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Discussion in 'Hapkido' started by WorldChampTKD, Jan 13, 2004.

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    I'm in Tae Kwon Do, and our class is moving to a new Dojang. We're not only going to have our one instructor now, but another one and a master. The master is a master of TKD and Hapkido, and although the class will still be a TKD class, included in the price is Hapkido classes on Saturdays, so I've decided Hapkido sounds quite interesting to me, and why not learn all you can learn right? So, I was just wondering, does anyone have any pointers for me or advice? I'm a yellow belt w/ stripe in TKD, of course I'll be white belt when I start Hapkido. Just thought I'd post, I'm thinking this is gonna be really cool. I start on Feb. 1st. talk to ya later.
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    I think you will have fun.

    I cant really give you any advice you dont already know, since i dont know what you classes will cover. There are many different approaches to Hapkido taught.

    But i can give you the advice my Master gave me. If it feals wrong or doesnt work, its not Hapkido.
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  4. Thomas

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    Congrats ... I really hope you have found a good school and will enjoy learning Hapkido alongside Taekwondo. Although some purists may discount this, this is my choice in martial arts as well and I have been pleased with the results.

    My advice would be to be open-minded and to practice ALL of the new stuff you learn in your free time as well... that is, keep current on both. Learning two styles at once can be challenging, but can be done. Practice hard and listen well.

    Here's a couple thread which sort of relate (just keep an open mind):
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    thanks alot Thomas!!
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    hey world champ!!! my dad "tigeran1" is in hap kid do and loves it!!!! i am a green belt in tkd my master teaches tkd and hkd. i am 16 and i wanna join hkd but when i get older. but first thing is first i wanna earn my black belt in tkd before going into hkd. but most guarantee you'll love it!
  7. Paratus

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    Just be ready to eventually be thrown around world champ :p

    I'm sure you'll enjoy it
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    Thats what i'm planning to do too!:)

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