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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by KickChick, Nov 6, 2003.

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    What the hell? those links did work when I posted them, swear to satan.
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    Can I just say what a fantastic resource the links at the beiginning of the thread are? I can't? OK.

    Actually I do have a question. I've looked at KickChick's stretching regime, which is very comprehensive. As it says, it will take 45 minutes or so, what with a skip or jog to warm up. How many times a week would you recommend the whole thing is repeated? I do TKD (not badly for my colour belt level, but I can't get my turning kicks right *sigh*) and Kung Fu (rank beginner). I have class 3x/week, and train on 3 of the other days, periodising every 2 months between speed/anaerobic threshold and strength. I have a background in endurance sports - mountain biking, running - and have been trianing in MA for about 2 1/2 years. My Kung Fu sifu says hardcore stretching no more than 3 times a week, although he endorses the usual advice of a warm up prior to any vigorous activity. We have relatively short warm ups at the begining of our TKD classes - may be 10 minutes of light jogging, stretch and line work, moving into patterns.

    Any comments about frequency of stretching gratefully received!
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    Sure you can!

    That is a very comprehensive stretching routine that I would recommend 2-3 times a week. But you can also modify you own program and scale it down to less time with less stretches.

    It is all dependent on your personal goals and your current flexibility.

    It is usually the beginner, the older, the stressed and the tight‑jointed martial artists that have the greater tendency for muscle pulls and strains.
    The very tight person is not able to achieve the range of motion of more flexible one. To decrease the incidence of injury, the tight jointed individual should stay on a daily stretching program and must be consistent because unlike strengthening, the gains achieved by stretching are not maintained over a period of time.
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    kurz stuff is pretty good, I looked at it about 3 yrs back... it was good then n good now...
    sorry that's totally unhealthy...
    I followed simple plans/methods when I started with MA. and the thing about stretching... I didn't remember when was the last time I did it.
    I do little and simple stretch almost daily... and I forgot when was the last time I did hardcore stretching... but yet I can kick pretty high(around 6 feet, when I m only 5,10), I can kick without warming up.
    why not search stretching link(High Kicks) under my nick TkdWarrior
    I posted my complete stretching method which was easy as hell and not at all hardcore and there are lots of people who get benefit from that..
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    this was the method I used to do long ago... I don't even feel the need to do these days

    wow it was posted like 2 yrs ago.. in oct 2002... it's been time :D
    about time I found this article... I have one more article to put on my site :love:
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    You are lovely lovely people!


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    ... well, you just made my day! :love: :) ;)

    You're welcome!
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    Stretching information

    Stretching is a basic activity of every martial art, and also great for any sport and general good health. Here are a few links on stretching.

    Basic Leg Stretching

    MA stretching information

    For Splits

    Preparation for Splits

    Hope some of them help you. :)

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    Stretching links thread

    You're right. I didn't know there was one. perhaps the board or topic moderator can move it over.....
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    *poof ... magic!
    Most of those already included in this thread ... but thanks for your effort!
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