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    *DISCLAIMER* I am not responsible for any injuries occurred due to improper form or underlying risk factor from weight training exercises mentioned. This is not a tutorial, movement coaching is best done in person but can also be found online in video tutorials (youtube stuff fools).

    This program is designed as a follow on from starting strength for people involved in other types of sport training.
    It involves a few variations on olympic lifts to provide a speed training and power training component to your training with equipment readily available in the weight room, namely: the barbell.
    This is not a weightlifting program, this is a program for those wanting to add some power training to their weightroom activities.

    This program is for a minimum of one day a week and a maximum of three.

    3 day rotation

    Day 1
    Overhead Variation 8x2
    Snatch High Pull 5x3
    Front Squat 5x3
    Strength Exercise

    Day 2
    Overhead Variation 8x2
    Snatch High Pull 5x3
    Back Squats 3x5
    Strength Exercise

    Day 3
    Front Squat to a 3 rep max for that day. Stop as soon as you fail.
    Snatch High Pull 5x3
    Strength Exercise
    Deadlift 3x5

    Overhead Variations - Pick one and use for 6 weeks
    Overhead Press
    Snatch Grip BTN Push Press
    Power Jerk
    *These are best done out of a rack
    **If you cant peform overhead lifts, then try benching if it is easier on your shoulders or pullovers otherwise go to a physio.

    Strength Exercises SetxReps - pick one a day
    Pull overs 2x8
    Pull Ups 15 reps total, more than 15 in one set then add weight
    Single Leg Hamstring Curls 2x8
    Glute Ham Raise 3x5
    Bench Press 3x5
    Pendlay Row 3x5
    Snatch Grip Deadlift 3x5
    Jerk Dips 2x8
    **Order of increasing weight lifted

    • Record all your training sessions. If one day you perform "Day 1" then the next session should be "Day 2" and the following should be "Day 3" before moving back to "Day 1"
    • 15 to 16 work Reps (not including warm up sets) per exercise (if you are having trouble increasing weight, this can go up to 25 reps)
    • Work reps are straight sets at one weight e.g. 3 sets of 5 (3x5) at 80kg except day 3 front squats
    • Exercises increase by 2.5-5kg each week unless reps were not complete last week
    • No failing any reps, if there are fails, you CANNOT move the weight up (Failing in the strength exercises is acceptable)
    • If you fail a rep in one week, try the same weihgt the next week, if you fail again, drop the weight and try a adding a rep each session, for 2 sessions e.g. 3x5 increases to 3x6 next session then to 3x7 then session after that and then try a heavier weight the session after
    • Maximum of 2 minutes rest between sets
    • All squats are pause for 2 seconds at the bottom
    • Both types of deadlifts can be performed in the same day
    • Stay consistent with one overhead variation for at least 6 weeks
    • Strength exercises can vary every day. Perform all sets and reps before moving up to the next weight in warm ups.

    What do I do on my first session?
    Assuming you've tried your hand at starting strength, stronglifts or 5x5, this is very similar:
    In the first training session, work up to a 3 rep max on both the snatch high pull and the front squat and a 2 rep max on the overhead variation, 30% less than this should be your 5x3 working sets for your next training session

    How should I work this program in with my MA or combat training?
    • Avoid lifting and combat training on the same day, if it can't be helped then make combat trianing your priority and do the combat training first, and if you have energy left then lift hard
    • If you have two days of any type of training in a row then take a day off, if you have three days of training in a row then take two days off.
    • Try to avoid strength training the day before combat training so you can put maximum effort into your combat training
    • All your conditioning should come from your combat training, so train hard
    • If you want cardio - up the intensity in your combat training or go for a walk or an easy cycle. If you still have energy left after lifting for a "conditionning circuit" then you aren't lifting hard enough.
    • No more the 3 strength training session should be performed in a week
    • At least one strength training session should be performed a week

    How does the strength exercises work?
    Pick one strength exercise by once you have completed other exercises. You will notice in training that there is some specifc thing you want to work on so pick an appropriate exercise for that day. Strength exercises can vary every day.
    You complete all sets and reps at each weight before adding weight
    e.g.Bench Press
    20kg 3x5
    30kg 3x5
    40kg 3x5
    50kg 3x5
    60kg 3x5
    70kg 1x5, 1x4 (Failed fifth rep)

    What is a snatch high pull?
    A snatch high pull is a wide grip explosive deadlift type movement in which the bar is accelerated from the mid thigh and guide up by the arms with the elbows pulling upward (Note in the video that the bar stays close to the chest and the feet do not leave the ground but rather the athlete fully extends their body).

    Snatch High pulls are considered "fails" if they are lower than the nipples
    It can performed from the Hang (AKA top of the knee which is easier from beginners to get the feel for it or in a commercial gym) or from the floor e.g.

    What is a jerk dip?
    A jerk dip is a front squat partial in which the hips do not sit back and the knees bend out slightly to provide an upward drive into the bar.

    Below is an example of day 1.
    Day 1
    Warm ups for power jerk 20kgx2, 30kgx2, 40kgx2, 45kgx2
    Working sets of power jerks 50kg, 8 sets of 2
    Warm ups for snatch high pulls to 20kgx3, 30kgx3, 40kgx3, 50kgx3
    Working sets of snatch high pull 60kg, 5 sets of 3
    Warm ups for front squats to 40kgx3, 50kgx3, 60kgx3, 70kgx3
    Working sets of front squats 80kg, 5 sets of 3
    Jerk Dips - 40kg 2 sets of 8, 60kg 2 sets of 8, 80kg 2 sets of 8, 100kg 2 sets of 8
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    Nicely put together article.
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    Thanks for the article, Zaad!
    I wonder if there are any strength requirements for someone to follow your programme.
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    Other than being able to lift a barbell, there are no other strength requirements other than honesty with yourself about you progress and form.

    This is just a non technical version of the program my coach gave me when I started weightlifting and I started with just the bar.
    That was just over a year ago and I recently snatch pulled 90kg for a triple with inconsistent training.
    Start conservatively.
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    Really nice and well done to you.
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    This'd be ideal for combat sports, nice work Zaad.
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    Nice program, I've gotta do more weight training myself

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