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  1. KickChick

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    Stretching is an important part of all martial artist's work out. It is important to stretch all the major muscle groups of the body if you are going to avoid injury and improve overall flexibility.

    I've comprised what I believe are the best stretching & flexibility links:

    MAP Stretching Index

    MAP Archives:
    Poor Pelvic Alignment

    Ab Training

    Split Differences

    Best from the NET:

    Stretching ... tips and printouts!

    Stretching Your Potential

    Exercise Prescription

    The Brad Appleton Stretching Guide

    Here is a list of of Tom Kurz articles on Stretching I recommend you get Kurz's book ... don't forget to check your local library if you wish to check out before you purchase!)

    Free Kurz Report on Stretching

    Stretching Errors

    Working Towards Splits

    Stretching by Muscle Groups

    Stretching Exercises at Fitness Universe

    Stretching & Mobility

    Warm Up to Stretching

    Is Stretching for Everyone? (submitted by wynnema)

    ** newly revised Oct. 3, 2006
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    Good idea KC. How about you make it a sticky to guarantee people see it before they start asking questions?
  3. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    It was "stuck" already!;) (but thanks for the heads up anyway)

    All the "what, where, how, why, when's of stretching" posts as of late needed to be addressed in one area.... and here it is.

    (Notice that MAP is #1 on the list! ;) )
  4. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    Dang, I tried something Kurtz said to do and GOT "Stuck"...
  5. wynnema

    wynnema Valued Member

    "Stretching to Perfection (pdf format)" - this is exactly the same as the Secrets of Stretching video from Stadion (Tom Kurz). The text is the same - word for word.
    I thought this material was original to Tom Kurz, there is no mention of him in the aknowledgments
  6. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    Interesting .... maybe someone should inform Steve McQuillan to include mention of Kurz in his acknowledgements :D
  7. Cain

    Cain New Member

    ROFL! :D

  8. wynnema

    wynnema Valued Member

    Why is that amusing??
  9. Twimyo Jirugi

    Twimyo Jirugi Me, but not

    In the second link, there's a section on overflexibility. Would the ability to go into the full leg splits be overflexibility or are the leg muscles able to stretch that far without any problems?
  10. The Walker

    The Walker Unregistered User

    Good Yoga Site for Stretching

    I've been working with some of these positions, they really help out- you feel really energized after you stretch your spine and the rest of your body.

    -Just remember that it's best to find a qualified instructor before trying any of these positions.
  11. WotEvaYuKanDo

    WotEvaYuKanDo Valued Member

    Have people had good results following the Kurz programme?
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  12. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    You can do a search on "Kurz" here and it will turn up prior discussion.
    I thoroughly give his method a thumbs up (rather toes up! :) )

    As far as what is so amusing ... it seems ITF New Zealander Steve McQuillan should have referenced Kurz if in fact he used his words verbatim.

    Let's keep adding helpful Stretching/Flexiility "links" to this thread ....
  13. WotEvaYuKanDo

    WotEvaYuKanDo Valued Member

    Yes, I have the Kurz video and it looks a sound and structured approach but have never yet given it the required commitment!
  14. Twimyo Jirugi

    Twimyo Jirugi Me, but not

    Ummmm, no one answered my question. :S
  15. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    Actually there is a section on "overstretching" (damaging the muscles by stretching improperly or too intensely) NOT "overflexibility" (which is being able to have a higher degree of joint ROM and the ability to contort one's appendages)

    Note: I've added some more links :)
  16. ClubbellTrainer

    ClubbellTrainer Fitness Coach

    On the MAP Stretching index, I recommend eliminating the "Stretching" article by Charles Ruth. It has nice pictures, but the methods are outdated and are not particularly effective. I've seen identical routines in books a century old, and that's no reason to recommend them. A far more effective warmup using dynamic range of motion (DROM) methods will get more done in less time, with less chance of injury.
  17. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    This Stretching piece was an article submitted by Chazz (MAP-oldie) and ex-moderator of the Tae Kwon do Forum.

    This "how-to" does incorporate many of the traditional methods of pre-class stretching which is primarily joint rotations and static stretches.

    I agree that dynamic stretches are far more effective but I find that many schools (primarily TKD schools) do stretch in this manner .... whether it is effective or not.
  18. ClubbellTrainer

    ClubbellTrainer Fitness Coach

    The links to "Stretching By Muscle Groups" and "Warm Up to Stretching" are also outdated and contain information that is mostly irrelevant to effective stretching.

    The "Stretching to Perfection" article is a blatant ripoff of Tom Kurz, who got no credit. Many sections of this article are word-for-word Tom Kurz's text.

    The most effective means of increasing my range of motion and overall flexibility are those promoted by Thomas Kurz, Scott Sonnon, and Pavel Tsatsouline. For information on Kurz's material, use the link to his articles above.

    For information on Scott Sonnon's methods, go to any of the following sites:

    For information on Pavel Tsatsouline's methods, go to:

    I am also a fan of PNF stretching methods, and highly recommend Kit Laughlin's books "Stretching & Flexibility" and "Overcoming Neck & Back Pain". The other gentlemen I mentioned have also put out several books and videos that I swear by.
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  19. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    Hey I'm outdated too but you ain't gonna get rid of me that easily!

    Thank you for your opinion ... I, as many other members here, are very much aware of the many, many methods and forms of stretching available and I offer praises to Kurz everyday.... and that is why ALL types of stretching info is contained here.

    ... and thank you for the Pavel link which has been mentioned in many of the stretching threads within our H&F (I do receive his email newsletter also)

    Your other links are not direct routes to stretching info .... one does not work and the other a link to another forum ....
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