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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by shs111, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Sampla the way to really learn boxing is to do it. You need to get in the ring and spar. Sometimes people don't believe me when i tell them this but boxing is actually fun. Unless you're getting the crap beat of you but at first you will be doing light sparring. What country do you live in btw?
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    cuongnhugirl, I'd like not to specify that

    everything is fun if you like it

    I can't move outta here, as I have no money for that
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    At the very least you need to find a sparring partner and practice this stuff with them. A friend perhaps?
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    I'm going to start a thread about how you can learn from the internet and just reading about technique since I read this on the internet and have been able to apply it in sparring.

    I've done some sparring against two people use the south paw stance since you posted this info. One I did the normal tactics of skirting the lead foot on the outside of theirs and I threw my cross like it was my jab. At one point I even threw 5 consecutive crosses, all landing and unanswered : P. Since I was doing so well I decided to try out bringing up the rear foot on the inside and it worked beautifully. Second guy likes to switch his stances but is a natural orthodox fighter. All it took was two hard crosses to make him switch back but I managed to do the same maneuver at one point and it worked beautifully again.

    Great little maneuver to throw somebody through a loop! On the flip side, I hyperextended my elbow last Friday so haven't thrown my right since. Sparred with a south paw yesterday and could only throw my lead hand . . . . really sucked for me :p

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