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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by franksv, Aug 30, 2006.

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    Today in a parking lot I saw two guys get into a fight over a parking spot.One was a smaller guy,the other a bigger(not huge) guy.As I watched them go at it,it made me think of martial arts in general and some of the issues I read about on this forum.You see,both guys had no idea what they where doing,I am assuming(and I am 99% sure I am dead on) that niether guy had any ma training,exp or even a good fitness routine.

    Both guys just flailed thier arms and swung blindly.I saw a few punches connect,but there was almost no power on thier puches which prolonged the fight.I must say it was kinda funny to see two grown men going at it and looking like school kids in a fight.By the time it got broken up,the bigger guy had a red cheek,but I doubt it will even come close to a shinner.I saw so many openings that both guys could have taken advantage of in both striking and some of the clinching that went on.

    This got me thinking of all the style bashing on the net.I strongly feel that if either one of these guys had even some basic skills down,the fight would have been a lot different.

    For all the style bashers,I ask,how could training in any style not be of some value?
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    I know what you mean, Im a point sparring TMA'er myself and have succesfully defended myself against untrained attackers in the past(totally drunk one time), how the hell did I manage that?

    I tapped them on the head with my foot untill they got board and left :D

    I imagine if one of the guys in the fight was even a bit experienced ie been in a few fights or really aggressive it would have been different.

    I saw two chavs fighting once, one got bottled and the other grounded and pounded,about 10 punches to the face from the guy that had just had a bottle broken over his head. Both seemed ok the guy that was g&ped had a red face and the bottled ine a cut above his ear. Both walked away swearing and shouting.
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  3. warriorofanart

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    All that over a parking space. :rolleyes:

    Yes it would have been different if one of them knew MA, but not a whole lot if he didn't know how to apply it. Like TKD, I am not saying it's not good or anything, but it has lot's of high kicks which are only effectively used in TKD competitions, if someone tried to highkick in a real fight, he/she would be in bad situation. I don't know it might work on someone who has never been in a fight, but anyone who can't see a kick coming for there head, deserve to be kicked.
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    haha best post evar!! :D

    To the OP: I think more critism is aimed at training methods as opposed to styles. If you have never been hit or had some one agressive swinging at your head, chances are your training will go out of the window in a real attack and you will not be able to see those oppening and will probably resort to swining wildly.
  5. TheDarkJester

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    Wonder if it was a handicapp spot...? Hmmmm :D
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    Not really adding to the conversation but I just had a random thought:

    high kick + age uke (rising block) = bloke on floor with at least strained leg

    but what percent of the population study a martial art? And within that figure, how many people aren't so arrogant they think they can take on almost anyone after a few weeks training?

    I think that would probably be the biggest problem for a newbie MAist - not knowing when to back down.

    All the fights I've seen have started with people getting in each others' faces and pushing. I mean, if you can't predict a punch from that, something must be up, right?

    any kind of combat training will tip the balance, and at the end of the day it's unlikely you'll have to defend yourself against another martial artist, because hopefully they'll appreciate their art enough to understand when and when not to use it.
  7. Devildog2930

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    What about the effective high kicks used in Muay Thai and MMA competitions. High kicks only don't work when someone who is not very skilled tries them. Plus someone who is untrained and stood outside of punching range is going to be suprised as hell when kicked in the head as they are giving verbal.
  8. franksv

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    They did a lot of yelling before the fight.It looked like the bigger guy was waiting for the space with his blinker on and the smaller guy just whipped in after the sapce was vacated.When it started the small guy advaced and I thought he was going to start the whole in your face shoving thing,but he just started swinging.
  9. franksv

    franksv Valued Member

    There was no kicks I could see in this fight.They where both using their legs to stay on their feet when the grabbing started.Although at one point it would have went to the ground,except for the fact that they where between two cars,which they slammed into a few times.
  10. Emil

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    I was in Tesco (a UK supermarket), last Christmas, and I saw two guys, who must have been intheir late seventies, fighting over the last Turkey that was for sale. They got arrested. lmao
  11. For Christ's sake. This has been beaten and beaten and beaten. Not only does our TKD school rarely practice high kicks [It's a personal choice] but our instructor would personally beat us for being floored whilst attempting it.

    Not all TKD has a lot of high kicks. However the style of TKD used in competition [Which our school has almost no emphasis on] awards more points for high kicks so they get used more -in competition-
  12. Cuchulain4

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    Lol this might sound quite convinsinge if it wasnt for your avatar ;)
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    A high kick might work when someone isn't ready for it, but when your going at it, even if your skilled or not, it'll be very diffecult to land a hit.

    It's a personal choice like you said, I was only using TKD as an example, because it contains Some high kicks.
  14. Lily

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    Didn't take more than a few posts for this to become a TKD bashing...

    To the OP, I don't think many MAists's will dispute the fact that MA training is better than no training at all. However, its more about 'does your MA teach you how to respond to common situations' for me.

    I'm a girl, I don't pick physical fights. However, I do jujitsu because it teaches me how to respond to being strangled, choked, held, floored, attacked with a knife etc. (common ways women are attacked). We learn how to throw, kick and punch the crap out of each other as well. That's the fun part. :p
  15. NickR

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    Because its [worth] nothing more than dance if you can't apply your style in a real situation.

    Knowing how to do a perfect punch in thin air (that is reproduce a punch correctly according to the style) does not in any way imply you can punch someone with enough force to do some damage.
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  16. Slindsay

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    I've got to say I've seen one "street fight" involving a martial artist, mid ranked TKD colour belt(1 and a half - 2 years trainning) trainned at the same club I did.

    Wasn't much of a fight, he was fighting with a LARP'er (An actual Live Action Roleplayer) The fight ended in a sulk from both of them, no Martial Arts technique was used at any point in the fight, the guy who did MA claimed he won, from where I was standing it looked exactly the same as those vids you see on Youtube and there sure as hell was no "winner".
  17. Personal choice. :) - I've had a stretching routine and stuck to it.

    It can do, absolutely. It's just the risk. I know of two people who have used head kicks in fights and both times the fight was ended along with it. It goes without saying that these two are both excellent kickers, highly flexible and top sparrers.
  18. medi

    medi Sadly Passed Away - RIP

    A friend of mine, who introduced me to FMA, had this to say about flashy, powerful kicks: They're difficult to do in a real fight, and often leave you vulnerable, so to be honest it's best not to try them - but one thing is certain, you sure don't want to be on the other end of one if it connects.
  19. leon_x

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    the hardest part in a street fight is not controlling the body but controlling the mind. once the adrenaline kicks in its a whole different game. you might be good at ma but if you cant deal with the sudden burst of adrenline things will get out of control and you will be on the floor.

    learning MA does not prepare the mind for the rush you will recieve in a real life situation.
  20. Another Muay Thai Guy

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    Hence why you have to pressure test your techniques.

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