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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by seiken steve, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. matveimediaarts

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    MK deadlifts sound fun. :D Wish I had a training buddy to do that with. :(
  2. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    yeah you need two whole training buddies which is the worst part of it. no way would i be asking a gym randomer to join for that one, its hard enough getting spotted for squats.

    sunday funday

    curcuit of split squats, chins and dips to warm up.

    #1 paused front squat 1 jerk
    4 sets @ 60kg, working on form
    3 sets @ 80kg
    2 sets @ 90kg


    120kg x3
    120kg x2
    160kg x3
    180kg x 1
    200kg x1
    230kg x1 with a belt. Really happy with this.

    bench with axle bar.
    80kg x8 slow eccentrics
    80kg x6 1 and a half reps
    80kg x 8

    in the new years ill be dr0pping load and getting some volume on the deadlift, using MK ladders, deficits and max rep efforts on the dead to shrug. i'll do the same thing on the bench using the axle bar, aiming for 1.5 rep sets, 6 second eccentrics and soto presses.

    the idea is to use the deadlift as an accessory move for my O lifts not as the be all and end all, the bench is for jacked and tanned-ness.

    i want to work some rowing in but my volume is pretty much topped out at the mo.
  3. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    "rest day" yesterday.

    I feel better moving than static.

    20-30 mins foam rolling, then rigged a TRX up on a sled and did eccentricless work.

    50 total "chest presses"
    50 total rows
    50 pull thru's.
  4. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    Spent the day fannying on and wasnt up for training. Started to snatch by sacked it off and did some facepulls, hammer strength chest presses then squats

    I did 100 tootal reps between 80-120kg then hit some singles
    170 felt pretty easy.

    I'll snatch tonorrow, clean thurs and full lift sat. Rest Sunday and Monday and kill it next week.
  5. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    1 power snatch, 1 pocket snatch 1 paused OHS

    4 sets at 0kg
    4 sets at 60kg
    2 sets at 65kg

    did some singles at 70kg in the snatch

    1 power clean, 1 hang squat clean
    4 sets at 84kg
    2 sets 95kg

    close grip machine chest press 60kg plus red band 4x6 lat pull downs stack 4x12
  6. belltoller

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    You box and do crossfit (IIRC) as well, right? You don't log those?
  7. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    Nope, I don't crossfit. Trained at a crossfit gym for a while during the open gym times and enjoy a bit of conditioning but have never "crossfitted"

    As for boxing I've been out for a year, I'd love to go back, but have other priorities at the mo.

    Anyway, eating has been crap over the festive season, barely hit matanence calories most days and been drinking again, damn it. Going to mess on till jan 1st then I've written down goals, a plan and exicusion. Three finger plan baby, I'm a doer.
  8. belltoller

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    I'd a thought it'd been the other way 'round during the holidays. You barely eating? Tell Mrs. Steve you need some Sherry trifle and Christmas pudding made up.
  9. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    Plenty of beer and holiday food being consumed, don't worry too much! I'll still tell her though! She's made a killer chocolate chersecake today, it ead yo take yo my Nana's on xmass day buy I ate it while she was shopping.

    I've been hitting a min of 4000kcal before xmass period though. 4500kcal plus shakes from Jan. Actually bought a protein powder today, haven't drank shakes in ages so I'll be cool getting some easy calories and protieb in.

    I'll be sticking to my rule that supplement macros aren't counted to the daily log so that'll be fun..
  10. belltoller

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    Alright. You're not wantin' for scran. I was worried for a moment.

    Have to start calling you 'Roid Shake', soon :p
  11. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    roid shake is prepping for the YNEPF push pull.

    just finished my last session of week 1

    light lower body day.

    4x2 @ 130kg. trying to move as fast as possible

    double overhand, defecit deadlift

    90kg wth fat grips 4x2
    140g without fat grips 4x2
    160kg x1
    170kg x1
    90kg with fat grips 4x2

    high bar paused squat
    90kg 3x3
    110kg x1
    90kg 2x3

    light day is nice, i feel fresh lol
  12. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    prep day 1

    130kg plus 25kg of chains, 4x2

    bench 80kg plus 25kg of chains, 4x2 all paused,

    had baby hands so coudn't get a decent grip on anything so i used straps, im actually weeker with straps as i like to set up from the top down and i end up spending far too long in position and lose all tightness
    3 singles at 205kg pretty comfy

    had a rest, had some caffine and came back in because i was not feeling it at all.

    olympic rows, dont know what these are really called? theyre really high benches with J hooks underneath that you lie across and do rows. whatevr did 5x6 at 60kg, i should have gone heavier but the weight was on my energy drink in my stomach lol

    face pulls 3 sets of whatever
    stone loads, 1x5 with the 100kg stone to chin level

    205kg yoke for 25m
    100kg each hand farmers walk 50m
    205kg yoke 25m

    1 min hold with 200kg wheelbarrow.

    grip is improving which is cool, listened to a bill piche interview which has got me all fired up about grip training again.
  13. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    i really wish more gyms had wheel barrows!
  14. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member


    150 x 2,2
    140x 1,1,1
    130x 2,2

    90kg x 3 paused
    100kg x 2 paused
    110kg x 1 paused
    90kg 3x3 paused

    ladder deads
    Didn't know what to call these, pull to bellow knee, pause, drop same to above knee then full pull. Did 5 sets at 120kg double over.

    DB incline
    32kg each 3x5, 10 pull ups between.

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  15. belltoller

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    I just have the stylist shave the neck whilst I'm sitting there :p

    Traps via bent over lateral raises? Will deadlifts isolate them?
  16. Fish Of Doom

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    fuark, you grew traps :D

    i remember when you were 90% conposed of delts, lats and height :p
  17. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    for me, double overhand deads and power cleans have done more for my traps than anything, especially power cleans.

    i never had any traps till i put some serious work into the o-lifts and their derivatives, particularly power cleans and partial movements (low pulls etc)

    i've tried every shrug under the sun in the pursuit of trappyness with no success, i think they only really work once someone has something to "squeeze" since yo cant flex bone i've never had much luck.

    that said ive never had any luck with 'peak contraction' bodybuilding stuff, i honestly think we all need a bit meat on our bones with heavy compounds at low reps and some steak and guacamole sarnies (my go too)

    anyway, bench still sucks, todays training

    high bar squats, because i couldnt for the life of me warm up after 3 hours training people in a park.

    bar x a million
    60kg 42
    90kg 3x3 paused
    110kg 2x2 paused
    120kg 2x2 paused
    130kg x 2 paused
    i also drank a coffee while doing all this, i was chilled through (soft)

    speed deads.
    5x2 @120kg
    4x2 @ 140
    3x2 @150
    1x2 @160
    3x2 @130

    snatch grip deads,
    3x3 @ 120kg with pauses at the knee

    10x2 @90kg all paused. played with grip, its starting to feel less alien

    axle bar pendlay rows.
    3x5 @ 80kg, grip is getting better for sure, felt pretty easy, got a lat pump, refrained from taking a selfie.

    plate pinches and wrestling bridges.
  18. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    Jacked and tanned day

    Rear delt raises on cables

    EZ bar curls
    30kg x10
    40kg x 10,8
    30kg x10

    Hammer curls
    12s x 15
    18s x 10
    18s x 10

    Face pulls SS dB shrugs
    54kg dumbells
    20/10 for 5 sets
  19. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    Shameless selfie.

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  20. belltoller

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    Shave ye neck, put some oil on yer back and your a belter!

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