sparring bigger ppl.

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by odysseus, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. odysseus

    odysseus Valued Member

    How do i spar someone who is much bigger in size and taller... I sparred someone last nite which was about 6'4 and the size of a brick house... I couldnt penitrate his defense... help... im only 5'7.... everything i tried he countered immediately. I guess thats why they have weight class?
  2. stoneheart

    stoneheart Valued Member

    Jam him. Believe it or not, you're frequently the safest fighting a bigger person by coming inside. That's because you neutralize his reach advantage. Since you are shorter, your kicks and punches potentially should be quicker than a larger person's. Concentrate on sidestepping his attacks and slipping into his vulnerable open side...
  3. Sackett

    Sackett Valued Member

    Flexibility is also key with sparring these big guys. I've found it effective to get right in and throw a crescent or reverse cresent to the head. You have to be close enough that they can't see it coming. It only works once or twice, though, before they figure it out.

    The other technique I've found is kind of basic, I guess. But to sit back and wait until they're committed. Big bodies can't generally switch direction very quickly. I rely on a quick jump to their open side, right into a chamber and side kick. I usually go mid section cause high section is too high for a good side kick.

    My two favorite sparring partners are well over 6 feet. And one of them weighs well over 200 lbs, ex-marine and is flexible, fast, and even graceful I get the crap beaten our of me regularly. It makes everyone else seem easy to fight.

  4. Sackett

    Sackett Valued Member

    Okay, so I repeated what Stoneheart just said, only in twice as many words. Great minds do think alike, but some can get to point faster.
  5. Counter

    Counter Train more. Train harder.

    Stoneheart is giving some good advice. :) Not only will coming close give you the advantage of being possibly faster, it will only make it impossible for him to kick you since his legs are too long, while you are in perfect range.
    Sidestepping might also be a good idea to make sure you can come forward. If you only move forward in a linear motion, at a certain point your opponent will notice it and place a sidekick or backwards kick in your stomach when you move forward..

    Do you do WTF or ITF?
  6. rwhapham

    rwhapham Valued Member

    If he's defending and countering everything you initiate, then maybe you need to let him initiate instead. The bigger the opponent, the bigger the target areas are. So take some time and watch his tendencies. Is his first technique usually a punch or a kick? Does he like to throw front leg or rear leg kicks? If you can last long enough to recognize what's coming next, then you can exploit the "soft spots" that become exposed. Punchers are suceptible to low kicks because they create blind spots with their own hands. High kickers are also open to low kicks or punches because the kick usually leave a large area of their body unprotected until they pull it back. Rear leg kicks and turning kicks are slower than front leg kicks and can be jammed if you know they're coming.

    Even though I'm 6'2" and 185 lbs. and can probably steamroll through a good many of my opponents, I far prefer to fight "defensively". You tend to use less energy than if you are the aggressor all the time, and it's somewhat demoralizing to your opponent for him to come in with his best attack only to have you counter it and land a strike of your own. Might be why Gichin Funakoshi said, "There is no first attack in karate."
  7. odysseus

    odysseus Valued Member

    He's a blackbelt... my style is ITF. He has ****** kicks.... poor form looks very sloppy but he had amazing blocking defense and good hands... i guess i need to learn how to fake him out more to open him up.
  8. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Kick him in the ..................??????????? Tell me I'm wrong.
  9. TheMadhoose

    TheMadhoose Carpe Jugulum

    being 5'9" i come up against alot of taller guys also. Its all about getting inside their kicking range and neutralising there legs. from that range youve got to work on your toe to toe game. saying that ive seen many small guys run rings around the big boys by just using their size to their advantage big aint always better.
  10. tekkengod

    tekkengod the MAP MP

    call ernest hoost.
  11. narcsarge

    narcsarge Masticated Whey

    5'10" here and I regulary spar people 6' and over. Some thin (145lbs) some are over 250lbs. I am with the chorus on this one:

    Get in close!

    I usually wait for my opponent to throw a kick and then follow the kicking leg back in and "jam" them. Once inside, I tend to use my punches to determine range. Staying in close and using angles allows me to kick bigger opponents while taking away their reach advantage.
  12. _StRiKeR_

    _StRiKeR_ Valued Member

    I'm 5'11" and I like for them to come at me then I come in with a counter. That demoralizes them and then they start making mistakes which leads to more counters. I also love to fake my opponent out then land a few good kicks, but that only works a couple of times before they figure it out.
  13. Incredible Bulk

    Incredible Bulk Eat-Lift-Eat-Sleep-Grow

    i once sparred a guy who used to be a reserve goalkeeper for Juventus FC...

    so you can imagine he was 6ft 5 and he had piled on a few lbs since leaving.
    I was 12 stone at the time and people thought i was nuts by getting as close as possible just so he couldnt swing his tree trunks of legs. Jam bigger/taller people.... he quit after taking multiple head and body jabs.

    might not be pretty to watch but you can obtain the upper hand
  14. narcsarge

    narcsarge Masticated Whey

    The old "chopping down" a bigger bloke eh Bulk?

  15. slacker6

    slacker6 New Member

    I'm 5'10" and spar with a red belt that is about 6'2". Like others have said, my favorite strategy is the counter. Particularly if the bigger person is aggressive, they will get moving toward and you just side-step and drill them with a side kick or back kick, etc. If going in close, neutralize them by setting them up. Backfist will get their hands up and you quickly hit them with a front kick or roundhouse, etc. The setup is crucial, just be sure to have at least 3 strikes ready to go when you commit. I like that number as it really gets the opponent off balance when the attacks are coming so quick. A lot of people just wait for one nice strike but IMHO it's much better to string several attacks together.
  16. Monkeytheone

    Monkeytheone New Member


    I dont know for sure.
    I'm one of the "tall people" at 6"3,
    and when im teaching the kids and smaller people how to spar, i always say stick close, because if there further away than they can actually reach then chances are, im gonna be able to kick them with my long legs. so if they stick close to me, im gonna have to move back as i wont be able to kick them, while they will be able to get shots into me by having smaller legs.

  17. ross-24

    ross-24 Valued Member

    I'd say what Monkey said and just about everyone else apart from, move a lot too. When I'm sparring taller people (like Monkey) and I'm in front of them instead of at angles, they tend just to use a pushing kick and knock me out of the way to the range of their legs and kicks so I try to move out to the side. (Monkey's just got my tactic now lol).
  18. Semper Fi

    Semper Fi Valued Member

    It is quite possible that at the moment he is better then you are at sparring. I love when people get the impression that just because a person is bigger that they are also slower. Like others have mentioned work the angles and try to get in close and see how well his reaction is up close and personal.
  19. ross-24

    ross-24 Valued Member

    Same thing's often thought about bigger, muscly guys. I know I used to because of WWE when I was younger. The big guys would be slow but powerful and the little guys would be weaker but more agile. I know now that it's rubbish 'cause WWE's acting and big guys can be just as fast and little guys just as strong.

    Work the angles and get up close lol.
  20. Baby_Huey

    Baby_Huey New Member

    I'm 6'2" and 315 lbs. I would be a big guy. My kicks aren't the best, but my instructor makes me work on them. I generally move in so close that most people can try a kick without illegal contact and then through my punch. I use to wrestling(now coach) so getting in close isn't a huge deal. Most people I spar against can't stop my punch since they can't see it coming to well.

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