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  1. daveecr7

    daveecr7 New Member

    Hi im new to this forum and I was wondering if there is any filipino martial art in southampton sorry if this is posted in the wrong place and thnx in advance
  2. Simon

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    I have found this website, which appears to be linked to Doce Pares Europe.

    Not much info so it appears that the club is in its infancy. I don't personally know the instructor, but there are links to Grand Master Danny Guba, who I do know personally.

    Danny is quite protective of who he lets teach Doce Pares so it is worth contacting the instructor and checking that he is affiliated to Doce Pares Europe.

    More information on Doce Pares and Danny Guba can be found on our website and blog.
  3. daveecr7

    daveecr7 New Member

    wow thanks very much i would never of found that website i will send an email to the instructor and find some info thanks again
  4. daveecr7

    daveecr7 New Member

    sorry to bother you again but I contacted them and didnt get a reply so I was wondering if you no of any other places in southampton thanks in advance
  5. crosstrainer

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  6. Simon

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    If he does I would definately give it a look. I have trained with and can recommend Khrishna.
  7. daveecr7

    daveecr7 New Member

    thanks :) I contacted but there has been no reply aswell :/
  8. EmptyHandGuy

    EmptyHandGuy Valued Member

    Well there class time and address is on the website, why not go along on the night and find out in person?

  9. mortimer657

    mortimer657 Valued Member

    Depending on how far your willing to travel (and i know this is an old thread:D so chancing you'll see this post) you could try the Jason Boh School Of Martial Arts in Portsmouth. He teaches a blend based on Jeet Kune Do Concepts/Prinicples, you can choose which arts to use to form that blend. One of the options is a blend of FMA's (including Kali/Arnis/Eskrima/Silat/Panantukan/doces pares and pekiti tersia). According to another member of this site he looks reputable based on his website as he's been trained by some of the masters...Dan Inosanto, Bob Breen and others..his website is here:

    During my correspondence with him while looking for somewhere to train he reccomeded i should train for a complete system...JKD prinicples flowing from Jun Fan kickboxing (using punches,kicks,elbows and knees from Muay Thai), grappling (based on chokes, take downs and locks/arm bars from Judo, BJJ and empty hand Kali) and the FMA's for weapon training (both while using a weapon yourself or when confronted empty handed by someone with a weapon).

    The System is similar to that taught to Matt Damon by Jeff Imada for the Bourne series of movies which was essentially a background in Filipino Kali with , as he puts it in his interview, some Bruce Lee stuff thrown in.

    Hope that helps.

  10. crazydanban

    crazydanban New Member

    Hello I am wondering if anyone attends the wutan school in southampton? I am interested in the praying mantis style but I would like to know if he teaches martial application and also just a review of the school how the teaching is and is it recommend?

    Thank you
  11. crazydanban

    crazydanban New Member

    Best jiu jitsu school in southampton uk? There is a few here but not sure which one to go to it has stand up and grappling which I like anyone recommend a good school? Not bjj I want jiu jitsu

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