain.
  13. Silentblade

    Silentblade Silent Death

    I heard the Philippine Force Recon Marines demoed. Too bad I wasn't there. :(
  14. drgnstyx

    drgnstyx New Member

    just read your post pinoy-and from the favorable replies here to your post now i really wished i had a chance to catch the action at crame (sigh)...

    anyways, there's always those coming tourneys you mentioned later this year...but again, congratulations on your "baptism" bro'
  15. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    you didn't lose. the only way that the experience would've constituted a loss is if you didn't learn from it.

    besides, i think you liked it! :eek: :eek:
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  16. pinoy

    pinoy Valued Member

    I heard it was on the 3rd day, i wasn't there too :cry: .
  17. pinoy

    pinoy Valued Member

    thanks bro, you can watch an upcoming naraphil tourney this may in marikina, i'll watch too, will train more first before I try livestick :D .

    also, GM vic is planning to hold a arnis tourney too, ill update you.
  18. pinoy

    pinoy Valued Member

    yes sir :D !! i liked it, & in way gives me more boost to train harder, even in my hectic sked, including my basketball career :eek: lol.
  19. littlebadboy

    littlebadboy Valued Member

    are you a pro player?
  20. Diego_Vega

    Diego_Vega Frustrated pacifist

    Live stick yes, but I believe that you're wearing body armour. Much more tiring than ARPI, very busy style without any chance to rest. Work on your cardio and being able to hit 200 times a minute. I don't think I'll be able to attend, but I'd like to tell my guys to show up.

    Please keep me informed about this. PM me when you have the details. Style?

    BTW, basketball carreer? Are you trying out for our national team too, you know, the one that recently lost to a municipal team that had actors and comedians on it? :D

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