Standing Grappling & Throws

Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by Newcastle Martial Artist 76, Aug 14, 2020.

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    Standing joint locks, or standing subs in general, are like jabs as far as I'm concerned. I use them all the time to threaten, set up other moves or just keep busy; but if you actually finish someone with them it's mostly blind luck or an enormous skill gap.
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    Very well put. :)
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    EDIT: No idea how I posted that twice.
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    This might seem off-topic at first, but bear with me. With the growth in popularity of BJJ in recent decades, Kanners can now easily find good quality and well priced black BJJ gi (the Scramble or 93Brand "Standard Issue" models, for instance). In 'the old days' everyone wore karategi because of the black colour requirement (which– even at the heavyweight high end– of course don't hold up particularly well to nagewaza) , whereas koryu jujutsu arts whether Yagyu Shingan Ryu Taijutsu or even other Takagi Ryu lines wear judogi. The dangers of grappling in karategi aren't just a matter of cost from damage, but potentially danger if the dogi tears at the wrong moment.

    It would be interesting if even the access to sturdier grappling kit has made it easier for dojo to drill and train in jujutsu waza.
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    Agree! Both throw and lock will need to learn in pairs in the opposite directions.


    - throw, when you try to use hip throw to throw your opponent forward, when he resists, you can borrow his resistance force and throw him backward.
    - lock, when you try to straight your opponent's arm, when he resists, you can borrow his resistance force and bend his arm.

    So the key is how to borrow your opponent's force. If you can do that, most of the time your throw and lock will be effortless.


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    Kicks and stuff are just there if he can't fight but i admit it's effective.

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