Sparring with females

Discussion in 'Karate' started by Boom Headshot!, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. 47MartialMan

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    Maybe he did not want to "return the favor"? ;)
  2. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member

    Is it proper to call girls "buddy"? :love:
  3. Princess Haru

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    I used to train at Cambridge University Ballet Club and you'd hear guys used as the generic term for people/students/whatever when the class was all female most years
  4. Smitfire

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    Imagine how the guy felt!!
  5. querist

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    Perhaps he does, but only with the intent of pushing the ladies to learn and to make it clear that he's not going easier on them. I'm not sure how else to answer, but there is a great deal of seriousness when working with the ladies on groundwork. We're like a family. My biological older sister (as opposed to any of my sijes at the kwoon) was raped when I was a little boy. I was too terrified to act, and nearly 40 years later I've still not forgiven myself. I may just be reading too much into it, but I like to think that Sifu is trying to work them harder because he wants do what he can to make sure they will not suffer that fate.

    I'm sorry if my attitudes have offended anyone, especially any of the ladies.
  6. Blade96

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  7. yuen

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    well my opinion is that we should fight females as equally as we fight males, otherwise we will be sexist (?). When i do spar with females, I tend to not go for full contact, if you know what i mean. ;)
  8. Kwajman

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    Most schools i've been involved with kind of has the unwritten rule that you go as hard as your opponent goes. However if you want to ratchet the intensity up a notch I used to have a female student that I'd push her buttons by calling her doll or sweetie and then watch her go all maniac on me...
  9. Microlamia

    Microlamia Banned Banned

    My friend from judo was always going on about how light I am and how I should resort to fighting dirty otherwise I'd always be at a disadvantage.

    He no longer does this after a little episode in which I didn't know how to pass the guard so I just scooped him up off the floor and dropped him.
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  10. righty

    righty Valued Member

    You mean he no longer says it because he now knows you already fight dirty?
  11. Microlamia

    Microlamia Banned Banned

    Is it illegal to just scoop someone up and dump them? I'm honestly not sure, :D as far as I know so far the objective is dump someone clean on their back, or get a submission...(or points from hold downs, but I hate those because I'm so light).
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  12. Rebel Wado

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  13. 47MartialMan

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    If they are OK with it, then you are doing them an injustice
  14. Microlamia

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  15. righty

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    In Judo and a lot of other gi based grappling it's illegal to lift then dump because it can be dangerous. It's commonly called a slam from the guard.

    However in Judo competition it can be a good tactic to lift them if you are stuck from the guard as this will result in both competitors being stood up and you both start again standing. You aren't allowed to slam them back down though.

    So yeah, it's dirty most times. Unless you had an agreement with your partner prior.
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  16. Microlamia

    Microlamia Banned Banned

    Noted. Ok, I'll refrain from picking up and dropping people XD

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