Sparring Tips!

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    The first one in the ring to say i cant keep this up is usually the one who loses
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    My best advice would be to just keep sparring. That was the one thing I could not wait to do and still light up every time sparring class comes around.
    Also try to spar as many Higher ranked belts as possible, they were in the same position as you were one day, and will teach you a lot.
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    Where to start? Learn to check, always follow up, don't move your front foot if you're about to rear leg kick. Look at the triangle formed from the shoulders and the solar plexus, that's the best way to tell if someone is about to move. Work on timing, get a good roundhouse kick on both legs(get good at variations of the roundhouse, suck as double roundhouse and hopstep, etc.), and don't be afraid to hit/get hit. Also, the headgear doesn't protect you from getting hit. It protects you from when you get hit, if you get knocked out so your head doesn't hit the ground too hard.
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