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Discussion in 'Suggestions, Problems and Tests' started by Smitfire, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Pretty In Pink

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    On an MMA forum I visit occasionally there is a famous thread about a guy who complained about an advert for male on male pornography. He got ripped apart for it because of course it is Google and you get adverts based on what you search for.
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  2. David Harrison

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    A lot of advertising is simply demographics based.

    For example, I get lots of ads for online gaming, even though I have never played an online game in my life. I get lots of ads for website design, even though I've never made a website or visited a site about website design. I've never been on a dating site, but dating site ads went from young singles sites in my 20's and early 30's to professional and mature dating sites once I hit my mid-30's. I've also had Muslim and Christian dating site ads.

    Just a quick back-and-forth on MAP throws up mostly irrelevant ads. Razors (anyone who knows me would realise how pointless that was - I only wet shave for weddings and funerals), mining bonds (never invested in anything in my life), credit cards (I have one, but have never searched about them), trading stuff that I don't even understand... All-in-all, around 20% of the ads that popped up were relevant to my internet history (digital audio gear and stock photography).

    So, if people who like cars buy a lot of shoes, you will get ads for shoes if you like cars.

    People in the EU can go here to find out what companies are using behavioural advertising on your browser: - Your ad choices

    If you click on the "AdChoices" icon in the corner of the ads, you can get the same information, regardless of location.

    Oh, and sharing wi-fi cannot affect ad content. It is browser cookie based. If you use Firefox on your PC and Chrome on your phone, the two will not share any data about advertising.
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  3. Dead_pool

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    Shhhhh, that's my excuse out the window!!!
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  4. Mitch

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    The ads are based on your browsing habits and some random stuff I reckon.

    I've currently got an ad for Facebook, but have recently had ads for furniture shops after I was browsing for stuff for our house.

    Some stuff seems based just on age or gender, so anyone might see dating ads, and sometimes the algorithms just get it wrong; I once commented on a friend's Facebook thread that "doing kata rocks!"

    I then got lots of ads for holiday resorts in Thailand, because just near Phuket there is one called Kata Rocks :D
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  5. Dead_pool

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    I keep on getting adverts for the football association's, women's two a side UK finals.......... I'll get my coat......

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  6. axelb

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    At the moment I get adverts for things I've bought (and searched) for my wife, as it's her birthday coming up.
    When you try and keep things a surprise, but whenever you open a show a web page I have to tell the ad not to show that item! :D
    It's hard enough getting my 4 year old to keep things a secret "Mummy; today I made a secret card and wrapped these things for you".
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  7. Van Zandt

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    Just going back to the original point about the layout being scrunched up.

    This new version of MAP offers two layouts, Default and Xenow. Smitfire's description is consistent with what appears on my screen when I select Xenow; changing to Default appears to rectify the problem.

    Give it a try by going to the Preferences page in your account and switching between the two layout options.
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  8. Latikos

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    I'm really sorry to go there again, but - the adds.

    I was on my phone earlier and visiting MAP, and the wording of the add implies that it was actual porn.
    I didn't follow the link, so I can't be sure; it's more the use of the words "Göre"*and "geil"in the context.

    It's not about complaining, but honestly more trying to be useful, as I think porn-adds might be a bit over the top for this site, with being family-friendly and such.

    * says a possible translation would be "saucy little Miss"; but it really is about the way "Göre" and the next one work together, as it's also used described girls that are a bit cheeky, but not necessarily in a dirty way.
    ** as in "horny" or "randy"; does that make me sound British? ;) )
  9. Dead_pool

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    Only if you imagine a slide whistle at the same time.

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