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    @embra. Caffeine is not as bad as we one thought. I have a thread on the subject if you care to search fir it, alternatively the same information is available on my blog.
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    For long training sessions, or training courses try this. Add to a bottle of water a pinch of salt and half a teaspoon of sugar, shake it up. You've got yourself an effective energy drink. It hydrates you and the small amount of salt and sugar can be easily absorbed by the body. It doesn't taste bad any it's as close to free as you can get. Don't get to bogged down with all the fancy stuff they put in isotonic drinks, most of it isn't doing you any favours. This drink has got me through many a four hour training course.
  3. querist

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    Make sure you're properly hydrated...

    Here is a 'trick' I learned from the US Marine Corps (and researched and verified that it's a valid approach):

    The Marines will have these "urine hydration charts" posted at the urinals at their bases. I've seen these at Parris Island when visiting there. Since we do not have those charts or we don't want to look at the colour of our pee, we can use the "in the field" method, shown below.

    If you suspect that you're dehydrated at all, drink enough water until you NEED to pee. Naturally, go pee. Then drink enough water so you have to pee AGAIN, and then, of course, pee. At that point, unless you have some serious problems, you should be adequately rehydrated.

    Please be careful to drink slowly... don't try to drink too much too quickly or you can cause problems, especially if what you are drinking is just water (hypotonic - will draw electrolytes OUT of your system if you drink too much too quickly). This rehydration process is normally reserved for after serious exertion, such as after a long run/hike or a serious workout.
  4. querist

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    Good start, but ...

    @nidan82, that is a good, general purpose, "in a pinch" (pardon the pun) formula that will carry you through, but please remember that you lose more electrolytes than just sodium.

    However, this is a good general formula and I am certainly not discouraging people from using it. It's easy to mix up and it's inexpensive. It sounds like something that would be good for during a workout instead of just plain water.

    Again, what you suggest should work for most people, and it will certainly save money, but it is not ideal due to the lack of potassium.

    As far as isotonic drinks are concerned, I guess it depends on what you are purchasing. Granted, the flavouring only makes it more palatable. I've had unflavoured proper isotonic drinks before (with both sodium and potassium in them) and the flavouring certainly helps. The sugar is there to help the taste more than anything, though after exertion some simple carbs won't hurt anyone. After a workout, you may want to include some protein as well to help the muscles recover or even build up a bit. (This is the theory behind the various "after workout" drinks that include protein.)

    Disclaimer: Yes, I AM a doctor, but I'm not YOUR doctor. This post should not be considered as medical or clinical advice and in no way does this post establish a doctor-patient relationship. Please consult with your primary health-care professional before undertaking any exercise routine.
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    I have often found that a couple of cold beers at the bar, after training, does the trick....... : )
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    I always thought caffeine actually dehydrates you.
  7. querist

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    It irritates the bladder, causing you to urinate. It does not actually dehydrate so much as simply make you feel a stronger urge to urinate, hence the belief that it dehydrates you.
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    Alcohol is the worst thing for you while in training.
    Eh, I don't know how seriously you take your training but what's the point of training if you're going to put the calories back on, shut down your body and kill off your brain cells. At the end of the day you essentially don't learn anything. /Rant.

    Haha, don't pay too much attention to me though, alcohol is an addiction through my eyes as is smoking and drugs which is why I have never touched either in my entire life.

    Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to drink lots of water before, during and after training.
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    Thanks for sharing such a great information. It is really very informative and useful for me. I really like your post.
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    Generally I stick to Gatorade, as it really gave me a second wind during an exhausting exam. I stir away from caffeinated drinks at all times before, during, and after practice. I saw one brown belter drink about 350 ml of a known caffeinated energy drink, and while he had an energy boost during the first part of the exam, by the last part he was shaking so badly and he couldn't hold his arms steady that the examiner cut short the belt examination.
    I wanted to share a recent read: coconut water is a very good sports drink. It's so pure that it was used as dextrose in WWII. Only concern is once the coconut is opened, the coconut juice/water rapidly ferments once exposed to open air. So no storing in bags during practice unless you want a sour taste. There are packaged/sealed bottles that can last longer, but better to read the fine print to be sure. Hope this helps.
  11. aiem

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    Just a thought, I wonder what the old masters drank before? Surely there wasn't a Gatorade bottle for sale two hundred years ago..
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    They drank from the holy grail. It would allow them to access their Chi energies.
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    Thanks mate, nice article and lays it out straight

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    Thank you.
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    Try Milk.
    Seriously a pint of milk does wonders to provide protein etc to repair damage after a workout or session.
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    Good article.
    Remembering training in florida with american troops they had a sachet of salt/majic/electrolyte powder we tried it and it was vile in water, but when you had had a hard day, even with the 9 liters they recomended us unaclimatised to drink, it had little or no taste, one old soldier recomended trying a pinch of salt, and if it didnt taste strong have some more, as that showed a deficiency.
    The other British Army susperstision was the pee fairy, if its dark yellow drink more, if its brown panic and drink more. mines often all sorts of wierd hues now as i love monster and rock star.
    but if on normal fluids it should be a good guide, I was also told by one of the jungle trained guys in Africa, if you drink shed loads, and wee a lot it helps cool the body down as it carries out heat.
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  17. brisrocket

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    I must admit I am a suppliment 'junkie'. It just gives you confidence to support your intense workouts with electrolytes and post-workouts with protein. I used to be against all the flavourings in these things, but now it's a pretty good reward for hard work. Heck, it sure beats cigs and grog hey! :)
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    does anyone know which protein shake has the most amount of protein per ounce? i know ur supposed to consume 1.3 X ur body weight in protein per day to build muscle (so if u weigh 100lbs then you need 130 grams of protein)
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    They taste good.Give you a burst of energy better for teenagers instead of alcohol

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